Gratitude every day of the year

November 21, 2023 | 31 comments

Thanksgiving Day is soon upon us in the United States and other countries around the world. It’s a reminder of how important gratitude is to success in life, not to be felt just on Thanksgiving Day, but on every day of the year!

As Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years”
(Manual of The Mother Church, p. 60).

There is much to be grateful for today!!

31 thoughts on “Gratitude every day of the year”

  1. Could we have a more precious gift than the clear theology of Mary Baker Eddy and he grounding in Jesus Sermon on the Mount?

  2. Am very grateful for Evan’s blessing and healing and comforting SpiritView!
    I am compelled to write Hymn # 3 for you all down, it is so lovely and strong:

    A grateful heart a garden is, Where there is always room
    for every lovely, Godlike grace to come to perfect bloom.

    A grateful heart a fortress is, A staunch and rugged tower,
    Where God’s omnipotence, revealed, Girds man with mighty power.

    A grateful heart a temple is, A shrine so pure and white,
    Where angels of His presence keep Calm watch by day or night.

    Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God, Whatever else befall,
    This largess of a grateful heart That loves and blesses all.

    And thank you Grace and John, so true. And such a joyful picture for Thanksgiving on top here!
    And I am looking forward to all the wonderful comments to come today, thanks all so much!

    1. Thank you dear Uta, for printing out the lovely hymn. It just tells us what gratitude
      is and does. I particularly love the first verse, gratitude being likened to a garden where
      all the lovely graces that God has given us come to perfect bloom. And all the other verses build on that.

      Grateful thanks to you, Evan, for giving us inspiring thoughts every day,
      and for everyone for their comments. And, yes, John, we should be so
      grateful to Mary Baker Eddy for giving us a wonderful gift, by sharing
      with us her discovery of the Science of true Being.

        1. Dear Uta,
          I always appreciate your Love for all. I am always able to feel your heart felt Love for God and this beautiful Christ Science.

          Evan thank you for your Love of all.

    2. This is one of my favorite hymns and I am so happy that you quoted it in today’s SpiritView. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who enjoys this SV refreshment as much as we do.

  3. Today is a good time to say, “THANK YOU, Evan” for all the good you do, for all the help you give, and for

  4. Thank you Evan for your whole hearted bright light that enlightens us day by day. Thank you for your infinite good. You, like Jesus, are a true example of living Truth. A beautiful offering.
    Thanks be to God and Mary Baker Eddy.
    Like the image shows, Love to, in and from

  5. Thanks Evan sir. Grateful for every moment n breath we take. In HIM we live , move and have our being .So whatever we have is thine. Gratitude n humility always.

  6. Mere words are not adequate for the gratitude I have to you, Evan, for this wonderful
    site, everyone here who shares in all of the love, peace, harmony and inspiration that
    is so lovingly given, either though comments, thoughts and action for a world who
    needs it so much.
    CS Hymn #224 shines forth it’s gratefulness ..
    “O Lord, I would delight in Thee And on Thy care depend;
    To Thee in every trouble flee, My best, my ever Friend…
    He that has made my heaven secure, Will here all good provide…
    O God, I cast my care on Thee; I triumph and adore;
    Henceforth my great concern shall be To love and praise Thee more”
    Blessings to you, Evan, Kathy, your family, everyone who makes this site
    so endearing, whomever chooses the graphics, everyone here …
    Happy EveryDay Thanksgiving!

  7. Thanks be to God for Her/His unspeakable gift
    Thanks to Christ Jesus, our Wayshower
    Thanks to Mary Baker Eddy for revealing the Wonder , the healing and saving Christian Science
    Thank you Evan for your devotion and SpiritView offering
    Thank you my dear beloved, fellow SpiritViewers
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank You, Love

  8. Thanks Evan for inspirational thought being grateful every moment of the day & every day of the year. As gratitude is riches, we need not to ask anything but we receive grace from God all the time. Really grateful to you for Spiritview & also to other contributors for their inspiring posts

  9. Thanks to all for your precious thoughts , also like Evan
    Mention every passing day is to be celebrate.
    I try NOTto forget to thanks Indigenous and Native American
    Who gave hospitality to the first European who touch the ground of this continent.Like Eddy said the native caught
    In their own spirituality way, the connection between God and nature: “ the smile of the Spirit ( describing a lake)

  10. Thank you Evan for SpiritView and for the opportunity to connect with each other to further our study of Christian Science.

    1. Thank you for these great articles, dear J ! I especially enjoyed in this one,
      with the “garden of thought” and how a temporal rose in it’s “physicality”
      does not last but the Soul of it lasts forever, like when captured in a photo.
      In keeping with the garden theme ( – love that hymn above… A grateful
      heart a garden is, … thank you, dear Uta !)… flowers are God’s gift, such
      expressions of divine Love.
      “Friends are the flowers in the garden of Life.”

      “Keep a green tree (Gratitude) in your heart and perhaps a singing bird
      will come” – Chinese Proverb Lovely!

      1. Yes thank you, dear Carol.
        Here it is meanwhile 2 am on Wednesday. And in the afternoon when I read Jenny Sawyer’s article about real gratitude, I also pondered the thought about the nice smelling beautiful rose, for which she was thankful. And she came to the awareness that it’s not things to be grateful but rather spiritual ideas God is giving us steadily! And for me, I am grateful to know God, Christ Jesus and Mrs. Eddy and their teachings for us all!

        1. Oh and dear “J” , thank you very much indeed for the 2 articles you gave us today. they are so good and very helpful! ♡

        2. Indeed, Uta … and in “us all”, we are united in such a universal
          family, like in the wonderful artwork above – all sharing the
          lovely colors and hearts, so very beautifully.

  11. Thank you Evan for all you have shared with us this year. Thanks to everyone who contributed and is still contributing in Spirit View.. I am sincerely grateful to God for the spiritual meal we find hear everyday.

  12. Listening to a podcast this morning I was reminded that Jesus thanked God first as he broke the bread… then he shared it all around to the disciples . So the message I got was when we are grateful for receiving we also need to pass it on to others.

  13. Thank you so much, Evan, for this rich and satisfying resource of SpiritView. Thank you to all the contributors sfor your comments, hymns, articles and thoughts on all the wonderful and needed topics we are enabled to think about and pray with. May every day be a day we give thanks to God, Christ Jesus, and Mrs. Eddy for all the good there for us. Happy Thanksgiving—daily.

  14. Many thanks to Evan for the wonderful SpiritView gift, and to the SpiritViewers who add uplifting thoughts each weekday. I look forward to the inspiring thoughts that bless and enrich my days, to continually keep my thoughts on spiritual growth.

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