[VIDEO] God is watching out for you

August 28, 2018 | 21 comments

If you’re ever tempted to think you’re walking through life’s adventures alone, rest assured, that you are never alone! God is with you, and He’s watching out for you.

Here’s a short video I filmed while hiking in the Black Hills with my wife last June, where we thought we were alone trekking through the wilderness, but we were not. We were being watched! And then I share a spiritual lesson I learned from that fun moment of discovery.

21 thoughts on “God is watching out for you”

  1. Lovely video Evan. Great scenery and an even greater message. God is watching out for us wherever we are and whatever we are doing. I will keep that message close today. Thank you!

  2. I enjoyed your video, again. Thank u & I’ll share it with a church member who is in need of God’s watching…aren’t we all? “ cared for & watched over”. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

  3. What a beautiful video, Evan, I love TV programmes about wildlife around the world, and this one is extra special showing how God watches over us, and over the dear animals – all of His creation – all the time. I shall certainly share this one!

  4. Loved this! Thank you Evan! By talking about this analogy in the great natural outdoors, it is easy to understand and accept that God watching out for us is also completely natural.

  5. Ive felt the same way lately. We have two fawns and several other deer making use of our backyard. As they left yesterday, a covy of quail rushed in.

  6. Beautiful video. I enjoyed it very much. To say that God has looked out for me, protected me and provided for me my entire life is a huge understatement. The list of occasions is too long to even begin here. Thank you, Evan, for this important thought for the remembrance of our daily blessings.

  7. Love it! Thank you so much, Evan, for taking us along with you and Kathy on your awesome trip. The wildlife and your message of being cared for in everything we do, is so encouraging and joyous. A truly wonderful vlog! Thank you both for sharing God’s beauty with us.

  8. Evan, you are so Cute…..and Innocent…..like a Child! Thank you for sharing your Spiritual Journeys with us! Holding close that thought of God’s Watchful Care of Us! Can we ever get outside of it…???

  9. Oh, Evan–how priceless! What clear evidence of God’s protecting, caring power right with you both. The so-called “wild” animals are clearly creatures of Divine Love, and we can appreciate their individualities and charming qualities, as well as their innocence–and ours. So much gratitude for all your inspired sharing–loved this!

  10. What more can I say? It’s all been said—thank you, Evan, for the beautiful and thoughtful video. I’m sharing it with our family who all love nature and what God has given us.

  11. thank you all for your nice comments, and I also would say, like Daphne, that nearly everything good and inspired is already said.

    Thank you Evan, for the very beautiful and loving Vlog you made with Kathy in South Dakota.
    I`d love to have hiked with you there, because such wild and nice animals I know only from TV Dokus, which I look mostly.

    Thank you so much for the metaphysical and comforting thoughts you give us in the Vlog. You bring us all our loving Father/Mother God so near, who is always watching out for us. So, actually there is no separation from our caring and loving God, divine Life, Truth and Love possible!

    I am so grateful for this blessing and loving blog!! 🙂

  12. Oh Evan, that was great. I worked at the Pine Ridge Indian hospital near the Black Hills (sort of, distances are not how we think of them in more densely populated states). It was not a peaceful time in the mid seventies, and I also had a new baby and a little one. We were protected and watched over every second. I could feel it, and I somehow knew Who it was. A true gift of the Spirit. The only wildlife near my house though, was the biggest snake I have ever seen slithering up my house wall. Before the age of video. Eek.

  13. Evan thank you for the beautiful Vlog you made with Kathy in South Dakota. Always enjoy your travel vlogs and their message. Enjoyed all the comments.

  14. This is wonderful! Just what I needed tonight and filing it in memory for the future. Animals are so drawn to peaceful beings. Thank You.

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