Live with integrity

September 12, 2023 | 20 comments

Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord. Joyful are those who obey his laws and search for him with all their hearts. They do not compromise with evil, and they walk only in his paths.

~ Psalms 119:1-3

20 thoughts on “Live with integrity”

  1. “What you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say.”
    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Integrity is simply shining the Light of Godlikeness into every sphere of activity and influence.

  2. Joyful are those who glorify God. Thank you Evan for this wonderful reminder of what we should be doing throughout our lives. Seeing others as ourselves and treating them as we want them to treat us. I find myself thinking that I wish I could do more to alleviate suffering in the world such as the firestorm in Maui and the earthquake in Morocco. I realize that I am not alone in this desire as my Father/Mother God is already there giving each of Her children comfort and love. It’s my joy to always glorify God In knowing that S/He is always present and fulfilling the needs of all Her/His creation. I love SpiritView for helping me to see more of God’s care worldwide. Thank you Evan for this wonderful gift to all of us.

    1. Virginia you are doing a great deal to heal suffering in the world because you clearly declare and acknowledge the power and presence of God everywhere, “giving each of Her children comfort and love.” That is a powerful prayer that does not “return void” but has good effect.

      “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it..” (Isaiah 55:11)

  3. Thank you beloved Father, Mother God.

    Your love abounds and meets every need with perfect supply.

    I feel your presence and it brings me great joy!

  4. It helps me to think of integrity as acting in accord with God’s requirements( Ten commandments,sermon on the mount,golden rule)..even if no one else will ever know…

  5. I, too, like Virginia, have a desire to help alleviate suffering in the world.
    There seem to be so many lies being told these days that just are not
    right.. but…being here and declaring the True being of ourselves and
    Everyone in a spiritual light, helps individually and collectively in bringing
    about harmony and God’s Love to those who need it.
    And as the other Carol above mentioned, the Golden Rule, etc… if
    everyone in the world acknowledged and treated others like they would
    like to be treated ~ oh, what a world it would be! It is comforting to know
    that good people Are doing this and every perfect gift that comes from
    above, from God, helps to bring about a better world.

      1. Thank you L. I hadn’t heard the diamond rule before and love it. We are indeed rich in expressing integrity by following the Golden and Diamond Rules. Thank you Evan and all. Have a rich day.

  6. Integrity is related to oneness. The opposite of integrity could be duality, but we actually have and love the one Mind single-mindedly.
    Love the references to the Golden Rule!

  7. Spiritual integrity leads to joy, that is today’s message from Evan. One definition I found of integrity is: the state of being whole or undivided. That is the true state of our consciousness as well as the state of all creation, though it certainly does not appear that way materially. But we have good advice in the verse from Isaiah above, “do not compromise with evil…..and obey God’s laws.”

    The Daily Lift from a few days ago with Mark Sappenfield, editor of CS Monitor, mentions the covenant God made with us. Our part is to trust and obey Him, and His part is to take care of us and heal us, Mark makes it so simple and clear. There is also a link to his Sentinel Watch talk which goes deeper.

    Thanks and love to Evan and dear SpiritViewers.

    1. This Sentinel Watch is so comforting and heartening. What
      great thoughts to ponder. Thank you, Rose! Our true home
      is wherever divine Love is…and that is everywhere we share
      harmony and peace.

  8. Joyful are those who obey His laws and search for Hm with all their hearts. These are people of integrity. In Science and Health, we read,
    one’s aim, a point beyond faith, should be to find the footsteps of Truth, the way to health and holiness. 241:23-24.
    Thank you Evan and all.

    1. This is a lovely conversation on being “At home in Spirit”, J … Thank you
      for sharing it. (An excerpt from the article) …”a lovely example of the
      power of “loving one another” because everyone present when [I] fell
      refused to be mentally dragged down onto the pavement with me,
      but rather helped to lift me up mentally”.
      Spiritually uplifting thoughts Are so supportive and I so very much
      appreciate all of the encouraging and helpful ones shared here. It goes
      along with a quote I came across yesterday, (but didn’t want to
      monopolize on taking up too much space then)…
      “If you would lift me up, You must be on higher ground” – Ralph Waldo
      Emerson … a great place to be, in the perspective of a Spirit View.
      Thank you all.

  9. THANK U Evan and Spirit View family for all the GOOD shared 2day!
    Bob Molines BEAUTIFUL song “Love is the Way” is very inspiring to listen to and can be found on the internet! It includes the “Diamond Rule”!

    1. I was unable to access this song, Soaring Dove. I was able to find and
      read about the Diamond Rule tho. I had never heard of that before, so
      it was interesting. Thank you, L , and Pat W for the mention of it.

  10. I hope I do understand it right when I say that Integrity also means Trustworthiness, Righteousness, Purity. All wonderful qualities we actually express as God’s child. Well, I am working on it and praying to become clear about me as God’s image and likeness with all the many perfect divine qualities. Thank God I can learn that in CS more and more!

    Thank you dear Evan, for your very helpful SpiritView to understand the Truth better. And am also very grateful for all the inspiring and interesting comments here and the links to relevant articles are ♡

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