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July 21, 2021 | 20 comments

Are you ever tempted to overeat? If so, fill up on truth before bringing food to your mouth.

Jesus Christ said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4, NKJV).

It’s spiritual truth that satisfies, nourishes, and brings genuine contentment.

A consciousness of spiritual truth is peaceful and calm, rational and reasonable. It makes intelligent decisions that bring good results. It does not seek happiness in something material, like food. It finds happiness in knowing spiritual reality and identifying with it.

In Truth, you are a happy, well-adjusted, satisfied and content immortal being. There is no lack in your Life. It is whole and complete the way God made it and maintains it. There isn’t anything you can consume that improves on what God has already created.

The belief that you need to keep eating beyond what is appropriate is error. The belief that you are a mindless mortal enslaved to appetite is error. The belief that you have no control over your eating decisions is error. The remedy for error is truth!

Know the truth about who you are as a satisfied, happy, and content child of God. Know it before you sit down to eat!

When you fill thought with truth, there is no room for error to occupy.

Fill up on truth and demonstrate your God-given dominion over food.

20 thoughts on “Fill up on truth”

  1. Thank you very much Evan! It opens my eyes for the correct proceding in a spiritual way. And utmost thanks to you for your wonderfully extensive article on loosing weight. It is so deeply metaphysical that it is a keeper for me. It is very very worth .reading and working with those valuable ideas! It is a very good idea to first be nourished by God with Truth before putting food into my mouth. So helpful!!♡
    Thank you so much Angie for the link to Evan’s precious article. ♡

  2. When I want to think more scientifically about the body this hymn really helps.

    Eternal Mind the Potter is, / And thought th’ eternal clay: / The hand that fashions is divine, / His works pass not away. / Man is the noblest work of God, / His beauty, power and grace, / Immortal; perfect as his Mind / Reflected face to face.

    God could not make imperfect man / His model infinite; / Unhallowed thought He could not plan, / Love’s work and Love must fit. / Life, Truth and Love the pattern make, / Christ is the perfect heir; / The clouds of sense roll back, and show / The form divinely fair.

    God’s will is done; His kingdom come; / The Potter’s work is plain. / The longing to be good and true / Has brought the light again. / And man does stand as God’s own child, / The image of His love. / Let gladness ring from every tongue, / And heaven and earth approve.
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 51:1–3)

    1. Thanks Karen for posting this hymn. This Hymn has been the anchor eversince I found it steering my life in calm, satisfied waters of Life, knowing there is nothing more to add to God’s perfection.

  3. Wisdom this morning, thanks for the subject. Satisfaction doesn’t happen from overindulgence in eating. Satisfaction comes from God like grace. False appetite is a burden.
    An appropriate way to eat is to satisfy hunger, not appetite. The kings portion is not for us, but the sustaining ever presence of Truth, Life, and Love.
    Thanks for all the wonderful replies this morning.

  4. Thank you for reminding me to begin and end each meal, and day, and trip, and project, and activity, and meeting, and relationship with a prayer of grace. Beginning and ending with gratitude to God for supplying our every need and our commitment to share that good to bless others. God provides for what God guides. The need always matches the supply and the supply meets the need.

    When my children were home I would ask them to join hands at each breakfast and dinner and to say at least three things for which they were grateful and to bless those two grew the food or sought and gathered the wild food, those who harvested And transported and prepared and cleaned and processed our food, Those who discovered or invented better ways to bring nutrition and environmental justice, those who educated and marketed better ways of feeding more people and regenerating our environment, And those making government, corporations, and nonprofits and communities more fair and generously kind to nourish all people and other living beings. Almost every meal included food for my garden for which I think the sun and rain and trees perfecting our weather and the soil communities and all the organisms working together helping us, And sometimes I thanked God for all the coincidences for my small children’s farm and school and/or for John Barker’s Home Garden Project in which he bought and delivered and donated and installed backyard food gardens for the food I secure in Portland, Oregon USA that we further developed into the nonprofit Growing Gardens crossing all political religious and class divides to provide soil, raised bed frames, trellis, seeds, starts, mentors, and gardening instruction, with classes in food preservation and seed saving and pollinator care to low income families and schools and nursing homes, and purposeful usefulness and meaningful healing of classism to the needy privileged.
    And I thanked God for the opportunity for being in the right place the right time to spread food justice and social healing.

    I emphasized that meal times are for nourishing our bodies, nurturing our relationships and soul, and sharing loving care for each other. I said that we bring all the lessons and blessings that God is fed us with during the day to share in the potluck of spiritual lessons and our meal time conversations.

    My son wanted me to be much more concise and quick and expressing my gratitude so we can hurry up and eat before the food cooled. He rushed his three: “life, things, and stuff”, Now I can take as much time as I want thanking and blessing everyone involved. Well I plants and water and harvest my garden and chop The vegetables prepare and serve and eat the meal and I can be so grateful that I have running water and physical ability to clean the dishes and the kitchen floor and the opportunity to give food to others.I needed this reminder.

    Before each trip as a Christian Science nurse to visit patients I always give thanks before getting in the car and loading whatever supplies, and giving thanks during the trip, and thanks before ringing the doorbell, and thanks before driving from their home. This reminds me to expand my concept of Christian Science Nursing through which we remember and celebrate the infinitely gracious and just Source is patiently, tenderly, graciously, generously giving nutriment of the right sort to the struggling heart.

    Since our Leader places in our church manual in the section on discipline rules and bylaws that each and every member of the mother church and serious student of Christian science is to obey and since that includes Christian Science Nurse, I am to obey that whether or not I have a patient calling me and paying me to be the nurse working with a practitioner. I am to bring that right and responsibility, ability and spiritual qualities and discipline, to everything I do and every person I think about. From meal times to the news of “good times and bad times.” From my appetite to government, from my belly to the oceans. Thank you.

  5. Great subject and treatment Evan today. Not just for over eating but for any other over indulgences we are capable of being drawn too erroneously. If we start with our source, God, this will help us focus on our true image…already complete and perfect.
    Thank you for Evan’s article Angie and thanks also to Karen for reminding us of the beautiful words of hymn 51.
    ‘Divine Love meets every human need.’❣️

  6. Thanks for this topic Evan. There is a lie that says we must use human willpower to control our food intake. Surrendering that self will to rather let God guide us in all things is a relief. Maybe the tradition of saying grace before meals, in addition to being a time to be grateful for the food before us, is also there as an opportunity to ask God to guide us in right thoughts and actions towards our food.

  7. Great comments, terrific way to be full of the Spirit before eating or snacking. Appreciate the message.

  8. When I seem to crave a particular food and I think I have to have it, I remind myself that Mrs. Eddy wasn’t sitting around craving anything. She was too busy writing, healing, praying, watching, and directing her household to the Truths of Christian Science. To crave anything is animal magnetism, world thought, etc. I love Mrs. Eddy’s hymn Satisfied. Thank you for all the comments.

  9. I’m so grateful for this Spiritview, Evan, and for all the comments. I am particularly grateful to Angie for the link to your in-depth article from 2000…. so clear and helpful! Thank you, Evan.

  10. Thanks, Evan for this clearly explained, spiritually wonderful and practical SpiritView offering today!
    Very much appreciate SpiritView…….”Spiritual ideas that inspire healing” and ALL the terrific sharing via comments, article links (Thanks Angie!) and some delightful poetry.


    Evan’s wonderful statement here:
    “In Truth, you are a happy, well-adjusted, satisfied and content immortal being. There is no lack in your Life. It is whole and complete the way God made it and maintains it. There isn’t anything you can consume that improves on what God has already created.”

    My teacher’s Class Notes many decades ago:
    “Error has no foothold in Truth and Truth does not put a toe into error. They do not mingle. It is for that reason that Science heals. The clarity of Truth is seen by Truth. Mind’s faculties are not vulnerable, and there are no other faculties. The indestructible faculties of Spirit cannot lapse from Spirit, and they exist solely in Mind and not matter. A human concept of these faculties is a myth, which you cannot work about or improve. (S&H 151:1). It is Soul, the One I, that alone exercises the faculty of awareness. Your relationship is to Mind, Soul, and not to any outside demands. Truth is not true because we know it but because it is that which IS. You constitute and remain as Truth’s perfection and you are in no way trying to demonstrate it.”

    1. Thanks for sharing your teacher’s notes, Barbara. Such a powerful statement of Truth!
      Very helpful!

  12. Thank you, Evan, for this wonderful message and especially for the article that you wrote and was shared by Angie. It is so true!

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