Go deep with your prayers

August 23, 2018 | 17 comments

“Prayer is measured by depth, not length!”

~ Unknown

It’s not how long you pray that deserves a pat on the back, but how deep you go into Spirit with your thought.

Are you feeling your connection with God? Are you wholly caught up into the spiritual sense of things? Are the material senses quiet, so much so that you are not even aware of them?

If so, then you’re going “deep,” moving away from the mortal discordant view of things to divine Mind’s reality—the realm of harmony, peace and health. And that’s where healing happens.

17 thoughts on “Go deep with your prayers”

  1. Yes I get you…We must be so connected to the Spirit that we are totally unaware of our physical self. Totally immersed in Spiritual consciousness we feel complete and whole and the error bothering us, just falls away very naturally. So true Evan. Thanks for your inspiration and enlightening us as to what exactly leads us to a perect healing.

  2. I always felt guilty for not being able to devote enough time to prayer but your post helped re-assure me that it was the quality not the quantity

  3. Love what Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H 598 – “One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love is a foretaste eternity,” How wonderful to know a realization of a moment which allows us to go deeply in thought moves us beyond the mortal view and into the realm of spiritual harmony. What bliss!

  4. Thank you Evan. I just love this post today. It is so thought evoking. It also made me think of Mrs. Eddy’s statement,”Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, — neither in nor of matter, — and the body will then utter no complaints.”
    (SH 14:12-15)

    Such a lovely way to start each day!

  5. Get the mortal sense of things out of consciousness, deny the reality, clean the window so that the light of Truth and Love shine forth

  6. Thanks for the uplifting and encouraging words today! The false sense of self evaporates when we dig deep and realize and feel the allness of the “Great I Am.”

  7. thank you Evan for your very enlightening SpiritViews, as Nergish mentions.

    Am very grateful for Evan’s daily so uplifting lessons which are going to the spiritual top.

    oh Evan it is highly desirable what you say in today’s SV and praying for it is dèply needed!
    Thanks for pushIng us always to the right Directory, I. E. to the Spritual – love that so much!

    1. oh sorry, should read ”deeply” nèeded.
      And in the last line
      to the right ,,direction”

      Thanks for all your loving comments

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