God makes healing happen for you

April 23, 2018 | 44 comments

If you ever feel like you need to pray harder, study more, read more, learn more about God, or get your thinking straightened out before you can be healed, take heart. It might be time to remember that God makes the healing happen for you.

God is the source of your being. God is the strength that holds you up, the Spirit that gives you life, the Truth that empowers your step, the Love that brings relief, and the Soul that sustains your health.

God is always doing His job.

Like the ground holds your feet up without you asking, God holds you up whether you are aware of it or not.

Like the birds keep singing whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, God keeps loving you no matter where your thought seems to be.

God is always with you. You are never working out a problem by yourself. You are never alone. God is present imparting the intelligence, wisdom, insight, strength or inspiration needed to bring about a full healing, and you have active spiritual sense to receive it!

You and God are one. You are as close to God as a circle is to round.

It’s not assiduous effort, concentrated will, hours of study, or human mind prowess that causes healing to happen. It’s God. God is the health you desire, the Truth that inspires, and the power that strengthens. And God is being God every moment of your existence.

Yes, prayer and study help us find God and realize spiritual reality. But there are times when we’ve studied and prayed enough, and it’s time to accept that everything we’ve prayed about is true.

We don’t have to wait for God to heal us. God is giving us everything we need to be healthy and well now!

44 thoughts on “God makes healing happen for you”

  1. That’s wonderful Evan. So reassuring and good. Yes of course, as one of my friends once mentioned “God is closer to us than our own skin.” He loves us more than we ever imagined. “Eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, neither it has entered into the hearts of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love him.”

    At times in our despair we feel that God is far far away. But as Evan so rightly mentions, God is always with us, He is always on the scene though he seems invisible.

    We do not need to wait, nor study for hours together, nor struggle to get a healing. It a simple and pure understanding of your unity with God, understanding of the boundless love our father bestows on us, our trust and confidence in His care for us which comes with blessings bountiful alone.

    “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Purity, innocence, love and righteousness win the prize. “Love is the Liberator.” Healing comes very fast with the prayers of the loving hearts.

    Many a times even when we have no access to any help, we have GOD by our side and a sincere and short prayer of understanding works miracles. I have experienced this blessing when I was seriously injured whilst boarding a train on two occasions. Just my simple understanding of God’s infinite care and perfect protection brought a speedy healing. This proves that God is always by our side and His help is always at hand.

    1. Thank you Nergish – what a simpicity and purity, just to know God is at hand, and He is as near as our thoughts – as Evan says in his lectures.

      Thank you immensely, Evan, for your wonderfully convincing and and very clear and loving lesson you give us in today`s SpiritView. It is so welcomed and needed, and I, too, feel hugged!

      How very blessing for us all!

  2. I sound like a copy Cat but BEFORE I read the comments I too, thought, “Oh Evan, thank you, thank you, thank you !!! What precious healing thoughts, Leaves me speechless.

  3. I echo all the above comments! I am so grateful for this SV today. Sometimes I have thought that I should be reading and reading and reading but as Evan brings out clearly, there are times when we’ve studied and prayed enough and we then have to accept that what we’ve prayed about is true and we must put it into practice. Great SV Evan thank you!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for this, Evan. Especially when a challenge to see the truth doesn’t yield quickly, it’s easy to feel like Atlas, carrying the world on his shoulders! What a blessed reminder that it’s God who’s carrying all of creation in Mind and there is no material world!

  5. Has anyone had the experience of having a C.S. Practitioner pray for you (give you C.S. Treatments) and not experience any Healing of a physical problem? And to be told it’s something in my own thought that is blocking the Healing…? How much of a part do WE play in the Healing, how much is the Practitioner’s part, and how much is God’s part…??

    1. Hi Bevi, From my humble understanding comes the thought that there is only one Mind and that Mind is God. Therefore there can be no blockage of any kind. I don’t think we should go on a ‘witch-hunt’ trying to find a cause. Hold fast to the Truth and let that do the work. “Let Truth uncover and destroy error in God’s own way and let human justice pattern the divine.” S&H 542: 19-21 Wouldn’t you think being kind to yourself would be the divine way? Much love from Indiana

    2. Hi Bevi,

      As someone who has been praying concerning a longstanding issue for some years, this has come up a lot for me. IMO healing has to occur in our own thought. I know sometimes a practitioner can facilitate that, but using a practitioner is not like taking a magic pill, either. They can’t get you there if you aren’t ready. But it’s not a blame game, either, which is what mortal mind would argue.

      In the Bible, it talks about Jesus and others recognizing someone’s readiness for healing; then they experience the healing, via Jesus or a prophet.

      We all have our work to do, in purifying thought and learning to turn it all over to God, as Evan says. No one else can get us there; only God can. And I have to wonder if those of us in CS longer find it harder to have a practitioner do the work, because no one can really do our work for us.

      But by working to express God in our lives, in everything we do, and continuing to bring thought back to God – listening for direction, turning our lives over, and being grateful for all the good around us, more than working really hard to study, at the exclusion of all else – I know healing is certain. It’s a matter of: This is what works. We just have to keep at it.

    3. Hi Bevi,

      A few ideas occurred to me when thinking about your interesting questions…

      1) Like Ellen pointed out, I think of the the practitioner-patient relationship as similar to the teacher-student relationship. The practitioner presents ideas (verbally and silently) to the patient, but ultimately the patient has to accept those ideas and make them their own just like the student has to learn the material and take the test on their own. In Matthew 13:53-58 it even says Jesus (as the practitioner) was unable to heal in his hometown because of the people’s unbelief. That to me indicates the patient does have a part to play.

      2) I dealt with an unhealed severe mental health issue for 20 years. After trying to get help from multiple practitioners over a few years I grew so frustrated that I decided to stop studying Christian Science. Then I tried C.S. again and then I quit again. But for some reason I always ended up coming back. I think I just knew in my heart C.S. is the truth and nothing else could really help me. Well to make a long story a little shorter, I realize looking back on this time that I ended up growing spiritually a lot during this time period and I’m a much better person for having had to experience the delayed healing. I learned during this time just how much God loves me, I learned to be much more patient, and I learned not to be so focused on myself and my selfish interests. And as you might have surmised by now, I eventually did have a healing of this situation.

      3) Christian Science teaches that any type of error is really “nothing”. But sometimes when a healing is delayed it seems the problem is all we can think about to the point we make it a big “something”. At times like that I sometimes ask myself “What would I do differently if I didn’t have this issue?” and I act on that. I also thought Lana’s comment brings out a lot of good ideas to keep from making the problem a “something” in your thought.

      Keep at it dear one! Your true selfhood is already free so “healing is inevitable!”

  6. Thank you, Evan, for shining!

    God’s idea, man, has no choice but to shine… effortlessly!

    What a blessing to have Shine-Leaders
    in this so-called human realm!


  7. As always just what I needed. I am so very greatful for your inspiration. Thank you Evan, and thank you all! Love, love, love..

  8. I pray silently
    to God, from Mind,
    For a suffering Angel
    who has lost their way…

    I speak from Mind
    to their Mind…
    “Only God is present,
    only God is here,
    you have all you need,
    and no need for fear”

    I speak from Mind…
    I speak in their stead…
    In this way we all receive
    our daily bread…..

  9. This is an absolutely great post Evan!!! I’ve read it twice and now as you say I’m just going to know that it is true and that God does the work . Maybe THAT is what our part is… simply letting GO of the problem … leave it to God and stop trying sooooo hard to heal… some THING?

    1. I just shared this wonderful article with a friend. I just clicked on the the envelope logo to the left oof this and it was easy. Went right away.

    2. Donna,

      If you choose the email icon to the left of the page, it should pop up, ready to send to whomever from your default email.

      I’ve tried it, it will include the link to the page.

      Or you could copy and paste the link, or the article into the body of your email.

  10. Thanks Evan and all who have commented. I’d like to share the thought that came to me this morning regarding not receiving healing though praying diligently. It is animal magnetism – not malicious but friendly. A loved one who is concerned about my welfare and doesn’t believe that Christian Science can heal, is planning for my future of further decline and her desire to be of help. Her motive is love – nothing at all malicious.

    Evan or anyone else, do you have any suggestions?

  11. Hi dear Lori,

    will try to help you with some scientific thoughts.
    First I would like to clear that “animal magnetism” ist never friendly; it is error that actually cannot harm you as child of God.

    Regarding your friend`s help and wanting to care for your welfare is totally human, while God`s loving care is divine and will lead to your healing for sure.

    You say her motive is love; yes but it is also just the human love, a personal love that will help with human will. In Christian Science we learn human will cannot help at all, and that the love that really helps you, is divine Love which is the almighty God, who can and will do everything needed for your real welfare as God`s already perfect and beloved child.

    Please read what Evan says in his today`s SpiritView: God makes healing happen for you, He alone is realy caring for your welfare, and only God can and will do that!

    So, dear Lori, rely solely on God – you can do that, as Evan says: God is always with you. You are never working out a problem by yourself. You and God are one. You are as close to God as a circle is to round.

    Love and Hugs

  12. What a wonderful day to have these shared thoughts I have been working to understand the nothing of matter no matter what the sense testimony is presenting. After many long hours of study what comeS back to me is ALL IS INFINITE MIND AND (ITS) INFINITE MANIFESTATION FOR GOD IS ALL IN ALL. Thanks all.

  13. Dear Uta, Thanks for your kind and helpful thoughts. I know that only God is the source of all healing. I just also have to know that a loved one’s thoughts cannot harm me. Mrs. Eddy instructs us to daily protect ourselves against animal magnetism.

  14. Thanks, Evan, for those lovely truths—and thanks to all. I had a beautiful, quick healing last week that I’d like to share. I had been to a Board meeting at church and I was offered a ride home. When I stepped into the car I saw that it was much lower to the ground than our family car. I had my music bag, a bag for the meeting, and my purse, and when I stepped to get out of the car I seemed to pull something in my back. The pain seemed excruciating, but I didn’t want my friends to know so I continued on as if nothing had happened. When I was inside the house I reached for the week’s lesson, still in a lot of pain. What stood out to me was this paragraph about the “universal and perfect remedy:” “It is well to be calm in sickness; to be hopeful is still better; but to understand that sickness is not real and that Truth can destroy its seeming reality, is best of all, for this understanding is the universal and perfect remedy.” I thought, “I know that Truth is working and I need to submit to it, and know nothing ever happened. It is illusion, nothing real.” In a short while I was totally free and able to move my arms and body once again. When my husband got home I was so happy to share with him this beautiful healing.

    1. Thank you Daphne for sharing your wonderful healing, and for sharing the Truth thoughts, leading to this quick demonstration of Gods willingness to heal us immediately!

  15. Evan. Have printed this one. Your next to last paragraph was a big help: “Yes, prayer and study help us find God and realize spiritual reality. But there are times when we’ve studied and prayed enough, and it’s time to accept that everything we’ve prayed about is true.”

  16. Dear Lori, Acknowledging that you and your loved one each have a unique and perfect relationship with God who showers you both with love and guides you forward, should help with this concern. You are not responsible for her thought; she has no influence over yours. Love governs your every interaction with her. Be grateful for her caring and just let God take care of you both. Love to read your many posts!

  17. Thanks to you Linda for your loving and caring thoughts. Love does rule every aspect of our being. God is Love, and that is enough!

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