Healing of effects from chemical explosion

July 24, 2017 | 24 comments

Here’s an audio testimony I recorded for Sentinel Watch that tells about the time chemical exploded in my face while working on the family farm, and how I prayed about it and found complete freedom from the bad effects.

“God’s healing presence”

24 thoughts on “Healing of effects from chemical explosion”

  1. Thank you dear Evan, amazing, and just what I do need.
    That`s a very holy experience, showing us the very nearness and willingness of divine Love to heal and help us immediately in the biggest challanges; and it also shows us God`s Love for us as His precious creation.

    It is good to hear such great testimonies more often then once, because I remember you told this testimony in one of your wonderful lectures, I watched on internet.
    I love your lectures, they are so clear to understand and of course so inspiring.
    Thank you so much, Evan 🙂

  2. What a lovely demonstration by Evan. After listening to the whole testimony, what strikes me most, is the fact that there was not a single moment when the slightest of fear was expressed by Evan, though the situation seemed very scary. This is perhaps the reason why the healing came very fast. We all need to have the same level of Confidence as Evan has in the power and presence of God, and never fear.
    Even though he could not see a thing due to the explosion, eyes were hurting badly, and no human help at hand, Evan knew with certainty that God was on the scene, He was very much there and that God was the source of his vision, health and well being. He proved that “Accidents are unknown to the kingdom of God and Gods child can not be hurt” when his sight was fully restored and the severe pain completely vanished.
    Thanks Evan. This testimony surely was so inspiring and has reinforced my confidence in the power of scientific prayer, in the healing effect of Truth, in the cent percent ability of God to bring us out of any seemingly hopeless situation. Thank you so very much for being our inspiration daily.

    1. Thanlk you Nergish for your inspired comment.

      As you are also so early with your comments, I would like to know in which area you live. May I ask you that? 🙂

      1. No, still can’t. I get a gray rectangle without an arrow to click to play. It’s just blank. But thanks for trying!!

        1. Hi Anna,

          just click on the blue sentence “God`s healing presence” above.

          Normally that should work – I wished you manage it now, because its really an amazing testimony of Evan – so lovely, inspiring and helpful!

          1. Thanks Uta. I finally got the idea to try a different computer in the house, and it worked fine. I don’t know what the problem was. Very inspiring testimony!

  3. A beautiful healing indeed. It shows that God can meet every need instantly when we place absolute trust in Him.

  4. Wonderful working out of a very difficult challenge. I had a similar experience when I was a young man working as a contractor. Although I wasn’t able to follow a divine logic for understanding my protection, I was protected and completely recovered after a boat battery exploded with my face only inches away while looking into the cells for water level. The only thing left of the battery was the isotopes and the bottom of the plastic case everything else had disintegrated into small pieces from the explosion. Nevertheless, it rang my bell pretty good, The next day, I was fine with no marks on my face or interruption of the work at hand. It was a truly remarkable event and my coworkers couldn’t believe I wasn’t more hurt and not blinded by the event.

  5. This morning my Practitioner was engaged on another call and while waiting to get through, I listened to Evan’s wonderful testimony. When he said “nothing had changed” I knew that was true for me too and I knew I was healed of my physical problem. A tiny problem in comparison to Evan’s but how marvellous this is! I have had many healings with the help of CS practitioners but haven’t experienced a healing in this manner before. I tune in to SpiritView every day and appreciate it very much. Thank you Evan.

  6. Thank you Evan!

    This past week I was praying about an issue but the physical evidence was still arguing the issue still existed. At that point I had an “Ahh Ha!” moment. It occurred to me that:

    a) if we have prayed about something, and

    b) as a result of that prayerful effort we are clear about the truth governing the situation, then

    c) it is okay to IGNORE what the material senses are telling us!!!

    Evan did this when, despite the material evidence, he realized “Nothing had changed”…at 3:43 into the testimony Evan says that even though his sight had not yet returned (i.e. the material senses were telling him something HAD changed, but he ignored those senses).

    It’s important that you do a) and b) above and not just skip to c). Ignoring something without really understanding the truth about what you are ignoring, doesn’t help.

    I had a healing that illustrated this. I had a spot of toenail fungus on the big toe of my right foot. It wasn’t painful it was just unsightly and I knew that it was not part of my true identity. So I prayed about it and then later I would look to see if it had gone away. I did that for 2-3 years and nothing changed. Then at some point I just decided, “I don’t care what my eyes see, and I don’t even care if the toenail fungus ever disappears from sight, I just know that God loves me and made me “without spot”, in other words, perfectly harmonious. And I’m just going to take joy in that fact regardless of what the material senses say.” I don’t know exactly how long after that I happened to look at my toe and there was no more toenail fungus. I was kind of shocked because after I made that decision to ignore what the material senses were telling me, and instead just hold to what I knew was the truth, I didn’t really spend any more time praying about the situation or even thinking about the situation. But that simple realization that what the material senses were saying about me was NOT true was what it took to be free of that false belief of myself. And the result was I no longer saw evidence of that belief in my experience.

    1. Your healing experience taught me to stop looking; I’ve noticed a dark spot in the exact same place as you mentioned. I loved how you resolved spots of any kind, exactly as you explained you did, so the spot was removed/dissolved/disappeared.

      Thank you Brian.

  7. Thank you Evan (never get tired of hearing about this beautiful healing) and Brian. “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” and certainly did today. So grateful.

  8. Thank you so much Evan for your wonderful testimonies of healing. God is so good. I love the love expressed by everyone here. Blessings to all today.

  9. Oh, thank you so very much, Evan. The spiritual mathematics of Christian Science is well pointed out in last week’s Bible Lesson in “Science and Health”, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 72:9-12 As (Citation 2): “As light destroys darkness and in the place of darkness all is light, so (in absolute Science) Soul, or God, is the only truth-giver to man.” I love Mrs. Eddy’s use of these two two-letter words: “as” and “so” in explaining unchanging truth, but always, forever the truth.

    No wonder, Albert Einstein considered Mrs. Eddy’s mathematical understanding to be in advance of his own!

    Your understanding, Evan, of infinite Mind, God, practiced, is definitive proof of the eternal allness and omnipresence of God. I am most grateful for “SpiritView”.

  10. Thanks, Evan. I actually just listened to this through JSHOnline the other day. So grateful for your healing

  11. I have been away and have only just heard/read this really excellent healing. Thank you also for all the lovely comments especially Brian – very helpful.

  12. Thanks Brian for your lovely testimony. It surely is very inspiring and good. I appreciate your patience and perseverance in sticking to the Truth. Your comments on the blog are always so good.

  13. Hi Uta. Please write to me on my e mail : [email protected]. I would be very happy to communicate with you and share ideas on our favorite subject “GOD” Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I find you to be a very caring person.
    In fact I feel close to all who put their comments on Evan’s Blog. Each and every comment is so inspiring and I learn a lot from all of you. Thanks to the good God and to Evan, God’s precious gift to all of us.

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