From promise to fulfillment

July 21, 2017 | 16 comments

“A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain. “

~ Arabian Proverb

Remembering that the homeland of the Arabians is parched desert, this proverb takes on deep meaning. Clouds that turn into rain would be very welcome!

May your life be filled with fewer clouds that idly pass by and more rain that blesses everyone around!

16 thoughts on “From promise to fulfillment”

  1. Evan, Thank you so much for the powerful simplicity of this idea. It’s so important to remember when we pray that “Whatever blesses one, blesses all.” Our prayers are never just about us individually. Even when we think we’re just praying for ourselves, those prayers reach out in the atmosphere of thought and bless all, as the rain brings a promise of blessing to the parched earth everywhere it falls. Every prayer heals.

  2. Thank you Evan für this SpiritView – have to think about it.

    But thank you Deb and Grace, very helpful both comments 🙂

    1. Deb, your thoughts so often come to me when facing a problem. I think of all the Practitioners and C.S.ers the world over who are knowing truths, and I know these truths are just as applicable to me as to the expected recipients. “The gentle dew from heaven, upon the earth beneath…on both the just, and the unjust”. Love to you all and especially Evan for his sincere, daily inspiration for all of us.

  3. In my that , after 25 years of living in a flat desert area in the US, I am living in a “high” desert area in another state., these words give me a new and needed perspective to take. Thanks.

  4. “True Christianity is an
    entirely positive influence.
    It comes into a persons life
    to enlarge and enrich it,
    to make it fuller, wider, better
    and never to restrict it.

    You cannot lose anything
    that is worth having thru
    acquiring a knowledge
    of the Truth”

  5. The cloud is like any so-called problem that pops up in our lives. It can shower us with blessings when we address the problem with the truth and learn from it, and, consequently it blesses the world.

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