Guarding against other’s criticism

July 31, 2015 | 10 comments

Have you ever done a good job at something, felt happy about what you did and then get quickly deflated by another’s harsh criticism about your performance? Your joy might suddenly turn to discouragement and even depression because you thought you did a good job and then become uncertain?

It’s a trap of the carnal mind one needs to be alert to.

There are times when constructive criticism is merited, but there are also times when other people do not get it right. Their personal view, opinion, or observations are wrong, and what they voice as truth is actually error.

To sort out wrong from right, it’s wise to listen to what God has to say.

God knows our heart. God knows our real motive, and God loves us no matter what.

Human acts are not always properly appreciated and understood by others.

If our motive was worthy, then there undoubtedly was something to praise and honor. There was something good to acknowledge and to be grateful for.

Be sure to acknowledge that good! You may be the only one who sees it!

Never let another’s lack of appreciation for the good you’ve accomplished become your discouragement.

When your goal is to please God, rather than to please man, you’re in safer territory that is not so likely to lead to a deflated ego. The one Ego is always pleased with its reflection.

We can avoid setting ourselves up for discouragement by living to please God rather than seeking to please others.

God will reward you for work done faithfully, even if it can be improved in the future. There will be unlimited opportunity to keep on moving down the path of progress. One can be grateful for every little step taken in the right direction.

Other’s may or may not appreciate what you’ve done, but God does. God always loves you no matter what.

God doesn’t see failure. God sees all the good that is happening. You can too, even if others do not.

10 thoughts on “Guarding against other’s criticism”

  1. That’s it! Do it for God, don’t fall into the mortal mind trap of trying to please man! Good one for today, and all days – Thanks Evan.

  2. Thank you again, Evan. The mortal mind of others rejects the good in their fellow-man. That is the nature of mortal mind. To the extent that others in our lives are not spiritual, they are not going to see the good in us, let alone praise us. You are so right, we must look to God alone for validation. It is not in the mortal mind of ourselves or others.

  3. Dear Evan; You have answered a long ago question of mine. Why did the Mother Church disposed the Community Discussion Webside a few years ago. Some were using that website for critizing other C/S for their ideas instead of discussing them and inspiring them to lift their ideas to a more spiritual level. It became a more “I am right and your wrong” debate which is not the job of C/S websites. Thank you Evan for this rightful revelation.

  4. Yes. Remember who you work for. As soon as it seems there are separate minds involved you know you went down the mortal mind rabbit hole. Isn’t freedom great?

  5. A most important blog, Evan. We need to be reminded of this often. A practitioner once said: “Never criticize the criticizer.” This is such a temptation. I’m posting this on my personal bulletin board. Thank you.

  6. Thank you, Evan, for bringing out the very practical uses of Christian Science in our Everyday, so very Human, lives! You have a special talent of seeing the human, day to day, relationship issues (not ignoring them or pretending they don’t exisit!) and then re-framing them with spiritual light so they can be seen and solved! As a dear, spiritual friend of mine used to say: “What You think of Me….is none of my business.”!!! It’s always really just between Me and God, isn’t it?!! Thanks again! Happy, Joyeous Blue Moon Friday to All!

  7. This is God’s message for me today poweful and timely THANK YOU for it. I will copy it nd learn it. It is something sometimes that really gets in my progressive way, allowing that criticism to totally deflate me.. and well knowing I am working for God only is the answer . THANK YOU for that reminder here today when this is so much needed for me. THANK YOU…Freedom is Great!!!!!! as someobe above said. Blessings and gratitude, Merri

  8. Christian Scientists are very merciful in regard to “motives”. But we can’t be naive that it’s not “motives” that the rest of the world cares about–it’s “results” and “performance” that the rest of the world cares about, irregardless of “good intentions”.

    Also, all of us have a bit of narcissism and egotism, and this easily fools us into thinking we have “good motives” when in truth we’re being selfish. Often we don’t even recognize the selfishness unless someone else points it out. I think criticism (“merited rebuke”) is often to be welcomed, for this reason. But not if it’s so constant and overwhelming as to be crushing.

  9. The thought has come to me often lately…Are you striving to please God or man? It is frequently when something is trying to take my attention away from studying my Bible Lesson! It’s a good wake-up call. (=

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