God’s predictable good

August 26, 2016 | 13 comments


Do you realize that only predictable good is coming your way from God? Yep, that’s right. Only good is coming your way from above.

Now, I realize there are times when life’s events take a downturn and it seems like anything but good is coming our way. We might be suffering from financial lack, conflict or illness. But these are never coming from God. They are the effect of believing one is separated from God. And when one feels separated from God, one feels separated from God’s good.

The cure is to get back in touch with God. And this is done by understanding the truth about God.

God is omnipresent good. God is everywhere. God is below, above, behind and ahead. There is no place you can go that God is not already there. The divine is as close to you as the thoughts you think.

God is not in matter though, so don’t try to find God through material sense. You will be disappointed. God is Spirit, and is found through spiritual sense. Like tuning in your radio to the channel you want to hear, you can tune your thought into spiritual sense and find God’s presence.

God is always with you. God is always in the “here” of your experience. God never goes on vacation, takes a time-out, or fails to discern the need of the moment. God answers your prayer before you even ask.

You can always count of something good and wonderful to come from God, for that’s what God does—impart infinite, unending good. There isn’t anything uncertain about it. Like the sun keeps on shining day after day whether it is appreciated or not, God keeps pouring out infinite goodness throughout all of creation for us to receive. And there isn’t anything uncertain about it. It happens no matter what. It’s absolutely predictable. And all for you to enjoy.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” Jeremiah 29:11, NKJV.

13 thoughts on “God’s predictable good”

  1. That’s so correct Evan…When things are not going well in our life we feel God is not with us…But as you say, that’s only a belief that we are separated from God’s good. We need to ponder on Gods goodness, feel His closeness, His care, His unconditional love for us. Yes since God imparts only infinite and unending good, we need to keep that expectation of good all the time.
    What a lovely example …Just as the sun never fails to rise and shine and this is absolutely predictable, so too unending, infinite good and good alone from God is predictable too. We need to cultivate our spiritual sense to discern the good God gives us all the time and enjoy that bountiful good.
    The material sense testimony is so subtle, and tends to take us away and separate us from God so that we cannot see the goodness of God’s creation and be mesmerised by unreality. That’s when we face trials. But “Trials are only proofs of God’s care.” Mary Baker Eddy. Trials come to refine us and bring the shine on us, not to burn or harm us.
    We need to cultivate our spiritual sense to see the beauty and bounty of God’s good creation, which is always there for us to experience in abundance.
    Thank you Evan.

  2. Thank you for all your insights and
    viewpoints on subjects. It makes all the ideas we see in Science and Health seem fresh again.

  3. So good, good, good to know… to be reminded of…to honor and appreciate!

    Thank you, God, for shining so brightly through our dear friend Evan!!


    (How to stop believing in a power/powers other than God, good, is the order of the day,
    every day, huh. I think this is the definition of sin.)

  4. Love Spirit view’s definition of sin: believing in a power/powers other than God, good. We often pat ourselves on the back because we don’t indulge in sin like others do (smile) but this definition makes me realize how often I accept a power other than good operating in the world as reality, when to do that is really sinning! God, good, is omnipotent and omnipresent. Do I really accept that? Thank you, Evan, this is grand, and thanks to all contributors for such wonderful insights. Blessings. all.

  5. Yes! As the popular saying goes: “It’s ALL GOOD!” Truly! Lovely! Accept and Believe and Rejoice in Ever Present Good! Love You!

  6. Thanks, Evan! God’s good is omnipresent and is the only presence. God, Good is All. God’s goodness cannot be lost, cannot be stolen—it is always here. Thanks again.

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