[VIDEO] Flow like a river

August 23, 2017 | 26 comments

Here’s a vlog I created while traveling through Idaho to Southern Utah last May to visit Canyonlands National Park.

If you ever feel like your life is in a free-fall of trouble, take heart. God is there to pull things back together for you and keep outcomes moving in a positive peaceful direction. Here’s a way how.

26 thoughts on “Flow like a river”

  1. Thank you for this beautifully inspiring and helpful spiritual lesson and for all your healing work in CS in so many ways, blessing all.

  2. I have visited this falls on the Snake River two times – once this spring when it was flowing as you showed it, and once a couple years ago when very little water was flowing. The morale/analogy, even during low flow, is the same as yours – even when there are seeming disturbances in the material world, God provides the spiritual backing and supply which is reality.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Evan! ;<))

    A Christian Science Practitioner said this to me many years ago: "Mortal mind (what Mary Baker Eddy defines as "error") can only SUGGEST, it can never actually carry through."

    I was impressed by this idea. Yes, it sure SEEMS like error (evil) can cause great havoc (wars, disease, death, etc), but as we learn in Christian Science: error is illusion. Period. It has no Truth-created reality to it. Ever. How simply wonderful to even glimpse the truth of this fact.
    And to step-by-patient-step apply it to the…illusions, as the suggestions appear.
    Peacefully, trustingly, willingly, gratefully.

    Thank You, Truth, for being All That Is True, Real, Good!

  4. Thank you Evan. I especially appreciated the point about the water being as calm after the waterfall as before. World belief claims that a tumultuous experience must leave us scarred. So I love the fact that Christian Science teaches that we are the reflection of God and therefore we are always reflecting the qualities of God and nothing we experience can change that.

  5. Sometimes i have to remind myself how we so often refer to the” laughter” of the water falls and wonder if any individual little water droplet at the top ever cringed in fear before tumbling helpless, in howling terror only to discover it wasn’t hurt, didn’t die but was still one with the same river. (Been there!) Or did it dab a happy face sticker over it’s eyes and hope that if it didn’t look, the challenge would disappear like magic. (Done that!) Or did it always know it was one with the water which had no gaps, no lack, only laughter. (Still working on that one!)

  6. that was very very nice. It is fun and inspiring to see God expressing in creation. I sometimes like to imagine that the things I see I take for granted and imagine how God would express somewhere else other than earth. Creation here becomes so alive when I see things this way. I love trees and when I see them as a thought of God they are even more amazing to me- the idea that became what I see materially as a tree- strong, tall, embracing, flexible, fragrant, beautiful, right out of the ground!

  7. Thank you once again for sharing the beauty you are seeing in your travels and teaching us how there is a spiritual lesson in all we see. And thank you Brian for referencing how today it is broadcast all the time that “tumultuous experience must leave us scarred.” So grateful to no all is calm before and after such experiences. Patty, loved your “experiences.”

  8. Experiencing sadness at the moment . Watching your video made me feel a lightness and I remembered that God is with me.

    1. Ingrid, there’s no lapse from, nor return to, what God creates, He IS! Loved that you felt lightness. You are loved.

  9. Thanks, Evan. The visual for this blog just makes it more powerful – draws the reader in to hear and see the message!

  10. I am not sure where you sending this message from. It looked very peaceful and your presentation makes us want to be there. I felt very comfortable with your message and the background made a very helpful setting. Thanks!l

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