Giving treatment

December 29, 2006 | 1 comment

Ever wondered how to give a Christian Science treatment?

I’m frequently asked by inquirers how to proceed in their prayers when seeking to heal a specific problem. There is no formula for giving a treatment, and there are many different ways to pray for relief, but here’s a basic outline of one approach that works.

Affirm Truth
Deny error

To affirm Truth, or God’s presence, is to know and declare what is spiritually true in spite of what appears to be materially wrong. Generally, the more specific your affirmations are to the problem you’re facing, the more decisive their impact.

To deny error is to put down and undo the evil claim you’re facing. Like dismantling the argument of an opponent in debate, prayer must annihilate any basis or claim to truth that evil is declaring.

After a successful affirmation of Truth and effective denial of evil, a certain peace settles into thought that assures you of safety and freedom. Fear vanishes, spiritual reality becomes apparent, and a confident feeling of wellness takes over mind and body. Healing happens!

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