Find your peace with God

October 19, 2023 | 26 comments

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

~ John Piper

The peace of God you feel is felt by others around you.

The love of God you know brings comfort to friends and neighbors.

The wisdom of God you embrace will speak to those seeking your help.

What you know of God transforms your character for the better, improves outlook, inspires your perspective and radiates into your environment.

Find your peace with God, and God’s peace will find a home in you.

26 thoughts on “Find your peace with God”

  1. Thank you Even for this powerful, yet tender, message on peace. It reminds me of Hymn 521 “Let There Be Peace on Earth”.
    It informs us:
    “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.
    Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be.
    With God, our creator, we are family.
    Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony..
    Let peace begin with me, let this be the movement now. With every step, I take, let this be my solemn vow.
    To take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally!
    Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

    Thank you Evan for SpiritView that gives us support and comfort. It is such a Blessing.

      1. Yes, yes, yes,. Our subject was Peace and we sang that hymn too. Then such a wonderful discussion for all of us.
        Many thanks, lovingly

  2. Wow, so so Good! Thank you Evan. This truly is the answer for everyone, everywhere and it brings resolve and peace and unity in Life.

  3. Thanks Evan
    I used that subject for my Wednesday readings yesterday.It was the CS answer to the problem of loneliness.

  4. And I used the hymn “Let There Be Peace on Earth” yesterday with my readings in regards to the situation in Israel. Topic was “Free Us From Human Strife”. I just love this blog and the participant’s comments; they are so interesting and thought provoking!

  5. I had been praying for direction in a personal concern I had and this was my answer! The immediacy of God to us all amazes me. Thanks so much Evan.

  6. Without our Bible Lesson and these Spirit Views it would be tempting to become overwhelmed by matter news.
    Thank you Evan, and everyone else for these wonderful ideas!
    Hymn 374: ….That e’en before we ask Thee
    Thou hear’st thy children’s call.
    We praise Thee for Thy goodness
    And tender, constant care,…
    We thank Thee, Father-Mother,
    That Thou has heard our prayer.
    and No. 53: Everlasting arms of Love. .
    Are beneath, around, above;
    God it is who bears us on,
    His the arm we lean upon.
    Marjorie, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    1. Dear “J”, this article by Evan gives me very much. While reading it I felt myself in the Love and Peace and calmness of our omnipresent and omnipotent all good God!
      Thank you “J” and thank you very much indeed, Evan for this more than excellent article. It explains who we really are, loved spiritual ideas of God, and where our real dwellingplace is, in heaven, the realm of our Father-Mother God! The metaphysics in this article is profound and absolutely worth reading!♡

  7. Thank you, Evan! That poem is beautiful (!), and your entire post is a definite “keeper” (!!); a keeper for the deepest parts of our Being; an embracing of who we spiritually are when we live in God. Thank you for this! It will help our communities and world.

  8. Thank you all for these such peaceful messages. The graphics always speak to me as
    much as the written word. They give vision to thought in a way that truly comforts.
    Today’s reminds me of a seeming broken heart and seeming broken peace in
    the world. In both is missing Love, harmony, togetherness, understanding,
    compassion, getting along, happiness, etc. all what the world needs so much today.
    Mrs. Eddy’s pg. 266 in S&H comes to mind,
    “‘man’s extremity is God’s opportunity’ …. ..Universal Love is the divine way in Christian
    Science…. already filled with Divine Love”.
    When the power of God/Love becomes more prevalent than the love of power,
    wars will cease and the seeming broken links of disharmony will be connected
    in Love and Peace.

  9. Thank you Evan, I love this!
    I love ALL the references to those hymns! I belong to a faith based Toastmasters Club. Last speech I gave I invited everyone to sing the first verse of “On Eagles Wings” based on Psalms 91. It was a prayer for Uganda and the world.
    Now, I will do the same with “Let There be Peace on Earth”….thank you Virginia for the reminder of this beautiful hym. And thank you for all the other hymns brought up today. Hymns are so healing!!!!

  10. When I was growing up, before I discovered Christian Science, I used to say that what I wanted most was peace of mind. Now I know that mind (mortal mind) can have no peace. But true Mind, divine Mind is Peace and is mine and everyone’s to partake of freely, as it is our only Mind.

    Thank you Evan and all here, sharing our understanding of Peace in God.

  11. Today’s topic brought to mind some of the experiences and lessons shared by Christian Science Practitioner Myrtle Smith, a resident of Northern Ireland during a time of extreme conflict, violence, and terrorism. In her Dec. 1993 Christian Science article “The Time For Forgiveness Has Arrived”, she recounts an experience that illustrates the healing effect of keeping thought imbued with divine Love, separating sin from self, and recognizing only the pure, sinless man of God’s creating, no matter how horrific the material picture. Here is the link:

    Some of Myrtle Smith’s audio lectures can be heard on the Historical Christian Science Lectures website. I don’t recall which one of her lectures, but there is one in which she describes how she applied peace to every adverse situation she faced, and to every call that she received, with marked healing results.

    1. Thank you, Linda, for this article on forgiveness. I find it so refreshing that things are
      turning around with pushback for many lies – some that have been going on for years,
      but are now being challenged by folks standing up for Truth, for example, including the
      medical profession who automatically may have repeated and practiced things by rote,
      rather than questioning it’s validity and for brave souls reinforcing truths in other lies that have
      been festering and the seeming cause of wars worldwide in so many avenues. Lies are
      lies no matter how many accept them to be true or who promotes them.
      I have personally forgiven for many years – issues that seemed “real” at the time but now
      see them as fleeting falsities that can not be recorded in the pages of God’s Truth-history.
      As Albert Einstein so aptly stated and is so powerful in the world stage today… “Peace
      can not be kept by force: it can only be achieved by understanding”. Communication is
      key four understanding to take place in looking up to the Truth.

  12. Spelling correction,- Myrtle Smyth
    Also, the referenced article above appeared in the Christian Science Journal

    1. Thank you dear Linda for Myrtle Smyth’s article about FORGIVENESS. Yes, she explains how important and healing Forgiveness is.
      I find the very well known Bible Verse very good, i.e. “God lets it rain and the sun shine over good people and sinful people alike”, so in that sense. As for God there are only good ideas made in His image and likeness.

      This is als a wonderful article very worth reading, and for me it is very helpful.
      Thanks again Linda!♥️

  13. I love that statement, “Find you peace with God and God’s peace will find a home in you.” That concept is just fits perfectly. Thank you, Evan.

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