Let your actions speak louder than your words

July 31, 2017 | 9 comments

“Well done is better than well said.“

~ Benjamin Franklin

9 thoughts on “Let your actions speak louder than your words”

  1. Puts me in mind of the saying by Emerson “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying”.

  2. God, I give all
    of my heart
    to Thee
    All of my mind
    and being

    This is as far
    as my efforts
    can go…
    to have brought
    my personal sense
    to the point
    where this desire
    can be present
    and so persistent

    You have lovingly
    Revealed to me
    that your Love
    completes the task
    That reveals our union
    and the eternal Truth
    of Being

    Good night

  3. Hypocrite …hmmn. A wonderful – timely – reminder for me that I must have been considering the relation between faith and works “unawares”. I have been studying how Jesus Christ taught the laws of science of God and of the Christ – or how God works – and recently how Paul had summed up the true substantial nature of faith ( I like to think as “trust in the power of the thoughts/words of God”) in Hebrews 11. That I might be tripping up as to two types of faith – the intellectual perception of spiritual ideas that looks for evidence of faith in the outer behavior such as the feeding and clothing of the body, and spiritual understanding of faith that sees the the greater need that is only represented by the outer – in the feeding and clothing of our souls. Paul’s examples of faith in Heb. 11 all had works but I need to remember they resulted by law. My spiritual faith is substance that must manifest/bring forth evidence or fruit in some way as surely as the rich soil substance must produce crops. Thus can I be known by my works – or fruit – not from mere intellectual perception of my words but through spiritual understanding of the law and the word. I am again reassured in knowing Jesus Christ and the prophets of old never denied the needs of the outer – for health, food, supply, even life itself – for the Father knows we have need of these, but always from the most real thing in existence – spiritual faith.

  4. Evan,

    Thank you! Each time you post it is a wonderful time for me to interpret the message with love and grow.

  5. Again, thank you, Evan. The Bible also says it clearly, if we are to follow Jesus’ footsteps to “preach”, “teach”, “heal”! The most significant is our mission to heal, quietly, as healing will be both preacher and teacher to those others who are willing to accept God’s gift intended for all mankind.

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