Finding lost items with prayer

May 24, 2021 | 15 comments


If you ever lose an item that is important to you, don’t lose hope. Gain faith!

My local newspaper, The Tri-City Herald, published a piece I wrote about a time when my wife lost her diamond in acres of sand dunes.

Here’s the link:

“Could prayer help find a lost wedding ring diamond?”

15 thoughts on “Finding lost items with prayer”

  1. Many thanks Evan for the sure evidence of our God’s many talents to care and guide Her children. Thank you too Angie for the article, very interesting proof that all roads do lead home.

  2. Rubber gloves certainly don’t compare with a
    diamond. But a lesson was learned.
    Company was coming and shopping for items I
    bought rubber gloves on sale. I was putting
    them away and thought you better remember
    where you put them because it is a strange
    When I needed a new pair, I couldn’t find
    I looked in strange places, no gloves. This went
    on for weeks, saying nothing can be lost in Mind.
    Finally one day as I was saying, nothing can be lost
    in Mind, the thought came, but you never listened.
    Instantly I knew where they were.
    I should have never taken in the need to
    remember In the first place. That set me
    up for not remembering.
    How many times are we so busy praying
    that we forget to acknowledge there is only
    one Mind.

  3. Indeed, God knows where “lost” things are. In fact, sometimes those items turn up where they could not have been lost. Once a worker in my home stole an inherited diamond ring that had been lying in a tray on my dresser. While companions did the needed fixing of a problem he wandered around the house looking for other possible problems. When the group left, the ring was gone. The situation was such that I could not inquire or challenge the group about the missing ring. I followed the same prayer process you describe.

    Three weeks later the ring appeared one morning in a place I had been dusting, and touching and seeing daily for the intervening time since the ring disappeared. A miracle? What cannot God do? A Christian Science Practitioner said, “The thief is probably still wondering where his goodie went.”

  4. Oops! Maybe I didn’t listen and sent this before.
    Listening is important.
    Sorry! But happy everything, forever. ♥️

  5. Thank You Evan! Just to let you know the newspaper article was interrupted / interspersed numerous times on my computer by negative news stories, Still did not detract from beautiful healing though ,

  6. Nothing in God’s Creation is ever lost, unneccesary, out of place, weakened, discounted, forgotten, damaged, or destroyed. Everything that God created belongs and lasts perfect and harmonious, perfectly and harmoniously. We can never lose what is rightfully ours and we can never want what is not. We can let go of the kindergarten and first grade worksheets and manipulatives and toys that were useful in teaching us, but we can never lose the lessons and the blessin’s earned and learned, the stronger practice of ever-better loving God with all our heart and mind and soul, to feel God’s love for each and everyone of us, and to honor and love ourselves and all of God’s creation. We let go of the fear and sense of ego in separate minds, We replace the lie with the truth, the self righteousness and apathy with the reverent humility, the worry with the gratitude and faith. We replace the belief of separate minds and separation from God infinite good with the gratitude and firmer knowing of the infinite oneness and wholeness, the integrity and integration of all that is real and good. I’ve had to laugh several times at myself when I wrongly label something good or bad, and am attached to that when I need to detach from mortal views and instead reverently hold more with humble honor and love.

    Thank you for giving me one more thing to remember and have ready right when I need it: lose the doubt; gain the faith. I might add that to my morning practice and habit every time I leave my home or store or destination to walk towards my car or gather up my belongings when you’re finishing a project: “Divine Mind is always telling each and everyone of us everything we need to know when we need to know it, in the form and manner and language we most need to best heed and obey, heal and bless, and God is always making us humble and confidently trusting, able and eager to obey and celebrate God by being and doing good well.”

    Thank you for the reminder when I need to change the grammar and belief with common phrases, like “losing my mind” or that someone “lost control” or “lost their way” or “suffering loss and grief.” We can only lose a mistake and belief and its apparent consequences, and we can only gain an understanding and appreciation for truth and good, an ever-improving closeness with God.

    This reminds me of a song I heard on the radio station I had never gone to before when I was driving back from Evan’s Christian Science Association address. The phrase spoken by God to each of us: “When you see broken beyond repair; I see healing beyond belief.” It is in “Mended“, by Matthew West.

  7. Thank you. Evan, for the instruction to stay calm, expectant, and obedient to direction.
    It is wonderful how you share with a wider, certainly interdenominational, audience when your articles are published in your newspaper.
    We all need to be open on finding ways to share Christian Science in language understandable to new “audiences.” After all, many of us were introduced to the Christianity Scientific way of thinking by some loving, generous giver ! May we all become better Givers and Sharers!!

  8. . My husband and I were traveling from San Diego to northern CA. After we had stopped I noticed one of my earrings was missing…a favorite one of course! We. looked all over the car, and the fur collar of my coat. We went back to the gas station, looked around the pumps, I did pray but after a few months the prayers dwindled, and finally, I stopped even thinking about the earring.. A full year later we took the same trip to visit my sister-in-law. Saturday was car detailing day at her house so we joined in. Pulling out the carpet on the passenger side floor to vacuum underneath my jaw literally dropped as I saw laying there…my earring! I was so grateful to discover it had been with me all the time…never really lost at all!

  9. Evan it’s good to hear again the story of your wife’s “lost” diamond, as you shared with us in greater detail in your video blog on SpiritView May 3, 2021. I am always so grateful see deep spiritual truths as practiced in CS being shared in the mainstream media, such a your local newspaper, for all to see. Everyone has the right to hear/read about Truth. The Christian Science Monitor, which is also a mainstream and award-winning newspaper, has a regular spiritual perspective article in each issue.

    I’ve heard it said that nothing that is ours by divine right can be lost or kept from us — or it’s equivalent or better would come to us.

    We visited our daughter in Los Angeles and stayed at a lovely AIrBnb cottage. My husband’s wedding band was on the bathroom counter. I must have accidentally knocked it off the counter and I heard the metal hit the tile floor and heard it roll away on the tile. It seemed to have vanished into thin air. The entire place was searched thoroughly. I didn’t really think it could be lost, but when we returned home we looked into replacing the ring and viewed many options at online jewelry sites. Nothing seemed quite right and my husband felt badly about the “loss.”. A week or so later I was taking some remaining items out of a canvas duffel bag we’d had with us on the trip. My hand touched something hard and I saw the ring. Materially this didn’t seem possible, as the ring would have had to roll about 15 feet into the livingroom of the cottage, over a carpet, past a coffee table and jump up into this bag. But we gave thanks knowing God is not limited by material possibilities. Thanks to all for your sharing!

  10. Thanks Evan that we may read or listen to this helpful testimony of yours again.
    It shows me, never to give up in trusting God to help, guide , heal and love us all, His/Her dear children who are cared for steadily by God. I am very grateful to have learned this in CS and may experience it more and more!
    These days I was looking for something I wanted to give as a present to a relative family, but couldn’t find it. But as soon I read this toppic I knew that all knowing God will lead me to that present. Then I turned around, bent down and saw that drawing which will be a delight to my relatives. Am very grateful for this, and there where some instances in the past, where I found seemingly lost things through trustful prayer. Yes, with God, the everpresent Good all things are possible! Am so so grateful for this loving, healing SpiritView Blog!♡

    1. Your humor is wonderful and heart refreshing – the today’s “picture” hahaha ♡♡

  11. The kids and I had just returned from a week of visiting parents/grandparents in California. I was unloading all the bikes off the roof of our minivan when my ring caught on a bike rack. I thought nothing if it and continued unloading. After a few more trips inside with gear, I noticed my diamond was missing. I quietly reaffirmed that I couldn’t be separated from any good and looked around the van at the sandy, gravelly, old pavement and saw nothing. My mom called shortly to confirm our arrival home. I mentioned the diamond had fallen from my ring. I again reaffirmed I could not be separated from any good and continued unloading, giving little more thought at the time to the diamond, only combatting any negative thoughts trying to enter thinking. As I returned to the van for a last load, there sparkling like a bright strobe light calling me was my diamond on the driveway which I walked ten or fifteen feet to to pick up. I was so grateful. I called my mom to rejoice and thank her for her prayerful support.

  12. Thank you Evan. Your daily posts are so helpful. I went into my purse expecting to find the church key to lock up one Sunday, It wasn’t there! Fortunately I wasn’t the last one out , so the church got locked, but where was the key? I checked my other purse once I returned home- no key. I asked at church if anyone had found a key, I checked the likely spots I may have set it down – no key. I just knew it wasn’t really lost, and I would keep looking and listening for the right idea. I felt certain I hadn’t been careless with it. I checked pockets, checked both purses at least three times. Two weeks later, I was at church, putting my car keys in my purse, and noticed an inside zipper pocket I’d not remembered, and not noticed before !! there was the key. Where it had been all along. More than finding the key, this illustrated to me that the answer to a healing is right there- just keep looking, praying, with the expectation of a result.

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