Feeling helpless about politics?

April 24, 2018 | 11 comments

Have you ever felt helpless about what politicians are doing in Washington D.C., or in the governing capitol of your country?

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for my local newspaper sharing some spiritual perspective on how prayer can make a difference.

“Feeling helpless about politics? Here’s an old-school solution.”

11 thoughts on “Feeling helpless about politics?”

  1. Dear Evan and scholars of Truth. I found your article brilliant in the newspaper. I loved how a problem among farmers dissolved, recognizing that there was only one Mind working and that that Mind is God. It is also wonderful what you mention of Paul, totally uplifting. Now, if you knew what it cost me to pray for politicians. Keep in mind that I live in South America and here corruption is not a minor issue. People in general believe that politicians are running to win and fatten their wallets without thinking about people. With very warm State roles and a television that bombards you most of the time telling you how bad politicians do their job. I never prayed for them, I’m going to start doing it, it’s good what your article says and encouraged me to try it, knowing that there is only one Mind. Blessings to all.

  2. Thanks so much for this Evan. This type of prayer is really needed, especially with the factions going on today in our country. I have been praying not about “who” is right, but about “what” is right for our country. It is sad that our news media seems to be slanted towards one side or the other because then you don’t know who to believe. This is why your article is so important. We need to pray daily “for all people” as the Apostle Paul said in his letter to his friend, Timothy.

    I like to think my politics are in line with what Mary Baker Eddy answered when asked “What are your politics?” She said, and I quote, “I have none, in reality, other than to help support a righteous government, to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself.” I think if more people felt this way instead of taking sides we would have a more peaceful world.

    Thanks again for this wonderful article.

  3. That’s Good, Evan! There are all kinds of people – Buddhists, New Age, Hindus, Baptists, etc. who are sending Love and Light to our Politicians and to our Country and to our World! Another way to help is to stop complaining and criticizing and reacting and to Take Action…..Run for Office, Get out there and Join an organization you support that is doing Good, Write your Congressmen, March and Protest if you see something that is hurting our People and our Environment. So much Opportunity now to Do Good!! Blessings to All!

  4. Thank you so much, Evan, for pointing out this option that applies to every single one of us. What an opportunity and call to action.

  5. Thank you Evan. I found it so interesting that you were able to dissolve the tension between your farm workers simply by praying. It reminded me of when the mob brought the woman taken in the act of adultery and wanted to stone her and Jesus just stooped down and wrote on the ground. I’ve always felt Jesus was praying to see the angry mob as actually God’s expression during that time he appeared to be just writing on the ground. As you’ve pointed out in other blogs, people hear our thoughts. The material view of existence would say that you always have to take some physical action to solve a problem but that is not always the case. Sometimes prayer leads us to take some action like in Jesus case where he came up with just the right thing to say to the crowd to make them disperse (however, I don’t think that alone without his prayers would have had the same effect). But in other cases I’ve found prayer by itself is enough if we are willing to trust it and we aren’t led to take some particular action.

    1. Hi Brian,

      thank you for your very helpful comment on the sinning woman.
      I never thought that Jesus prayed while he wrote in the sand.

      But I think, you are right that only through Christ Jesus` prayer
      seeing the mob as God`s children, he could give that special advice: he who is without sin, throughs the first stone. And I think, mostly effective prayer is enough, as Evan proved in his farmfield praying in the midst of his workers with full success.

  6. So true! We are not helpless! We have the opportunity, the responsibility, to do our part—to know the truth for our community, our nation, the world. This all helps. Persistence and patience pays. We can count on that!

  7. Dear Evan,
    I could say every day, thank you specially for today`s SpiritView, because every SV is a special one. So again today, and I love that passage in I. Timothy 2:1,2.

    Since our last vote here in Germany, which was very much in tumult, I earnestly started to pray for our government, that all can only run very well, since there is only one Mind governing all and that there is only the divine law which governs everything and all irresitably. But I have to go on praying this way, as it looks presently as if this coalition of the conservatives and the sozialists have to struggle very much in some points.

    Thank you so much for that wonderful testimony on your farm, having to mediate between the farmworkers. You talk about that incident in one of your lectures. Pondering what you prayed standing amidst the quarreling workers, I was so very impressed of the purity how you prayed, knowing each one is a child of God who could hear God`s speaking to them, loving them, caring for them and giving them fresh ideas for the solution of the seeming problem.

    The thought came to me, that sometimes such situations have been in church meetings. And there these simple Truth ideas are also relevant to inharmonious incidents in church. But there we can pray in that way, Evan did, namely prayerfully knowing God`s presence among us all, before the meeting.

    Thanks again Evan, your article is so helpful. And I find it very good to share these christian scientific ideas with the public via your local newspaper.

    And thank you all for your lively comments.

  8. I tried to leave a comment at the end of the article but to no avail!

    Anyway, it was great and I’m sure very helpful to many to be reminded that we aren’t helpless…we can pray. (=

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