God’s help is bigger than any flood

September 1, 2017 | 29 comments

Tens of thousands of people in the Houston, Texas, region are struggling mightily with the devastating effect of unprecedented floods swamping their homes and highways. Their plight is a call for those standing on dry ground to aid however they can.

I was heartened to hear about miles of rescuers driving into the city with their boats in tow to aid the rescue effort, the thousands of selfless volunteers doing whatever they can to help, and people and organizations from afar sending money and supplies. There is something all of us can do, no matter where we live.

I also pray for the safety and quick recovery of those living in the flooded territory. God is bigger than this flood, I know!

I love the promise in this verse from the Bible, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:19, NKJV). There is no problem too big for God to solve. There is no loss too great that cannot be replaced. There is no flood too big to overcome. God is Almighty good, an infinite Love, that has unlimited resources to overturn evil effects and bring people to a better place than before.

I pray that the Spirit of the Lord is felt by every resident in Houston to lift their hearts, enlighten their perspective, reveal workable solutions to their problems and bring abundant resources to their aide to get their lives back together again.

I pray that no one be overcome by discouragement. That hope can be found and faith abound that “this too shall pass.”

I pray that people stay positive and look up, not down, to see their help coming from above and able to meet their need.

I pray that people feel and know the love of God that is with them comforting, leading, guiding and guarding their thoughts and actions. I pray for peace in their hearts while they listen to the voice of wisdom within and decide their next steps. I pray for a quick comeback.

29 thoughts on “God’s help is bigger than any flood”

  1. Dear Evan
    Thank you so much for this post. When I read the title, before the words were apparent I felt so clearly the flood of Love that is present, here, there and everywhere, up-lifting, en-courage-ing, en-folding. I will hold fast to this truth. Lovingly, Gillian

  2. 41 million also to pray for in Northern India, Bangladesh and
    surrounding areas. Their death toll is much higher than
    Texas and their chances of returning to a normal life soon
    are minimal.

  3. Yes thank you Evan,

    will join you and all the others in praying deeply for our brothers and sisters up in Houston.

    But Shell also is right, we should include all those in the world who are in great need as well, in our heartfelt prayers.

    with Love, Uta

  4. Yes definitely God’s help is bigger than any flood. We in India too have experienced this blessing just last week. We all were stranded, no trains to return home due to the heavy rains and the floods.. Our aged parents, our family, our small kids, who depend upon us were all in trouble. But Divine Help is always at hand and God took over the situations where help was needed, in wonderful ways. I am in awe of His goodness and His love, His mighty hand which can always be relied upon.
    We in India pray for all our brothers and sisters in Houston and Texas who are affected by the floods. I am reminded of a Hymn ” I look to thee in every need and never look in vain. I feel thy touch eternal love and all is well again. Thy providence turns all to good. Thy all power helps and heals and sets us free”. Be calm and trust in God. He can furnish a table for you in the wilderness. What can God not do???
    Perhaps during such times our trust in God and our understanding of His infinite, unconditional love is put to the test.

      1. Thank you for posting that link Kathleen, I haven’t been watching the news much, and didn’t know about the flooding in other lands. xox p

    1. Thank you very much, Nergish, now I know you are living in India. How interesting, who all around the hole earth is reading Evan`s so very good and loving and blessing blog.

      Thank you so for your comment, specially for the second paragraph with the CS song and the last four truth sentences, very inspiring and touching! 🙂

  5. In Nahum it says (3:6) “The gates of the rivers shall be opened, and the palace (material wealth) shall be dissolved.” So many people do find strength after a tragedy and many people are already helping.

  6. Very helpful thoughts, Evan and commenters. Thank you. Times like this bring out the Best in people in helping one another and in understanding what is really important in life. It is not material possessions but the spirit of all things good. I pray that those in need find comfort in Love’s abundant supply.

  7. This is exactly what I needed. Fires nearby in Northern California have set us all to praying. Thank you Evan for providing this specific way to enter into prayer in these situations. And thank you bloggers for your helpful comments.

  8. Thank you Evan that’s really helpful.
    I’ve been praying with “The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.” From Psalm 93 for family members in Houston.

  9. Thanks, Evan, and all who have commented. Our prayers are certainly needed in many places. Southern Oregon is also facing a fire and the church members in Brookings have had a 24/7 prayer watch going. How important it is for us to pray for the entire world daily. God is everywhere, supreme, and ALWAYS in control of his creation guiding and protecting.

  10. Thank you Evan. If our experience is a reflection of what we are holding in thought (both individually and sometimes what is in the collective thought), I wonder if events like the flood in Houston aren’t a wake-up call for us all to individually focus more on “spiritual substance” as compared to so-called “material substance”? A hurricane hit the area in which I live about 20 years ago now and I actually think back on that experience fondly in some ways because people came out of their homes (the power was out for many days) and interacted to help each other. I met neighbors on my street I’d never even met before during times when I would help them or they would help me clear out debris, etc.. I also volunteered to help clear debris for other people in the city that needed help. There was a lot more love exchanged during that time than occurs normally. And that’s why I think back fondly on that experience. Yes, my TV didn’t work and I didn’t have air-conditioning and other creature comforts we all seem to “rely” on, but so much other “spiritual substance” became more clearly into focus in my thinking and that was lovely!

    People often refer to people that are homeless with pity and probably consider homelessness to be about the worst condition anyone could experience. But from what I can tell from reading the Bible, Jesus was “homeless” as we typically define that word. And I’ve never heard anybody consider Jesus to have suffered as a result. Most of us probably think just the opposite…i.e. that Jesus never lacked for anything. The point I’m trying to make is that Jesus focused on “spiritual substance” and that resulted in all his needs being met. So my prayer for anyone in a situation in which they find their needs having to be met in “unexpected ways” is to know how much God loves and cares for them and to know that He provides the “spiritual substance” (ideas He provides to each individual) that keep us all in perfect harmony and perfectly satisfied.

    The following is from the poem “Satisfied” by Mary Baker Eddy

    It matters not what be thy lot,
    So Love doth guide;
    For storm or shine, pure peace is thine,
    Whate’er betide.

  11. I am so comforted to know when one is compassionate and unselfish enough to pray for each other wherever the place may be that prayer does not stop at that spot. A prayer is the composition of eternity therefore has no barriers, time frames or proximity. So these generosities of each ones giving hearts embossem Texas, India, North Korea, Oregon and every living being. Such is the universality of God,divine Love and it’s unifying effect of Good. Love never goes over ones head and hits another. Love never misses a life for Love is life. Love never loses a life. Love will always find a way. I am grateful we all are joining together in prayer.

    1. Hi Maximo…According to the Bible, when Jesus was presented with a withered hand, what did he say? He said “Stretch forth thine hand!” So I conclude from that that Jesus didn’t think the withered hand was real. If he thought it was real he would not have treated the man as if he didn’t have a withered hand. To me saying “Stretch forth thine hand” was equivalent to Jesus saying “There’s nothing wrong with your hand (while at the same time having the spiritual clarity to know that as true), therefore there is no reason you can’t stretch it forth just like anybody else”.

      I think the problem comes when people say “Tsk, tsk, that isn’t real” without having the spiritual understanding to know what is real. That can come across as being unsympathetic or unloving. And sometimes even when you do have the spiritual understanding to know something isn’t real it may not be best to tell the other person that because they may react negatively because it sure seems real to them.

      1. It just occurred to me that another great way to know whether something is real or not is to ask yourself “Did God create this?” God doesn’t create discord, only harmony. So if something is discordant God didn’t make it and therefore it has to be unreal, doesn’t it, since God creates all.

  12. The response comments are well founded. It was to hear your thoughts and prayers.
    We must keep our thoughts to have their lives protected and that they receive God’s continued protection.

  13. “What is thy birthright, man,
    Child of the perfect one;
    What is thy Father’s plan
    For His beloved son?

    Vain dreams shall dissappear
    As Truth dawns on thy sight.
    The phantoms of the fear
    Shall flee before the light.”
    [Verses 1 and 3 from Hymn 382]

    We all have much to learn about God’s grandeur and power, and we can feel safe that we are loved and protected while we are learning — even when material evidence claims otherwise. God, Love, fills all space!

  14. I love your blogs and vlogs Evan. How heartening and humbling to read today’s entry and all of the comments. Thank you to each one who shared an angel message.

  15. Thank you for clearing some questions I had
    in dealing with what spiritual approach to take in
    Dealing with tragedies.

    I would also like to know how much money the
    Mother Church has contributed to the flood

    Thank you

  16. Trials are proofs of God’s care . We can often look back
    and see God was right there all the time. Divine Love’s touch
    has been ever present. God’s hand is helping ad uplifting each and every one. I put everyone in God’s pocket where they will remain
    Comforted, safe, hopeful,secure.

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