Love rather than judge

August 24, 2018 | 41 comments

If you’re ever tempted to judge your neighbor, love them instead. It produces far better results for you and them.

From God’s point of view, it doesn’t matter what another person’s sexual orientation is, their political stand, their size, diet, skin color or religion. God loves everyone no matter what material distinctions they appear to have.

God loves like the sun shines, freely and abundantly upon one and all.

When we make God’s standard for Love, our standard for expressing love, the temptation to judge disappears.

The loving thought is not interested in criticizing, condemning, and creating division. In expressing love, one’s goal is to see God’s man rather than mortal man.

Jesus Christ was always looking beyond human appearances to spiritual individuality. He said, “Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly” (John 7:24, NLT). We can do the same in our relations with others by not sizing them up according to what the material senses argue about them. Physical sense is shallow, ignorant, and shortsighted. Spiritual sense sees past the mortal appearance to the spiritual reality and helps to bring it out.

Every child of God has an immortal individuality that is glorious, intelligent, sensible, healthy, fit, sound and sane. The most good we can do for our neighbor, and for ourselves, is to see our neighbor in their God-given self.

The world needs less judging and more loving.

41 thoughts on “Love rather than judge”

  1. Thankyou Evan…tas of half an hour ago, I needed to see that and hose loving thoughts are helping me avert a nasty confrontation with someone.

  2. Thank you Evan! What a beautiful message to start a wonderful sunny day in the U.K. with. I will keep that thought with me all day today.
    I just enjoyed walking the dog and the abundance of acorns, conkers and other fruit and seeds is so evident this morning all bathed in the early morning sun! What a joy it was to be out with the birds singing engaging with God’s universe.

  3. Yep, I follow the understanding that I try not to make bad people our of good people. We can so easily fall into the trap that this person or that person has unacceptable characteristics when all along we are not fully understanding their experience here. So many times I have been wrong on my own thinking about a person only to find out later, that they were just having a rough time or going through something I couldn’t experience or just facing a learning situation meant for their spiritual growth. When we enter the scene with an honest heart, we side with true spirituality towards someone often having a difficult time and our influence may help them grow spiritually.
    Thank you Evan. great Post.

    1. Josef, you opened a thought I hadn’t entertained, before. Thank you with your reminder that we can reassure another, without judging or even ”knowing’ the details, they are loved, the child of God, as our paths cross. Unexpected wake up.

    2. I usually don’t post but wanted to thank you for your words which hit a cord with me! I worked in a retail store & when someone came in with (my perception) an attitude, I was quick to react until I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t personal
      but were perhaps having a personal issue. It freed me up to think that & be as pleasant as I was always noted to be. I always paid off! Thank you & Evan for todays inspiration!

  4. Evan, right on! Beautiful piece – Great sentence – “one’s goal is to see God’s man” rather than mortal man”. To keep this statement at the forefront of thought as we maneuver through our day, well, that says it all and any judging ceases! Gratitude for such wonderful topics covered in this blog and great appreciation to all who participate with their most helpful contributions. Much love to all!

  5. I am so glad you said “physical sense is …ignorant,”.
    Remember in “A Christmas Carol” when the ghost opened his robe and revealed two children clinging to his legs. “This boy is ignorance, this girl is want” he said, and “most of all beware this boy.”
    Only God is omniscient and often we are ignorant of what others are facing. Often this are doing their best.
    MBE says “it is ignorance and false belief, based on a material sense of things, which hide spiritual beauty and goodness.” S & H p.304:3. The heading on this paragraph is “man inseparable from Love”.

  6. Great message! Just before I opened it, I was thinking about something that happened where someone put himself over my safety and comfort. I’d stopped myself, knowing ruminating is only destructive. So glad to have this support for that challenge!

  7. I love that ending. “less judging & more loving”
    Recently I read in a Sentinel healing, “Fear and gratitude can’t be roommates.”
    Thank you, Evan and fellow bloggers.

  8. Loved the NLT version of John 7:24! Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly (Jesus).

    Great blog, Evan. Josef, thank you for your helpful comment:
    “When we enter the scene with an honest heart, we side with true spirituality towards someone often having a difficult time and our influence may help them grow spiritually.” I just love this.

  9. A wonderful example of how I was able to do that see testimony July 16 Sentinel. It’s even going to be put in the window of the Mother Church Reading Room. I am so grateful.

  10. Thanks, Evan! I have a concern that we don’t put Blinders on and “See No Evil….etc.” I have had several experiences lately where I was guided to see that someone was being dishonest with me and I was able to stand up to them and let them know and save myself from a bad experience. Just like what is going on within our Govt. now – we need to see and confront the Evil that is coming to the surface and not be afraid of taking our Stand for Good! I know Mrs. Eddy was certainly not an advocate for ignoring Evil when she was confronted with it. She was able to detect it and take action both physically and metaphysically to prevent it from doing harm.

  11. Thanks, Evan, for this very helpful blog and to all who have shared their thoughts. Just what I needed for today!

  12. One question that I’ve been engaged with lately: What is the difference between “Nice” and “Loving Principled Integrity”?? Are we taught in C.S. to always “Be Nice” to people, to smile and say, “Fine” even when we know something is not Right and needs to be Corrected….??? I don’t think that’s what Jesus or Mrs. Eddy taught. It takes a lot more Courage to see the Wrong and to Speak Up and take the Risk of not Being Liked, than it does to just shove it under the rug so that people will like us. Is Love Being “Nice”….or is it based on Principle and Integrity…?? Just Saying…….

    1. My take on this is that I think Evan is speaking of “material distinctions”, “human appearances” and “mortal appearance(s)” rather than behavior. It can be tempting to think we already know others based on stereotypes rather than what is true. We are constantly hit with stereotypes – especially when we watch movies, TV or even if we watch others from a distance. It is a form of ignorance and segregation that needs to be addressed. And, Evan is addressing this and alerting us to it. Being “nice” in the form you are speaking is dishonest. It is not a love based on Science but insincerity based on ignorance. It is a form of mask that appears to separate you from the Truth until you understand this and discard it.
      When we “see” evil, we recognize it for what it is and address it. It is not attached to a person. It is similar to a mask worn by a person. We strip it off to see God’s man.

  13. Well, to see the wrong or evil …it’s still “nothingness”. We are not mortals correcting anything. We think and speak from Principle, Love…..and that is all we know. God is the doer! Thank you, Evan.

  14. We are Human Beings who have the Right of Conscience to Speak Up when we see Wrong being done to ourselves or to others. To NOT do so would be a sin. What was so Wonderful about Jesus is that, “He loved Righteousness and hated Iniquity.” He spoke up to the Pharisees when he saw their deceit and ignorance and cruelty. He didn’t gloss over the sins of people he dealt with. As Mrs. Eddy said: “His rebukes were pointed and pungent.” !!! And so were Hers! To use this Religion of Christian Science as a way to Not See Evil is a terrible misuse of a Beautiful Teaching! The main reason C.Sers and Other Religious People don’t speak up when they see wrongs being done is their Fear of what people would think of them and/or their wanting to hang on to the Money or Prestige they have!

  15. Yes…God is the doer…I like that. Yesterday I was at DMV office and I found myself being critical of the person at the desk that had a grumpy look while she was waiting on the customer who I was also being critical of because of her unkempt appearance. I suddenly woke up to remember something I read or heard recently about seeing the true man as God’s loved child in everyone and not judge. I reversed what I was thinking and looked back at them seeing them in their true light and saw that the person at the desk was smiling and when the customer got up she looked at me and smiled. The person at the desk smiled at all the following customers. It was a busy place and I had a long wait with God’s love to keep me company. Thank you Evan

  16. Note of caution, “it is easier to be critical than correct”! So often we are being duped or blinded by the Truth. There aren’t 2 powers. Truth is the only power. Put God in the driver’s seat and let Truth reign. Don’t peak or predict without God’s approval!

  17. I’m not talking about judging or criticizing people in our thought – which we should always watch! I’m talking about being alert to peoples’ hidden motives and acts and having the courage to “see through” the web of deceit and “call” them on their lies and subtle dishonest actions. Error has gotten subtler and subtler – and Mrs. Eddy predicted this would happen the closer we get to Truth! Just a Call to Stay Awake, Be Alert, and Don’t be Afraid to See the Deceit and Speak Up and Take Action. I am having opportunities to do this in my own Life and we are seeing this being played out in our Country and in the World right now!

    1. Thank-you…Mrs. Eddy’s article Ways that are Vain shows clearly how error (evil) …straining out gnats and swallowing camels…will “break out in devouring flames”. I have experienced this in a church experience

    2. Another point to keep in mind, is that sometimes this corrective type of action can be done much more effectively silently, through mental treatment and argument of truth, than verbally, through the spoken word.

      1. thank you very much, dear Evan, for this solely proper, very loving and healing reply!

        I also would recommend to pray for the right view, how God sees the idea or the situation, and never condem but rather love, love and always love with God’s healing Love. We can do that!

        Here are so many wonderful comments – thank you!

  18. Thanks, Evan! Good Point! Yet, sometimes we don’t have time to give a mental treatment if our immediate welfare is at stake. It takes a lot of courage to speak up and out and let the perpetrator know the dishonesty we see. For me, at least, part of my Healing is learning to See the abuse and then to have the courage to stand up to it. This is very empowering to one who has been deceived at the hands of a Predator. Part of the Healing is to break the silence that has kept one in bondage and to assure the one who has been hurt that it wasn’t their fault. This is so important, esp. in Me Too cases!

  19. All day long I’ve been thinking about something I heard Clem Collins relate in a lecture he gave. He told of an experience when he became trapped in an alley with men approaching from each end. The largest man grabbed him and hitched him up by the collar and drew back his fist to hit him. At this moment Mr. Collins remembered an old Norwegian saying which was, “Speak to the king in a man and the king will come forth.” But he substituted Christ for king and looking the man in the eye said very gently,”You don’t want to do that.” And the man said, “No, I guess I don’t.” and dropped his fist and walked away. I loved this and have always remembered that no matter how urgent or threatening the circumstances we can always ,”Speak to the Christ” in another and see the response as the Christ comes shining forth. Thanks again Evan…another home run!

  20. What I’m talking about here is evil sins of the flesh – hidden sexual abuse, hidden abuse of power in Government, hidden dishonesty in using tax payers money for one’s own good, and on and on. It’s the hidden evils and sins – spiritual wickedness in high places – that Jesus said were the worst of all. It’s the hypocrisy, it’s the straight-faced lying, it’s the having no awareness or consciousness that one is doing wrong – what did Mrs. Eddy call it…..”Moral Idiocy” !!!!! Not even having the awareness or self-honesty to see and admit that one’s motives and actions are totally selfish and self-serving and then lying to oneself about it, as well as to others! This is the subtlety that is prevalent now and is what is Up for All of Us to handle in this Day and Age!

  21. I believe we are all receptive to love – we all have that in common. Sometimes though, we might be tempted to think we are not loved (lack) and that we need to do human things to get love. When thinking is based on a lie foundation, erroneous thoughts can lodge in one’s thinking and make them do some horrendous things. (And, on the flip side, if we label someone as evil, we justify doing horrible things to them. Think superheroes who go around using violence against the “bad” labeled guys). When we see someone believing a lie and doing something really horrible, we do need to stand up to it and there are many ways to do that. Because we are all receptive to love, loving thoughts, even silent loving thoughts, are effective. If we claim a man is evil, we segregate him from the group – labeling him as evil. By doing that, we accept evil in our existence with no possible resolution. After a while, we may accumulate many “evil people” in our existence we must segregate. The problem grows worse and worse, bigger and bigger and scarier and scarier. In this scenario, we believe God is not in control, so we must be and managing all that evil can become quite an overwhelming task, and really scary too. And, following that logic, these evil people live to make us victims. We have to really watch out. How do we resolve the madness? When we understand what we have in common – love. We are all bothers and sisters in Love. That does not mean seeing a mortal as an immortal. It means recognizing what is true and what is not about each person we encounter. If we hold to the sickness or assertion that a person is evil, it blinds us to reality. We can recognize we were wronged and we certainly should not hold ourselves accountable for another’s wrong actions. We can go further though. We can see that the “action” that took place was an action that occurred from a wrong belief in that person’s thought. When that thought is corrected, that person is changed. They no longer feel they need to act that way or treat people that way. By uncovering this, we improve humanity and make it better instead of segregating parts of it. If we tolerate these acts, we enable wrongdoing. I believe this is the cross. When we understand what is gained by the crucifixion, we gain the crown.

  22. I’m glad I never called any man “evil” in my comments above. I only addressed their evil thoughts and actions. And these do need to be addressed so that they can be seen and Healed!

    1. How wonderful that Evan, a man, has given you an answer to this dilemma! Thank you Evan – wonderful Spiritview!

      “In expressing love, one’s goal is to see God’s man rather than mortal man.“

  23. I’m also reminded to love, and not judge, myself with the sense of being separated from or different from God. Thanks and love to all!

  24. A helpful, healing exchange! Thank you Evan, and all, and, especially Bevi, for reaching out with your troubled feelings around people who say and do very wrong things, to you, in society, in government, etc. SpiritView is a Healing Place, so… let’s all expect it!

    It is hard to simply (!) correct our own thought, prayerfully, and leave the field to God.
    But so often, perhaps always, this is the divine, scientific way.
    “Let Truth uncover error in God’s own way, and let human justice pattern the divine.”
    ~ Mary Baker Eddy. I have referred to this Plan often, as I learn that God knows much better than I how to deal with Problems!


  25. Thanks, SueRae! Here’s a small example of how we need to be open and receptive to Hearing God’s messages and then have the courage to follow through with human actions: I had noticed the other day that one of the Tenants where I live was not following the Rules and parking in her assigned parking spot. Instead she had decided on her own to park out in front of the Apts., on the street, in one of the parking spaces that are reserved for Guests of the Tenants. I got the message to put a note on her car and let her know that she needed to park in her spot, but for fear of being thought too picky, I decided to let it go. We just got an email from our Landlord saying that this Tenant’s car had been rummaged through and her keys stolen, which she had left in the car. If I had followed through with the thought that came to me to let her know she wasn’t following the rules, maybe this could have been avoided. Just an example of how, yes, we need to pray and listen to messages that come to us, but it’s also very important to have the courage to stand up to people and confront them if we see that what they are doing is wrong. It could be for their own protection, as well, as our own!

  26. I do like the thought that we think in the absolute and speak in the relative. Also… we always hear about the Golden Rule….which is so important and needed….but a long time ago someone reminded me of the Diamond Rule. Which I love…”Think about others as you would like them to think about you.” We learn that the belief of evil…is not God made…so therefore not real….(not a person, place, or thing)..but yes…we have to stand firm about it…..and sometimes speak out….but always with Love. Principle not Principle if not Love. And Vice versa. No fear in speaking out with Princple/Love. More important, too, to know that Principle/ Love speaks to all of us….individually. Thank you all for your comments..and thank you again…Evan.

  27. Thank you Evan & all. “Judge not …” definitely was in play yesterday. My 5-yr. old LG cell crashed (at least here at home) but worked on chargers at the ATT Store. Had great help by one man selecting a new Samsung S7 (32 gb storage but had only used 1.6). Next man transferred data and answered a lot of questions by this 82 yr. old. However photos did not transfer and some of 3 sons contact info. Went back next day for more clarification. A gentleman from India was helpful for an hour and then left to work at their store in mall. Then I was told this other gentleman would me now. I had seen him helping someone on laptap. MORTAL MIND kicked in. He was a short, stocky Asian gentleman whose face looked like he was mad at the world. I thought, “Oh, no.” THEN the Truth immediately kicked in before he sat down. He was the most thorough, helpful of all and even got my pictures back. So grateful for him. JUDGE NOT so true.

  28. oh Evan, my heartfelt thank you for your above SpiritView is standing out!

    I specially love the last two paragraphs of above SV. Specially the World does urgently need less judging and more loving!!!

    thank you so much Evan!

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