Don’t fear what’s coming your way

August 22, 2017 | 28 comments

One lesson I’ve learned from my tennis coaches is to never fear the ball coming your direction. If you stand at the net afraid that your opponents might hit the ball at you, you’re going to return the ball poorly. The better strategy is to think, “I hope they hit the ball at me so I can hit it well and put it away!”

It’s a rule that works.

More than once when playing strong opponents, I’ve noticed my thought starting to fear the ball coming at me. A parade of excuses would weaken my confidence such as, “I’m not as good as they are. They hit the ball too hard. There is too much top spin for me to handle well.” And as my confidence sinks, so does my game. When I remember that God has prepared me for any ball coming my way, and that I could be eager to receive the ball and prove my God-given talents, my game stays strong.

It’s a rule for success in life! Never fear the “balls” coming your way. Whatever challenges, opposition, opportunities or demands you face, be prepared to handle them with grace, wisdom and poise.

God made you an intelligent creature who expresses the Mind of God that is ready to take on any challenge. This Mind you express is not lacking, deficient, unprepared, incapable or unable. Mind is able and makes you able.

Fully embrace and love your God-given ability to respond fearlessly and competently to every circumstance you face in life. Don’t waste a micro-moment in mindless fear. Be Mind-full of your God-given talents and delight in the opportunity to use them. Be joyfully ready for whatever comes your way.

“Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.”

~ Philippians 4:13, The Message

28 thoughts on “Don’t fear what’s coming your way”

  1. I find these thoughts so helpful in a world where it seems evil is trying so hard to conquer good. There are so many bombardments that try to tempt us into believing what is untrue, it sometimes can seem overwhelming and cause us to fear. Thank you, Evan, for these inspiring thoughts of Truth to counteract them.

  2. As a former tennis player, I appreciate the analogy.
    I love the reminder that “MInd is able and makes you able.” Thanks!

  3. Especially helpful in those “darkest hours that precede the dawn” moments. Your remarks
    are so helpful, and help-giving. Thank you.

  4. very good days. Thanks Evan for the message today, I illuminate that article. I am working on “everything in Christ that strengthens me”. But sometimes the work is dandy and you have to persevere, persist and the fruits will be in your point to collect. Thanks and blessings

  5. I loved the double meaning of “Be Mind-full of your God given talents.” Two meanings!
    Be aware, thoughtful, tuned in, to your talents and keep your mind FULL of God’s supply. What good advice. Thank you, Evan for your loving messages. They guide my sometimes agitated thinking into the right channels and I reverse negative thinking and strive to keep my mind FULL of God’s good that is always there.

  6. Your training meeting was very eventful and I became glued to the computer. I need to do more work in traveling as I sometimes become confused over minor incidents. I seem to think it is more attention is needed and will not fret with minor traveling connections.

    Thanks for your recent help in realigning my spiritual focus which works extremely well.

    Your help is always needed. Thank You!


  7. Viewing the
    With all its
    All it’s beauty

    Then suddenly
    Knowing this
    Is the same
    As the sun rising
    In you and in me

    The sun rises
    in the sky
    as the highest
    Good rises
    In Mind

    The sun sets
    and sleeps
    with beauty
    In knowing
    It’s purpose

    The sky is Mind
    The Sun is Love
    The Light is God’s
    Being descending
    From above

  8. I love how insights just keep coming to us! A few years ago it was “In any business situation, meeting, or negotiation see and know it is God on both sides and the best outcome is assured.” This weekend I had an ear-splitting wake-up call that I have been replaying ever since – in a time of meaningful challenge by the outer appearances, hearing the Father ask me “My Son (in my case – Daughter), where do you think you are?” I had to stop and think – all is Mind in which I live and move and have my being so there is only One of us here. Spirit. So none of the appearance matters so long as I understand nothing about the real me has changed or ever can change. Now “God has prepared me for any ball that comes my way .. appearances can be deceptive and I can reject all expectations of lack of supply, or pain of wrong judgement or defeated confidence .. God has assured me I can face it with “Yes!!” and hit it back.”

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s SpiritView insight will be!

  9. Thank you for this, Evan. Fear can be so sneaky, often masquerading as caution or prudence in order to stymie our progress. It’s easy to fall for fear’s arguments, but that’s all they are -arguments – never reality.
    I also love what Patty shared – “My Son (in my case – Daughter), where do you think you are?” Or, as in Genesis, “Adam, where art thou?” Where is fear trying to make me believe I am, versus where am I, God’s child, really dwelling?
    Very helpful in several present challenges!

  10. An unseen hand
    is always there
    to lift us out of our
    self made despair

    A presence who’s
    Methods and plan
    are beyond the knowing
    of the most imaginative man

  11. Thanks to today’s SpiritView… I am right up at the net and looking forward to whatever comes my way! Whew! Love this! This daily jump-start is my go-to-place for making all things GOOD! A million never-ending thank yous to all of you here, especially Dear Evan! AWESOME!

  12. Thank you Evan and Everyone that shares their wonderful comments here!

    More and more I’m realizing just how much God loves us. God created each of us for a purpose and nothing can stop us from fulfilling God’s purpose. God lovingly guides us and all to fulfill His purpose. God’s unconditional love of his creation means that each individual idea supports every other individual idea because we are all part of God’s whole…his perfect, harmonious creation. There are no warring countries or political parties, no inharmonious relationships in God’s creation. There is nothing to fear as we realize just how much God loves His creation and therefore continually cares for His individual ideas.

    As I go through each day lately I enjoy just taking moments periodically to think about each person and thing as being part of God’s beloved creation. If I’m driving, I think of each person being lovingly guided by God. If I’m at work, I think of every individual creation of God working together to achieve a good purpose. If I’m thinking about my purpose, I know that God loves me so much that He keeps me in perfect health, that I reflect the intelligence and love of Mind in all I do, and that nothing can therefore prevent me from fulfilling my part in carrying out God’s purpose. In the true creation, God’s idea, there is nothing to fear, for God is lovingly in control of everything. That understanding gives us confidence to respond lovingly in each situation in which we find ourselves. Knowing all the while that we are carrying out, we are a part, of God’s purpose of loving His creation.

  13. Thank you for this, and for the faithful way you keep showing up, bright as a button and full of inspiration. Love you, Evan

  14. A friend of mine at church recommended that I sign up for Spirit View and I love it. Thank you for the great tennis analogy!!

  15. Thank you, dear Evan for your loving and healing SpiritView thoughts of today.

    Indeed today – for me yesterday, as here in Germany we have about 1 o`clock middle of the night – I had to face some challenges. And Evan comforts me now with those inspiring thoughts of truth. This SV shows me my abilities as God`s loved child, how to meet these challenges fearlessly and with love. It calms me from being excited about the past challenges of today.

    I am awfully grateful for this blog of Evan, and we all love him for it; and thank you also for all the loving and inspiring and helpful comments of all of you – thank you so much!

      1. You, too, dear Maximo. I love both of your gorgeous poems – specially the second one, which inspires and helps me very much – thank you a lot! 🙂

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