Guard against all kinds of infection

July 24, 2020 | 35 comments


Humanity has been largely educated to believe that infection begins with a germ. But in metaphysics, one learns that contagion is transmitted in mind, not through matter, and it’s one’s mental conditions that need to be protected and guarded above all else. If the enemy suggestion is neutralized with truth and not allowed to gain credibility in consciousness, it will not adversely impact the body. Both mind and body remain safe.

A convicted consciousness of God’s omnipotence is a strong defense against suggestions of contagion.

In praying for a strong defense, I realized that infections take many different forms. Fear, selfishness, anger, hatred, greed, apathy, laziness, self-righteousness, pride, self-pity, judgmentalism and their kin, are all forms of mortal mind infection. They are germs of mortal mind, suggestions of a power alien to God’s consciousness of pure goodness, and if allowed to multiply, would run around in thought causing negative consequences. In belief, they would cause mental, and then physical, dis-ease.

Aw! I thought. To build a strong defense, it is wise to guard against all types of infection.

We live in the omnipotence of God. God is everywhere—around, above, below, in front and behind. We are always safe in God’s presence. However, to demonstrate this truth, the demand is to stay spiritually in-tune with this reality and prove it to be our reality. We do this by knowing God’s omnipresence.

It’s impossible to know God’s omnipresence and to be angry with our neighbor at the same time. It’s impossible to know Love’s omnipresence and feel fear at the same time. The cure for all types of infection, is knowing God’s reality and living true to it. In God’s reality, infections disappear, for mortal mind suggestions cannot simultaneously dwell with a consciousness of spiritual reality.

In spiritual consciousness, there are no infections of error. Only the presence of Truth to know, feel and experience.

In your prayers, guard against all types of infection, and stay healthy!

35 thoughts on “Guard against all kinds of infection”

  1. Thank you so much for this timely reminder of the absolute necessity of guarding our thoughts at all times. To be always watchful of what we accept into consciousness.

  2. Thank you so much, Evan, for this very helpful advice on how to keep thought free from infections, and all their variations. It is very inspiring and timely.

  3. Knowing Gods reality and living true to it…..Am I doing that? What does that mean….? Suggestions are most welcome.

    1. One way to live in reality is this “My prayer, some daily good to do, to Thine, for Thee, an offering pure of Love, where to God leadeth me.”

      There are an infinite number of ways to live in reality. Mrs. Eddy said, in a letter to a student she had taught 11 years earlier, that praying and seeking to be more Christlike would do more for him than reading or taking another class from her. This advice is found in “Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer, Amplified Edition” on page 195.

  4. You don’t know how helpful this is Evan! I’m traveling to another state to visit my elderly Aunt who has been mostly alone since March. Other family members are very concerned that I could infect her with this virus and they don’t want me to be with her! I was getting concerned too; “What if…” and “God is Good but there’s this problem….” Instead I’m now saying “God is All – no ifs, ands or buts or infectious thoughts…” Thanks immensely.

    1. My family felt the same about me months prior when I went to care/grocery shop for my mom. A friend reminded me~ that non of God’s spiritual ideas can harm on another-which was very simple and helpful. Another thought that came to mind- was… MBE shares something to the effect of-whatever it is our duty to do- we can do so without harm. This guarded my thought each time I visited her. I send you love and gratitude for visiting with your Aunt. I know my mom is so thankful each time I visit.

      1. Thanks so much Christi. I love your message. I will hold to those truths now that I am back home! We had a lovely time together. It made her very happy and I was able to help her with many things that needed doing. Your message is so helpful.

  5. So helpful ! We need to be alert to guard our thoughts against all those false suggestions. Thank you, Evan.

  6. Thank you for this practical Christian’s not enough just to say “God didn’t make disease”..
    My defense is to not participate in diseased thinking by my own pure thoughts of love for myself and all mankind..
    Blessings to all as we love one another..through kindness and care..and thoughtfulness..

  7. This is very significant! The words, “a convicted consciousness of God’s omnipresence” is exactly where all mankind nerds to be. Thank you so much. I’m holding to this.

  8. Thank you Evan and everyone. Every erroneous thought or event must be countered with the True reality of Gods omnipresence and law. How much better to start with knowing these facts and listening solely to Gods diagnosis of his creation ❣️

    1. All of these ideas are so strengthening and inspiring! Bonnie, your succinct sentence is something I can hold on to today!
      Love & blessings to all

      1. Only Love is communicable. Your love for your aunt protects you both from the fear of others.

    2. Love your comment about a reflection. I was on here looking for help with my thinking about my dog who has been accused of having an infection and this the third time in last 2 or 3 years so I am determined to rout it out once and for all. First time here and this looks like a great place for sharing and helping. Dave

  9. Thank you Evan for this important reminder! Our daily prayer/work/defense is so very important to maintain our concious alignment with Truth. On page 228 of Science and Health, by MBE, she states, “The transmission of disease or of other idiosyncrasies of mortal mind would be impossible if this great fact of being were learned, – namely, that nothing inharmonious can enter being, for Life is God.”. I have been gratefully studying this daily since I was led to it at the beginning of this pandemic. I believe our prayers are so beneficial for those we are interacting with and the world. It has continually given me a sense of peace to meet what is needed and good in my family. All has been well with all of my extended family and all have been blessed during this time in immeasurable ways. I am so grateful to understand more of man’s relationship to God daily and see how it blesses all.

  10. I like the thought of guarding against All kinds of infection. It is true ~ anything which would try to infect… contaminate… our God-given pure thinking can be considered infecting. Looking at it from a spiritual point of view, it would be preposterous to let something so nano small infect our well being. But as Jesus pointed out, if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed, we can counteract any contaminating thought that would try to harm us and move mountains of worldly belief into it’s native nothingness.
    As always, Thank you all for helping to eradicate false beliefs with dis-infecting thoughts and comments.

  11. “In atmosphere of Love divine, we live, and move, and breathe; though mortal eyes may see it not, ‘tis sense that would deceive.
    The mortal sense we must destroy, if we would bring to light the wonders of eternal Mind, where sense is lost in sight.
    For God, immortal Principle, is with us everywhere; He holds us perfect, in His love, and we His image bear.” (hymn 144)
    – This actually is an amazing experience we are all witnessing -our Prayers are claiming our God-given heritage of Blessed oneness with our dear Father-Mother God’s “tender, constant care” (hymn 374). Right ideas align with Christ consciousness,
    acknowledge Freedom of thought and therefore expression (thought determines experience):
    -“There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.” (Scientific statement of Being, SH468:9)
    -“Behold, NOW is the accepted time; behold NOW is the day of salvation, said Paul.” (SH93:7)
    -we choose every moment whether to entertain fear, or stay in God’s blessed Kingdom of Heaven.

  12. What a blessing this blog is including each and every comment. Thanks to all! I’d like to respond to a comment from yesterday’s blog that was entered late and I just read. Martine, France, referenced an article, “Five smooth stones” which is truly amazing, inspiring, and especially helpful to me as I face a sometimes overwhelming challenge. Much deep and sincere gratitude, Martine!

    1. Lori I read the article “Five Smooth Stones” on your recommendation, perfect it was exactly what I needed to help with a problem I was having perfect Thank you very much

  13. “Pray without ceasing” and “To Truth there is no error….all is Truth”….I’ve been thinking about lately….and all the thoughts shared each day are SO helpful….thanks to everyone!

  14. I heard it said many years ago that “There is no infection in divine affection.” We reflect that divine affection and cannot be infected by a growing cynicism that seems to pervade our culture. I will take a stand today that no germ of evil, no negativity can invade or infect my consciousness of God’s loving presence. Thank you, Evan, and all of the respondents, for your daily prayer-filled inspiration.

  15. Thank you Evan for daily posting spiritview, a tremendous blessing to all responders and the world.,and especially to me.

  16. So grateful if this article bless you as it blessed me, Thanks to Evan’s blog we are helped in understanding we are all blessed, ever, and not depending on anything or any circumstances but our Father-Mother God. (sorry for my english )

  17. Thanks for the article “”Twelve Smooth Stones”. It was very helpful
    As are these daily blogs.. Thismortal fear has seemed to last along time
    And we sometimes get restless wanting more freedom. Hymn 93 has
    Been a comfort””In perfect peace with tumult stilled, enhaved where
    No storms arise” we are all enhaved,secure in God’s great Divine Love.
    Thanks Evan for your tremendous help.

    1. Thank you, Evan & Martine of France. To speak & read & write a second language is such a talent, to share with us all, is amazing.
      This blog makes the sentence in this weeks’ lesson: A C S’s medicine is Mind, the divine Truth that makes man free. Isn’t that statement a healing message? I’m so grateful!!!

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