God holds you up

December 28, 2006 | 3 comments

PinI’m not a poet, but occasionally, when praying for a patient and emailing thoughts the words and phrases that appear on my screen pleasantly surprise me.

While praying for a patient who feared she didn’t have enough understanding to heal herself, I assured her that if she needed more understanding, God would give it to her. She would never lack. She was not depending upon the limited resources of the human mind, but upon the infinite beneficence of the divine Mind to keep her well, and that beneficence came to her whether she asked for it or not and in the most appropriate ways.

The message came to me…

Like a body of water holds a boat afloat, currents of wind support the wings of an eagle, and a mountain peak depends upon the sky to sprinkle snow upon its peaks, you can count of God to hold your boat afloat, keep your wings soaring, and grace your thought with showers of Love.

“By the grace of God I am what I am.” Paul

3 thoughts on “God holds you up”

  1. Thanks, Evan, for these words of assurance. The woman you speak of could be me. I very much needed your words and your calm, confidence in God’s Love and ability to meet our every need.

  2. When I read this blog, the thought that came to me was that we cannot demonstrate what we do not understand. I read that somewhere. This year was a tough one for me. It seemed like so many Christian Scientists, prominent ones, were not healed and passed on. So where was infinite Mind when these people prayed for healing?

  3. To anon above,
    Anyone who passes on is still soaring and sailing through Mind. They are not dead, but very much alive and well. God has not failed them and they know it. They are living their eternal life and will never lose it.

    It’s a material sense of life that failed them, not Spirit, Life.

    Yes, we all have much to learn in demonstrating spiritual healing of all problems before passing on, but the Truth ever sustains us.

    Thousands of people are healed everyday through Christian Science, and will continue to be. We humbly walk the path Christ has laid before us, and trust that “all things work together for good.” There may be a few bumps and stumbles along the way, but Christ takes us all the way, and the final outcome of enduring health and eternal life is absolutely assured.

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