When you have God, you have it all

August 25, 2016 | 18 comments

If you’re ever tempted to believe you lack something important to success, then it’s time to remember what you already have. You have God!

When you have God, you have everything.

God is an all-knowing, all-wise Mind that has a solution to every problem you face and an answer to every question you ask.

God is ever-present Love which permeates all being and provides all the comfort, affection, kindness, compassion, patience and forgiveness you need to build healthy and happy relationships with other people.

God is Life, which abounds with health, strength and vigor to keep you alive, strong and well.

God is Soul, which sources unlimited creativity, originality, and inspiration to prosper you in every good work you undertake.

God is Truth, which gives you integrity, confidence, surety, and power to follow through with every right idea.

God is abundance which ensures there is a supply for every demand.

There is no lack in God.

Material sense sees lack because it doesn’t understand God. Material sense is gross ignorance of the realities of Spirit. But as we turn from material sense and engage whole-heartedly with spiritual sense the realities of Spirit appear, and right where there appeared to be lack, we find supply.

Cherish what you have today. It’s enough to meet your every need. You have God.

18 thoughts on “When you have God, you have it all”

  1. Thank you Evan. What you wrote today made me think of an experience I had a few months ago…

    It was 10:15 p.m. and I was “all alone” on a very crowded small airplane returning home from a business trip. I had been awake since 4:30 a.m., I was so tired I couldn’t sit up straight, my business meeting had not gone very well, it was so warm in the plane I was perspiring, and to make matters worse I’m 6′ 5″ tall and the distance between the seats was so tight no matter how I shifted in my seat I couldn’t avoid having my right knee wedged painfully against the seat in front of me.

    I had read a few articles from a C.S. Sentinel I had taken with me, but I just couldn’t seem to clear my thinking. I just kept thinking how alone I felt on that crowded airplane. But then I started to think about, when I’m in a car with a friend, how I’m aware of the presence of my friend. The idea of God’s omnipresence then came to mind. It occurred to me that if God is omnipresent, God’s presence was right there with me on that plane. I began to deeply consider that idea and how I take God’s omnipresence for granted so much that I don’t normally “feel” God’s presence with me. I considered that I take the presence of many things for granted…like gravity and breathable air…but I sure would notice if I was no longer in the presence of those two things. So I decided to stop taking God’s presence for granted and to “realize” God’s presence like the presence of a friend in a car. I started to think about how the presence of Love was with me and caring for me. How the presence of Principle was keeping everything in harmony. How the presence of Spirit nullifies any belief in so-called material laws. How Mind’s compound idea was there revealing itself to me.

    As I continued realizing God’s omnipresence, I literally felt God with me. It was a marvelous feeling. I noticed I was no longer slouched over, but as I had realized God’s presence with me, at some point I just naturally sat up straight and started feeling refreshed instead of tired. The temperature was now comfortable. I also realized there was room for me to slide back a little more in my seat so that my leg was no longer wedged against the seat in front of me. And I had stopped feeling badly about my business meeting.

    This experience of feeling God’s presence has made me aware that we can all feel God’s presence with us. We just need to stop taking God for granted and realize that God is always with us to experience God’s presence. Give it a try…I highly recommend it!

    1. Thank you both! Loved these ideas – and Brian’s account of putting them into practice which = healing!

  2. Thank you Evan for today’s view, and thank you Brian for your comment–they both lifted my thought this morning! I woke up from a disturbing dream, and although I knew it was just a dream, I still felt anxious and “vulnerable”. You both helped to lift my thought and realize that I am in God’s presence, protected and loved, RIGHT NOW. Thank you so much!

  3. Yes Evan thanks so much. That’s the exact inspiration I needed today. If we have God, we have everything. We have the kingdom. Its mentioned by Mary Baker Eddy in her text book Science and Health, that in order to experience the goodness and support of God we need to be good.
    No problem however big, or however hopeless, or impossible to solve is too mammoth or enormous for God. To Him its never too hard. So if we stop struggling and patiently trust in His all power and leave whatever is bothering us, to His care with confidence, we shall have the victory. With Him there is always a victory because the battle is not ours, but His. We are the children of His care and He is responsible for our good health, happiness and well being.
    Mary Baker Eddy mentions in her writings that if we trust in God never doubting, he will give us all that we need every moment.
    Thanks so very much Brian for your lovely comment and for feeling the power and presence of God when you so needed it. You truly had a lovely demonstration. It’s so good and encouraging.

  4. What a beautiful woman matching to your very inspiring blog – today I really need it, thank you very much indeed Evan.
    And thank you so much Brian for your so inspiring, interesting and good testimony. Yes, if we know God is there, everywhere we are and comforting us, thats what we need and have!

  5. I awakened with this same train of thought. That because God, Spirit constitutes my being, I am spiritual and whole, that because God, Principle constitutes my being, I am balanced and in perfect order, that because God, Life constitutes my being, I am active, energetic, whole, that because Good constitutes my being, my day is full of goodness and blessings and so on. When I read your blog, Evan, it made me smile to think how divine Mind is upholding the world with infinite ideas, infinitely expressed and infinitely unfolded to man. Brian’s testimony was the icing on your blog, Evan. Just a perfect way to start the day, thank you both!

  6. Thank you Evan. With God all things are possible. Without God all things are vanity. Your post today reminded me of a idea that came to me recently about the value of recognizing God in our lives as the principle foundation of accomplishing anything of value. Briefly it is this. If there were no God, who would there be to remember you or anything that you did in your life. Be you someone of great accomplishment say Moses, Elijah, Jesus, Washington, Lincoln; the earth will be gone in a million years hence; so who is it that will remember any of us or any of our accomplishments. Without God all is vanity but with God all is not only possible but valuable and necessary. We as expressions of God through presence, intelligence, power to accomplish are united in principle and being, one with the whole of all that exist. So is essence as you and Brian have so eloquently presented there are two paths, one with God where all is valuable, harmonious, eternal or one without where all is vanity, temporal and discordant.

  7. Thank you Evan and Brian and all,
    I woke this morning with the 19st Psalm in my thought. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. ” and then from the 23rd Psalm ” He prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies” This blog was especially helpful as I go to a business meeting this morning now knowing that nothing is going on but Gods loving presence supporting all his children.

  8. Thank you all. Iam facing a challenge with an event and it doesn’t seem to be progressing. Looking to God for direction must bring fresh ideas.

  9. What a bountiful feast of blessings and inspirations are in this blog and the comments. I have the opposite problem flying than Brian. I am just barely 5 ft. tall and have to select a seat with room under the seat in front of me to place a piece carry on luggage to rest my feet on or my legs just dangle and go numb. His holding to the presence of God, as he would a friend, is so helpful. At times I have felt so alone and my only consolation has been to know that God is everywhere – always with me. What greater companion can anyone have?

  10. Thank you Evan and Brian. I think you covered all my bases with this blog today. I woke up feeling out of sorts because of another’s not wanting to include me in a family party. It made me feel hurt, unloved,and under valued. Whoa! I knew I had to get God centered. I’m so grateful for today’s lesson as it was just where I needed to begin. If I am excluded I know that God is ever present Love so I am never alone. God loves me and cares tenderly for me. I also know that no one can punish me or hurt my feeling unless I consent to it. God surrounds me with nothing but good ever present joy, happiness, kindness, Nothing good
    is lacking or being postponed. My angels are all around me . I’m grateful for all the evidence that God is on the field.



  11. Thank you Evan and everyone who sent in their comments. So many of the same situations I have also been going through. Keeping on track with Love, peace, harmony, clarity, joy, faithfulness and gratitude to God for the inspiration that continues to unfold.

  12. God is my life! Sound a like. MBE’s note. last word.

    Evan and Brian. Brian my return flight from PASCO Evan’s Annual Class Meeting , I found similarities to your edit, Thanks.


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