From glory to glory

September 11, 2023 | 29 comments


Years back, a man was telling me about a series of problems he had been facing in his life. No sooner did he solve one problem, but then another popped up, then another, and another. There seemed to be no end to problems in sight! While praying for some order and peace in his life, he turned to hymn 65 in the Christian Science Hymnal, which begins with the verse:

From glory unto glory,
Be this our joyous song;
From glory unto glory,
’Tis Love that leads us on;
As wider yet and wider,
The rising splendors glow,
What wisdom is revealed to us,
What freedom we may know.

The words, “From glory to glory” grabbed his attention. In thinking about their meaning, he realized that he needed a new motto for life. Rather than living “From problem to problem,” he needed to live “From glory to glory!”

He started to see trials and challenges as opportunities to glorify God, rather than reasons to grumble and complain.

He found cheer again. Rather than dreading the next problem, he stayed inspired assured that God was an ever-present help giving him the ideas, inspiration, and guidance he needed to keep moving down a path of progress. He became much happier, and life wasn’t such a struggle any longer.

Life is not meant to be “From problem to problem.” It’s divinely designed to be “From glory to glory.”

Let the glory of God brighten your day and lead you on!

29 thoughts on “From glory to glory”

  1. Oh gosh! Thank you for this post!! I can identify with this man’s story. And what a wonderful Go-given perfect solution! I shall be living from glory to glory from now on!
    Thank you for SpiritView ♡♡♡♡

  2. As I thank you for this wonderful message, I thank God that I took piano lessons as a kid and can hear the tune to this Hymn in my head right now!

  3. Thank you for giving a leap in our thought. We can expect only glorious events every day. A glorious day to you all.

  4. I’m going to have this hymn going through my head as well as the same tune, but new words for what comes up in my day.

    Just before I read your blog, I was thinking that another person and I have been imagining each other as problematic, preventing each of us from experiencing the inspiration we wanted. But actually we’re each the God-given gift calling each other to more loving, more humble learning, better practice of Christian Science, and more disciplined dedication to serving and blessing the other, in each other’s life. God/Christ put us together for more sincerely thanking God for the other, and more courageous examine our own thinking, and need to be the improvement that we want in the other. We are each not the other’s irritation or nemesis, or excuse for another boring story blaming the other. We are each the reminder and the invitation to experience and express the graciousness of God’s glory.

    We are each a precious mirror that helps us see and correct ourselves with the enlightenment of the upward-pointing mirror of God’s glory shining love and beauty into viewer and environment, brightening our view of the other,. For not thinking, “Oh no, what’s that other person going to do now that I don’t like.” But instead for thinking, “Thank you, God, for growing me for your glory and showing me through that other person, your glory.”

    I can be giving thanks in advance, trusting, and loving each thing they do as an opportunity for me to get closer with God, and live more integrity to my ideals, practicing in Christian Science healing, repentance, reformation, joyous liberation, and meaningful contribution blesssing all. From glory to glory. All for God’s glory.

  5. Thank you for this important message. I started singing hymn 65 the moment I saw the title of today’s message as this was one of our hymns in church yesterday! So important to look for glory and light not error and darkness every day.

  6. Incroyable ! C’est la réponse que j’attendais. Je l’ai d’ailleurs partagé. Dieu répond toujours à nos besoins, et la preuve est là sous nos yeux. Alors un immense merci.

    1. Oui Pascale, c’est la réponse que nos âmes attend et nous régénère chaque jour, merci Evan pour cette inspirante approche et all at Spirit View!

  7. Lovely inspiration! Thank you all..
    A few thoughts I am pondering along with these wonderful
    inspirations this morning:

    “Heaven is not a goal; heaven is the presence right now.
    If we are present, the divine is available. If you live in the
    moment, you are enlightened; there is no other enlightenment.
    And then ordinary life is so extraordinary. Then to be just a
    nobody is so fulfilling … The ego disappears, you are no more,
    but the divine Is. And that is bliss and that is truth.” ~ Osho

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed
    citizens can change the world; indeed its the only thing that
    ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

    “Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them
    under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them”

    “Music is to the soul what words are to the mind”

    “Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight”

  8. Great change of thought for me here; thinking “From Glory unto Glory” instead of “from problem unto problem”…Nice! Thank you!

  9. Thank you for this much-needed wake-up call today, dear Evan! I have been exactly like your friend, falling ever deeper and deeper down that dark hole of despair. With several friends’ passing recently, as well as other issues, made me feel that I was never going to be able to see the light again.
    I went to my piano and played this hymn all the way through twice, and I am clinging to it. Think of Christ Jesus, as he moved from glory to glory, rising higher and higher, until he eventually ascended, because he kept his God on His (and our) Father-Mother God. He is truly the Master and our role model.
    Thank you for this perfect angel message today!

    1. Dear Annie,
      Your thoughts and change of heart are inspiring. Thank you for
      sharing. A month after the twin towers came tumbling down, my
      world as I knew it, at the time, also seemed to come tumbling
      down with them. I had many challenges to face and none of it
      was easy, but, with God’s help and perseverance, each problem,
      step by step was overcome and each was really a stepping-
      stone lesson to get where I am today. I am so much spiritually
      stronger for these issues that have resolved and although life
      always has “proofs of God’s care” to work out in this human
      experience and I, like all of us, have challenges that could make
      things better, our stumbling blocks < Do become stepping stones
      along our journey through life, if we do not let them trip us up or
      slip into depression over them.
      I love from the article J shared – (Thank you, J )… "Our prayers all
      along the way help "chip away" at error, and are never in vain".

  10. With regard to our discussion today, I have always found this passage very comforting.
    “Our heavenly Father never destined mortals who seek for a better country to wander on the shores of time disappointed travelers, tossed to and fro by adverse circumstances, inevitably subject to sin, disease, and death. Divine Love waits and pleads to save mankind–and awaits with warrant and welcome, grace and glory, the earth-weary and heavy-laden who find and point the path to heaven.” From Prose Works, Message for 1902, 11:2-9

  11. Thank you Evan and all who have contributed for verifying that God’s goodness is always available to guide us through every challenge we face. We truly are blessed and I am so grateful for Christian Science which shows us how we can live every moment in our experience living “Glory unto glory”.”

  12. The thought of living our lives “from Glory unto glory” is such an excellent one, in recalling the events of 9/11 twenty-two years ago today. It is tempting to think “ain’t it awful” and be afraid when such events occur and waiting to see what terrible events will happen next. The expectation of continuous good to unfold minute-by-minute, hourly and daily in our experience is an excellent credo to cling to. It is the admission that God is in control and is completely governing every outcome. “The song of Christian Science is work, work, work, watch and pray.” (from Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy, Message from 1900, p. 2:7).

  13. very helpful and practical ideas bringing healing when most needed. let the problems disappear and the glory appear..
    thank you for sharing.
    Denise Geach

  14. Thank you so much Evan. What an inspiring, uplifting thought to offer us on this tragic date. “From Glory to Glory”…….such an instant counter of Truth to every obstacle, no matter its perceived severity, to our harmonious existence.

  15. I am deeply thankful for today’s spiritual insights. I, too, can identify with your friend who found life to be one problem after another. That has been my experience the past few months with a series of physical challenges that left me wondering,”what’s going on?” I ultimately came to rejoice that good alone is going on and ongoing, and I could see, feel, and experience that goodness. I am grateful to say that each challenge has been met and I can join you all in singing and celebrating “what great things He hath done.”

    1. Joan thanks so much for that testimony. Wonderful to hear how you rejoiced in acknowledging that ONLY good could be going on in the life of the child of God, which led to your experience showing forth that Truth. Great work!

  16. The comment from “problem to problem” brought to thought the attached article.
    An excerpt: “One of the authors in the Journal wrote of his need to stop a Christian Science treatment for one problem due to the sudden occurrence of a more “serious” one. This was meant to be both humorous and intriguing…”:

    “Patience and persistence — healing by healing” by Hank Richter:

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