Gather the facts of being from Mind

May 16, 2024 | 23 comments

A patient was telling me she had been browsing the internet for information about her physical suffering, looking up the symptoms and wondering what the medical view had to say about her condition.  She said she was regretting her efforts because her mind was now dominated by several graphic images of disease, and more fear than ever.  It felt more difficult for her to put the negativity out and let the healing peace of God flow in. 

To break the mesmerism, I said, “Let’s search the Mind of God instead of the internet, to learn what is true about you.”  She replied with a healthy chuckle and affirmation of agreement.  Her thought immediately headed in a much more productive direction to support her healing, and those fears generated by the internet faded away.

If you want to know what is true about you, turn to Truth—search the Mind of God for the information you seek.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “To be immortal, we must forsake the mortal sense of things, turn from the lie of false belief to Truth, and gather the facts of being from the divine Mind” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 370).

The practice of Christian Science is about living our immortal spiritual life with God.  “To be immortal,” as Mrs. Eddy writes, thought needs to be focused on immortality, not on mortality.  

“Gather the facts of being from the divine Mind,” she instructs.  What you learn about yourself in divine Mind will lead you aright, and help you stay healthy and strong.

23 thoughts on “Gather the facts of being from Mind”

  1. What God says about you …
    And I (God) have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship,
    (Exodus 31:3)
    (Temple building)

  2. Thank you, Evan-

    I have always loved that statement from SH. It has often reminded me that the work of a good journalist/reporter is to investigate and report only the facts. But their sources and the information they gather must be credible in order for them to be trustworthy and to be considered as good stewards for truth. The Creator of all being is the only credible Source there is so it would make sense for us to gather the facts of being from this only Cause and Creator. Matter is not a credible source since it has no intelligence, life nor abilities. God made us, knows us, loves us and maintains us and we are made in Her image- patterned only after Her likeness. There can be no deviation, there is only One. But we must investigate this for ourselves to find the Truth- God’s Truth- of who we are and what we are all about. And we do this step-by step. The Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s writings give us all we need to gather the facts and truth of being and Mind makes it plain, thus giving us the power to demonstrate Truth. I am deeply grateful that Christian Science is a Science we can prove and for what it teaches us about God and man. Thanks again for this post:)

    1. Malissa thanks for your wise and comforting comments. I like your analogy of journalists needing to get their facts from reliable and trustworthy sources — and so we must also be sure we are not relying on “fake news” (also known as error, matter, mortal mind) in discerning what is true about us.

      I appreciate the reminder that “Matter is not a credible source since it has NO intelligence, NO life, NO abilities.” It is lifeless, mindless, inert, silent.

      Evan says, “Let’s search the Mind of God instead of the internet to learn what’s true about you.” To search the Mind of God for the information we seek. The internet in its early days was called the information superhighway. We can conduct a search of the internet of Mind, the real information superhighway of Truth, all connected and leading to One Source, all good.

      1. Dear Rose. I love your idea about ‘fake news’. That’s a great way to think of all error’s claims about us. Linda X

  3. Thank you, Evan. It is so easy to get into the trap of material focus forgetting that the Spiritual reality is the place of our being.

  4. Since God knows only good and we reflect the all knowing Mind, as reflections of God, we also know and acknowledge that alone which is good.
    If we fill our consciousness with good, whatever is unlike good just disappears.
    Mrs Eddy in her text book mentions that Healing in Christian Science comes from the operation of divine law before which sin and disease lose their reality in human consciousness and disappear as naturally and as necessarily as darkness gives place to light and sin to reformation.
    The important thing is disease and sickness should be treated only as an illusion and not a reality. If we don’t give reality to sickness and disease and if we don’t accept it in our consciousness. there is no room for it in our being, and it just disappears into its native nothingness.
    For this we must have full confidence in God’s love and goodness. A loving father mother God, can only give good things to His children. An unshakeable trust in the Divine, removes all fear of disease and when fear goes, healing comes on its wings.
    God never fails those who trust in Him. “Happy is the man who trusts in the Lord”
    Thanks Evan for this wonderful reminder.

  5. Isaiah 45:11
    Thus says the Lord,
    The Holy One of Israel, and his Maker:
    Ask Me of things to come concerning My sons; (meaning all of us) Isaiah 45:11, The Holy Bible

    I remember hearing a testimony about diagnosis when I was a young mother, new to practicing Christian Science. The speaker quoted this verse and I’ve never forgotten it. God is the perfect Source of information about our true status! Thank you, Evan for this wonderful reminder about where to go for the most accurate and up to date diagnosis.

  6. There was a long time ago, a tv show – I think maybe, Get Smart (?), where the lead
    actor used to say, “Just the Facts, Ma’am”.. Isn’t that just like what we are searching
    for in Life…. just the facts of our True Spiritual Being, as seen through the filter of God’s
    perfect reflection? We strive to weed out the mortal limitations that would confine us
    to mere mortals status, plodding along through life with the baggage of control over
    our thoughts and actions that would restrict us from our spiritual potential.
    I love how you said, Evan, “Let’s search the Mind of God … to learn what is true about
    ou”…. The Mind of God gives us the facts we need to be aware of our True Being which
    is Perfect in every way – no exceptions. : )

    1. Carol, lol, I remember that expression too, Just the facts ma’am. I looked it up and it was from a 1950’s-1960’s TV police drama ‘Dragnet,’ the expression was said often by detective Sgt. Friday. The show is occasionally on in reruns.

      The point is well taken that we need to rely on the True Facts of Being.

    2. Hi Carol – just for fun, I believe the television show was Dragnet with Jack Webb. I can still hear him saying ‘Just the facts, ma’am’. Doesn’t it hold true in gathering the ‘facts of being’!

    3. Oh, yes – Thank you, Rose and Jennifer. You both are right. Get Smart was
      with the guy, Maxwell Smart who used to talk into his shoe (?) – first cell
      phone? LOL I remember now. Both were in black and white back then.
      Almost like black (darkness), gloom, and white (light), re-awakening from
      the mortal dream. A dragnet would be what mortal mind likes to Try to
      entrap us in, or snare, as in Mrs. Eddy’s hymn/poem, “Love is our refuge;
      only with mine eye Can I behold the snare, the pit, the fall; His habitation
      high is here and nigh, His arm encircles me, and mine, and all”.
      With matter being the bad guy, criminal thoughts of despair, or sadness,
      or lack, or evil, but the police (thoughts of One Mind/God) free us from
      anything that would bog us down to limitations or try to keep us in the
      spell of who we aren’t.

  7. “The challenges of our day look formidable, but the spiritual strength and enlightenment God has given us are far greater. How do we solve such problems? We never shout at evil, or retreat before it, believing it to be something real and powerful. How does a fine mathematician approach the working out of a demanding problem in mathematics? He does not begin yelling at it, rushing around the room saying how terrible it is that he must work it out; but if he is intelligent about it he is calm, he thinks clearly, he utilizes in a very sure and cool way the law of mathematics which he knows, and he does not stop the work until he has a clear conviction that he has solved the problem. A calm thought, filled with spiritual conviction, is at peace, and this serenity makes it possible for us to hear the truth which God reveals to us, so clearly that the din of mortal mind’s false claims fades into silence.” (excerpt from a lecture by Lela May Aultman, C.S.B.)
    “Christian Science Reveals Man’s Power to Think Rightly”:

    1. Thank you very much, dear Martine! Wow, that’s a healing and comforting article. And while you listen to it, you can really concentrate on the wonderful truth of this gorgeous article. The best is, you all listen to it!!!
      Thank you, dear Evan for today’s SpiritView!♡ It is blessing and healing and awakening to our real spiritual individuality as God’s perfect expression and to the spiritual source where to find the healing Truth!

      Thank you all, Rose and J and Carol and Nergish etc for your so helpful comments, I am really grateful to all of them as all your loving and true comments are very helpful and do me very good!♡♡♡

  8. .. The Untouchables….Christs Mission, now More than Possible… Happy to read Christian Science ,
    No… Mission Impossible always the Divine Conclusion, the proof of Spiritual Reality,
    Gods resting, Christs in residence, sending heavenly invitations, to our re-birthday party
    this is Prime Vision…with no commercials,
    thank you Mind, for creating Perfect Ideas.. and SpiritViewers..

  9. Thank you J for the excerpt from the lecture (and the link). I love the analogy of the math practitioner calmly researching the facts of math to find the answer to the math problem. Just so, we can look to the Mind of God to find the facts we need as Evan says.

    Thank you Maggie. I love the statement “when error speaks, nothing has been said — when error acts, nothing has been done.” And it is great to know hat we don’t have to carry the burden,. but let God guide us as we gather the facts of being. Thank you Joan and Rose for your comments as well as all the other inspirations you all have shared.

    Thank you for this blog today (and every day), Evan. You always guide us to a higher view and I appreciate it,

  10. J that lecture is in very tiny print – too small for me to read. Is there
    some way to enlarge it?

    1. I’m sorry about that Lori, I know it is small isn’t it… Try this:
      – Highlight, then copy and paste the lecture link into an email addressed to you. Send to your email address.
      – Open the lecture link in the email. Then highlight it and increase the font size.
      – That should enlarge it.

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