North Korea’s nuclear bombs

May 27, 2009 | 2 comments

The nuclear race is ratcheting up in North Korea’s part of the world. Evidently, the country detonated a nuclear bomb underground that is as big as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Then they launched two more test missiles, heightening worries and concerns among rulers in Japan and South Korea on how to protect their land from being incinerated in the future.

In thinking about these latest tests of North Korea to exercise nuclear muscle, I thought about isolated and lonely kids in school that act in nonconformist ways to get attention or somehow prove themselves. Outwardly, their actions may be offensive and even dangerous, but inwardly, they are starving for love, comfort and understanding. There may be a hard shell of misguided reasoning, self-will, fear, ego and even malice to penetrate, but underneath the evil is a good person that needs to be recognized and brought to the surface.

I pray that the world, and especially countries near North Korea, don’t panic, get overwhelmed by fear, and escalate an arms race. There is a greater power in the world than bombs to maintain order and preserve the peace.

World leaders can hear wisdom from above that enables them to discern a wise course of action to deal with latest developments. It’s not the destiny of mankind to be terrorized by local bullies, but to be governed by a universal divine Love.

2 thoughts on “North Korea’s nuclear bombs”

  1. Thanks, Evan. It’s too easy to forget that personality is not reality when shown images of renegade leaders and their followers. The ideas that Christian Science nurtures, that you mention in your article, are so important. The more I pray with these, the more I can trust that good, God, always wins. It also helps to know that others are doing the same thing, which is why Church is so important to me.

  2. Thank you Evan! This is such a wonderful opportunity to embrace the world in everlasting arms of Love. That is exactly what we all need. Instead of reacting to a threat of destruction each one of us can respond with divine Prinicple and know that God’s universe can never be threaten. God always governs each of his ideas to live in harmony and peace and this threat is no part of God’s plan, so it has nothing to support it.

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