Give the credit to God when you feel better

May 26, 2016 | 13 comments


When you are feeling really good, or your health improves, do you give all the credit to God?

It’s an important question to ask, because when you understand clearly that all good health comes from God, it will stick and hold. But if you give credit for better health to something material, like food, drugs or climate, it is liable to loss, for that is the nature of all material conditions. They come and go, are here one minute, gone the next.

Yes, as humans, we all need to eat, deal with the climate around us, and interact with other humans in the course of a day. But as Christian Science teaches, all good comes from God. Every little bit of it, without exception.

Anything good that you could ever possibly receive in your life in any way, shape or form, comes directly from God. Its source is Spirit, never matter.

The human mind, in its ignorance, often gives credit for good to something material. For instance, a person eats a good meal and exclaims, “Aw, that food made me feel good.” But it’s a short-sighted mistake to give food all the credit. Any effect from food will be short term, temporal. And thus the feeling associated with it will be temporal too.

The wiser thought, after eating a good meal, might exclaim, “Aw, thank you God for making my Life so good. I know your good is here all the time.” This thought understands that the meal may hint the presence of God’s good, but is never the cause of it. And is also aware, that even if the meal wasn’t so good, they could still feel good because God’s presence is good all the same.

The same rule applies to health. If we start to feel better, and give credit to a material cause, we set ourselves up for loss because that material “cause” could likely change or not follow through, or become an empty promise. Mortal mind just isn’t reliable. But if we give all the credit to God, and understand clearly that all good health comes from God, the improved health will stick for we know it’s coming from a source that never fails.

Give God all the credit all the time. It’s not time that gives us enduring health, food or drugs. It’s the spiritual power of God that invigorates, purifies, strengthens and heals. Anything good believed to be coming from matter is susceptible to loss. All the good understood to be coming from God will stick for the long run. Seek the long run gain and give God all the credit. It will set you up for long run success.

13 thoughts on “Give the credit to God when you feel better”

  1. What a lovely inspiration Evan : ALL GOOD COMES FROM GOD. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL GOOD AND THIS SOURCE IS NOT MATERIAL, BUT SPIRITUAL. What we get from the spiritual source is permanent because things derived from a material source are always temporary and fleeting.
    Each and every moment we certainly need to give credit to God for the incessant shower of blessings, be it good health, happiness, peace, food, clothing, shelter, friends, good relationships.
    As you rightly mention Evan, if we give God the credit which He rightly deserves and be grateful for our good health, happiness, peace of mind and other innumerable blessings, we shall get more of these gifts and for keeps. Thank you so very much for enlightening us daily.

  2. We must never forget where our spiritual source comes from. In him we move. live and have our being.

    Thanks Evan, the need and reminder brings us closer together in God’s Light.

  3. I had just been spending time prayerfully expressing my gratitude to God when I saw this post. It is so true that all good comes from God… in ways we could never plan or imagine. Thank you for such a powerful reminder.

  4. Thanks Evan. I was thinking about gratitude yesterday at the swimming pool. I complimented someone on his swimming prowess, given that a few months ago he told me he couldn’t swim at all. Then he commented on my ability to swim quite energetically for an hour without pausing for a rest. I have been swimming all my life and have rather taken it for granted but then I realised I should thank God for enabling me to express His spiritual qualities such as grace, stamina, joy, perseverance etc through this activity. I felt really blessed.

  5. Thank you, Evan !
    For stating a crucial point in understanding God and our real identity as pure reflection of Him.
    The publicity and media push us to believe that goodness comes from consuming their products and brands, and this massive marketing led us to this sad picture, where most people believe that in order to feel good they need to get something material.
    They need drugs for better health, make up to feel pretty, a Chanel handbag to feel valued, and so on.
    If only they knew that good health, beauty, worthiness and all goodness have their source in God, that never fades, and can be experienced right now because we are His reflection, all depression in this world would cease.
    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t wear make up or stop purchasing cool handbags, but it’s important to be aware that these things don’t define us and shouldn’t occupy so much space in our thoughts, because they are not really so important.

  6. Thank you Evan, to remind us at that great Truth that a l l good we experience is coming from God. When I look back I do glimpse that God has led my whole life till now. He sent me to sunday school and later to my church etc. I am really grateful that I have learned that I live and move and have my being in our good God, who is Love!
    Thank you Solange for your so good and true explanations!

  7. I definitely need to start acknowledging the good already received. I seem to have some good days but when I don’t I can obsess over the discomfort. Knowing God doesn’t take us part way but all the way I can improve my thinking and not get bogged down. I will work on this.

  8. Thanks, Evan! All Good is from God! And God is Everywhere, so there is no other Source, but God, Good! Mrs. Eddy says in Unity of Good: “Now this self-same God is our helper. He pities us. He has mercy upon us, and guides every event of our careers.” From this I gather that God is at once both the Omnipresence of Good and the Personal Presence of a Guide for each one of us, in a very personal and unique way. He does know our every need and is ready to supply it, as soon as we Trust and Let Go! Amen!

  9. I love this post, Evan! Twenty two years ago I said, when told I had a limited time to live, “if I have ten more minutes to live, let me glorify God in everything I do”.

    The most simply tasks became the most glorious ones when there was gratitude in my heart for God for absolutely everything. I can remember standing at the kitchen sink, doing the dishes, with tears flowing down my cheeks as I was so, so overjoyed and grateful that I God had supplied that time for me to “be about my Father’s business”.

    Those ten minutes of gratitude turned into the next ten minutes, then the next ten minutes and here I am many years later. God is good and gratitude is my calling card. Thank you again Evan for the wonderful reminder.

    much love,
    Pamela Herzer

  10. Thank you for sharing that, Pamela! Amazing, Amazing Grace and Gratitude! Love, Love, Love God!!

  11. Wow…this is powerful! The mortal thought thinks that we get well in spite of prayer, but in fact we get well and are well because of Life, God! And all the good in our lives are because of God, Good! Thanks so much Evan for bringing this subject to our attention!

  12. Wow! Evan and Pamela, just wow! Evan wrote his signature valuable spiritual point, and Pamela illustrated it beautifully and fully from her life! Thank you both so very much!

  13. “All good where e’er it may be found, it’s source doth find in Thee” I must have all things and abound while Christ is Christ to me” From the Christian Science Hymnal

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