God employs the unemployed

May 25, 2009 | No comments yet

There was a lead article in our local newspaper recently that reported increasing numbers of new companies being formed. This is good news! The unemployed are finding employment. Rather than sitting around and waiting for a company to ring their phone, the article stated, they are taking initiative, looking for good business ideas to act on, and following through with a plan.

I saw this report as a positive sign of one way God meets needs of the unemployed. Not everyone is perhaps “cut out” to be a business owner or manager, but the more new companies form, the more positions open elsewhere. So, it all works together for the benefit of everyone.

Businesses exist to meet human needs. Human needs are great right now. Thinkers and doers who rise to the occasion and meet these needs are going to prosper.

The belief that the present state of the economy is limiting workers from finding profitable work is a chance to prove otherwise. The work we collectively do tomorrow may look much different than it did yesterday, but nonetheless, millions of people are reaching out for progressive ways to live, and those who respond find themselves employed.

The Christian Science practice is certainly one area of work in great demand today. People in ever-increasing numbers are turning to God for help, seeking healing through prayer and looking for spiritually minded professionals to help them.

It seems to me that any area of employment that meets people’s needs is going to be in demand and offer work to those willing to do it.

God employs the unemployed by giving them the ideas, inspiration, wisdom, guidance and direction they need to meet those needs. It takes a lot of humility and persistence to hear these ideas amidst the clamor of mortal mind trying to discourage and stop initiative. But hear those ideas we must, for through them we triumph over the lies of lack and demonstrate supply here and now.

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