Feeling the certainty of God’s care

August 30, 2023 | 20 comments

The weather changes, the economy prospers for a while, slips into recession and then rebounds, people’s attitudes jump from ecstasy to despondency, and the pet cat may be in a cooperative mood or not. There are many uncertainties about mortal existence. But there’s one fact for certain. God loves us, watches out for us, and takes care of us.

If thought is intertangled with a material sense of existence, the uncertainties of mortal existence may dominate attention and experience. But thought attuned with God, finds and feels the certainties of God’s love and care.

Stay awake to Truth! Stay alert with spiritual sense. Grow in spiritual mindedness every day. Let the certainty of God’s love and care inform your understanding and guide your decision-making. The outcome is peace of mind, stability, and more reliable health.

God’s love and care is a certainty. Stick with the certain and prosper!

20 thoughts on “Feeling the certainty of God’s care”

  1. These SpiritView messages are certainly “God’s thoughts passing to man”. Thank you, Evan, for starting our days with these angels.

  2. Thank you Evan to » raise every day our though like levain »
    It reminds me when years ago I visited a Practitionner in NY.
    After taking the elevator to her apartment, the front door was open .I enter into the lobby until her study room, the first thing She told me: » the time you enter to my apartment until my study room( about 30 seconds) all your cells of your body change.Only one thing will never change it is your relationship
    With God,the Eternal Spirit ».

  3. The reference that Evan makes to weather conditions in this
    SpiritView impels me to thank you, dear Carol, for drawing my
    attention to an item in Misc Writings by MBE (pg 376), called “Sunrise at
    Pleasant View” I had not come across this little gem before.
    Mrs. Eddy paints a most beautiful picture of the sunrise she
    witnessed in poetic words, which are very humbling.

    The material senses may not appreciate such beauty, or even notice it, and
    as the weather changes,, we know through our spiritual senses that God’s
    beauty and goodness never change and are ever present. His goodness is
    forever unfolding more good. God is not in material destructive elements –
    in fact we have in this week’s Lesson that “He holds the
    wind in His fist”. The only winds that can blow are the gentle winds of God
    which blow away the aggressive material senses of things, and keeps everything under
    His government and control – even the weather conditions.

    All the things that seem to be changing one bad thing into another bad thing,
    or good into bad, or bad into good, are not the spiritual facts of being.
    God is Love, and as Evan says, God’s love and care for us all is a certainty,
    He is our Rock which we can totally rely on, and we will prosper as we do so.

    1. Humble gratitude for all of the loving thoughts this morning and
      Thank you, Maggie, for your kind words. Yes, Mrs. Eddy certainly
      did/does have a wonderful way of expressing God’s Love and
      care for us.
      As in so many, many times.. I find such comfort in hymns ~ #275
      was there when I opened the hymnal this morning…with this
      delightful outlook and vision of our world:

      “Praise now creative Mind, Maker of earth and heaven;
      Glory and power to Him belong, Joy of the sun and skies,
      Strength where the hills arise,
      So let us praise with joy and song.
      Ages have seen His might, Father we call His name;
      Nights of our mourning and sorrow end, Light besses opened eyes,
      Joys like the dawns arise, As we see Him our God and Friend.
      Saviour from death is He; Life is our heritage;
      Mercy and goodness forever guide; Ours is the risen Christ,
      Daily we keep our tryst, And evermore in Love confide.”

      Lovely, isn’t it! It’s called the “Crusader’s Hymn”. We are all
      crusaders for Truth and Love.

      1. Thank you for the hymn Carol – it is a lovely hymn, and I love the way it calls God our Father and our friend. It brings Him closer to us – or rather brings us closer to Him so that we can commune with Him naturally as we would our father or a close friend.. Wonderful to know He is always with us caring for us, and we can depend on Him for everything.

      2. Thank you, Carol, for reminding me of this hymn. I am praying about the hurricane Idalia that would seem to be so powerful. This hymn reminds me that power belongs only to God. And I am holding to that truth.

        Thank you, too, Evan, for reminding all of us of the certainty of God’s care. God’s arms of love and care are wrapped around everyone who would seem to be in the hurricane’s path.

        1. Thank you, Maggie and Kelly, but as the hymn confirms, “Glory and
          power to Him belong”. I just “happened” to be the messenger in
          helping to deliver it. : ) I, too, have been holding a good thought
          for those in the hurricane’s path. On the way to the transfer
          station today, the mountains and scenery are always beautiful, but
          today especially, the contrast between the sky and clouds and
          the green pastures was especially enlightening with the way the
          sun, which is present even despite the darkened weather, just as
          God is always present ~ helped to bring harmony to healing
          thought. And with hymn #584, also, with comforting thoughts
          today from the online meeting:

          “The Lord is my Shepherd; I need not a thing
          Green pastures give rest for my soul.
          Love leads me beside the still, still waters.
          Love restores me, and Love makes me whole. …
          … though I walk through darkest days,
          I won’t be afraid for Love’s here beside me
          To protect me and show me the way…
          You show that I’m never alone
          Your goodness and love are mine forever;
          In the dwelling of Love, I am home”.

          We all dwell within God’s protection and care.

  4. Thanks Evan for all these wonderful and spiritual messages from day to day.
    It opens our eyes to the only reality of the universe, that it is spiritual. Therefore all God’s people are beautiful ideas.

  5. Nancy, Port ST. Lucie,
    Evan thank you ever so much for your message this morning. it’s so comforting to know that God’s love is impartial and includes all His children, and all are safe as this hurricane passes through.
    much love

  6. Thank you Evan. The comment about the pet cat made me smile. 🙂

    An excerpt from the article below: “The challenge was really a little thing, but that was why the gift was so wonderful. I saw that everything gives you an opportunity to trust God more. Trusting God for every little thing lets you know God more, and as you know God more, every little thing transforms you.”

    “Spirituality and the demands of Christian discipleship”: a conversation with with Joan Cawood:

    1. Thank you J – a very interesting and lovely conversation – seeing how it all unfolded
      for this person as she was seeking so ardently to know God.

    2. Thank you J for this article reference. I always enjoy reading how others come into Christian Science.
      Thank you Evan for Truth upliftment and this wonderful community!

  7. Just wanted to say thank you Evan for this vital message and gratitude to everyone here. I feel the Love expressed. Hope to have time to write more thoughtfully later when things quiet down. Looking forward to the article J, thank you, from the quote it sounds great.

  8. Thank you Evan. Thank you alll It is so assuring to feal the certainty of God’s care..
    Verse 2 of hymn 483 is just wonderful.

    God guides me, for my God is Life, Life divine
    God hides me from fear and harm.
    God guides me for my God is Life, Life divine.
    God hides me from fear and harm.

  9. Thanks Evan sir for sharing the idea of sticking to Truth and certain and prosper. It surely gives the feeling of God’s care and love.Among mortal uncertainties, the one fact remains true- God is Love and All.

  10. This idea of certainty was a help for me today. Thank you!

    Recently I heard a Chrisitan Science speaker tell the audience of her grandmother’s frequent statement, “God’s Word is guaranteed!” I found that the Speaker had wrtiten about her experience coming into Christian Science and included that well remembered statement from her grandmother. Here’s the link (I hope it works): https://sentinel.christianscience.com/shared/view/2k4fr5t7yse?s=copylink

  11. “Feeling the certainty of God’s care” is so wonderful, Evan. Thank you very very much for your healing inspirations!♡
    And I am also very grateful for all the wonderful inspirations expressed here in our gorgeous community!♡

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