Hacker Alert!

August 25, 2011 | 2 comments

Is your thinking protected against mental hackers today?
Anyone with a computer connected to the Web knows about Internet hackers. They are evilly motivated individuals out to steal, manipulate, or disorder data in other people’s files and computers. They work unseen to the untrained eye, and use devious, misleading and illegal methods to accomplish their criminal purposes.
There’s another kind of hacker many people are not familiar with. Mental hackers!  They need to be guarded against even more vociferously than Internet hackers, for their effect is much worse if not neutralized.
Mental hackers aren’t people, but are aggressive mental suggestions that rob peace of mind, comfort, joy, love and health. They often act very quietly, silently even, in the background, treading on tiptoe so as not to attract attention until they lurch into action and wreak havoc.
They take the form of fear, doubt, uncertainty, wavering positions, feeling threat of disease, contagion, acceptance of lack, despair, discouragement, or any other mental position that is losing sight of God’s omnipotence and omnipresence.
Mary Baker Eddy wrote about how mental hackers work when she penned,
“Animal magnetism, in its ascending steps of evil, entices its victim by unseen, silent arguments” (Miscellany p. 211).
Animal magnetism is a term she used to signify any claim to power other than God.
An “unseen silent argument” may start in the form of, “My neighbor got a disease. I hope I don’t get it.” Or, “The stock market is sinking, my supply is diminishing.” Or, “The job market is tough. I may never find a job.”
The mental hacker starts with a suggestion that it believes will be welcomed into consciousness without resistance. It preys on dullness of thought, apathy, ignorance, and latent fears.
To defend consciousness from the evil one, we must keep our spiritual hacker software running 100% of the time. No down time! No disabling the protection even for a moment!
God is all-powerful good making positive things happen consistently and constantly for all of creation. You are included in the divine love, and have everything you need coming from above to stay healthy, well and secure.
Stay on the alert against any suggestion that counters God’s truth. Don’t let evil hack into your perspective and cause you to doubt, wane or waver. Stay protected today!

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