Feeling pressured?

August 30, 2006 | 2 comments

Do you have too many jobs to do? Uncompleted projects piling up? Not enough hours in the day? People demanding your attention?

How does one cope with too much to do?

One way is to love more. There’s always time to love.

Love calms thought. Love eases the tension. Love reveals answers. Love points the way. Love lightens the load. Love helps out. Love uplifts, inspires and comforts. Love is a healing presence that resolves conflict, solves problems and makes life more enjoyable.

It’s not time-consuming to love. In fact, love doesn’t require time at all. Love makes its own time by revealing more efficient possibilities and healing troubles that are major time-consumers, like worry, anxiety, and despair.

Love is about being patient, kind, caring, thoughtful and forgiving. Love doesn’t fritter time away fretting and fuming. Love doesn’t worry, agonize or torture. Love is easy, ready, abundant and generous. Love is not a hard thing to do.

Love never gets mad (a huge time waster). Love doesn’t get angry, upset or jealous. Love is positive, upbeat, hopeful, pleasant and expectant. Love is not a heavy weight, but a morale booster. Love is quick to favor, happy to help and a joy to have around. Love calms and comforts.

Don’t waste time complaining you don’t have enough time. Use your time better. Love more!

There’s no pressure in expressing love to others, but there’s a huge amount of peace, harmony and goodwill to be gained.

Love more. It’s the path to no pressure living.

2 thoughts on “Feeling pressured?”

  1. Hi Evan…Your insightful comments came at just the right time. Between home and outside activities the belief of pressure was interfering with my accomplishing what needed to be done. But I stopped all activity, read your message, pondered it, and felt the “buzz” of pressure lift. Thank you.

  2. Evan,

    Thank you for this wonderful easy way to look at tasks. Each one, if looked at from a standpoint of expressing love, becomes a joyful activity, not a time user.

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