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  1. Wonderful basic statement of Gods Love for man, His expression. Thank you Evan and Angie for the link to yet another excellent article.

    ‘It’s what I know of Thee, my Lord and God,
    That fills my soul with peace, my lips with song;
    Thou art my health, my joy, my staff, my rod
    I lean on Thee, in weakness I am strong.’..hymn 195
    Another gem to ponder❣️

  2. A comforting thought and good way to start a new week, knowing that God is right with us, “meeting us,” and guiding and aiding us every moment. So we cannot lack any good thing.when we turn to Him. “No good thing will He withhold from those who walk along his paths.” (Psalms 84:11)

  3. Rose and Barbara, thank you very much for your comforting comments and Angie, will read that article later, as presently I read this week’s lesson.
    Thank you deeply Evan for that very loving verse and the beautiful picture of a joyful and thankful woman..
    The verse is very helpful to start the new week!

    1. How can I get a Foto from my phone here into the empty Facebook in SpiritView?
      It was once declared but I did not understand yet.

  4. The spiritual fact that God meets us wherever we seem to be in thought is beautifully illustrated in a favorite Bible story of the prodigal son. When all material supports failed him and he decided to return to his father, he might have been very surprised to see the father running to meet him in the road with a robe, a ring, and rejoicing!

    Even the angry, envious elder son, refusing to join in rejoicing, was comforted by the father, who came out of the house to meet that son too, and reminded him that “thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

    Truly the Father of us all meets us wherever we seem to be, in “human” thought, with all comfort, permanent loving acceptance, and rejoicing!

  5. This is a comfort for people who think they have to be perfect mortals with perfect prayers and practice of Christian Science in order to have healing progress. Thank you.

    I have a friend who had a devastating brain injury during her doctoral program that prevented her from being able to understand her written thesis she wrote, to read or write or complete her doctoral thesis, to remember the sentence she just heard or said, to walk, to drive, to work. She had been a genius. Then the brain injury was so she could not reason or think, much less deeply process and problem solve. But that could not stop her from trusting that God would give her the next thought she needed to think. So God gave her one thought at a time that she needed. She focused on that and held to thinking that thought or obeying it. Until eventually she could talk and walk then have housing and a job, and then meet the right people at the right time to advocate for her and help her make phone calls or write requests, or to drive get or give her the money or means she needed to travel to different countries to learn solutions she brought back to the United States to help countless others heal from brain injuries. She founded and successfully directed different nonprofits and has been a brilliant, compassionate, powerful housing justice advocate. She is writing an inspiring book now. I believe it will inspire with facts how God gives us what we need when we need it, in the form and terms we can understand, and makes us able and willing to receive, understand, obey, and bless. In short, God meets us where we are and meets our every need.

    1. Edith Thank you for sharing that story of what can happen when we humbly trust God to help us. When your friend’s book comes out please share the info with us. I for one would love to read it.

  6. Good morning All, and thank you for the post, comments, links and picture! This is such a helpful thought not only for me at the moment, but for those I meet in our local jail for Christian Science Bible Study. It’s wonderful to see how people who are “up against the wall,” so to speak and seem to be victims of mortal passions, injustice, fear and sorrow are turning to God and finding that surrender to His will is lifting them/us out of darkness into the light of divine Truth and Love. I am so grateful!
    Much love and blessings to all this day and every day!

  7. Thank you Evan. God comes to our aid where we are. That’s true. God comes to our aid even to the remotest parts of the earth. Spirit fills all spa e.

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