Happy New Year

January 1, 2024 | 39 comments

The beginning of a New Year can signal many different feelings, one of which is the promise of new opportunity and possibility.

May the days and weeks ahead of you be filled with God’s goodness!

May every day be a progressive day, with fresh inspiration, expansive ideas to act on, and open doors to walk through.

May the year ahead of you overflow with God’s blessings in every corner of your life.

May every day be a happy day, a buoyant day.

May your days be filled with healing.

May you experience more of God’s goodness than ever before.

May you leave old material thinking behind and embrace new spiritual thinking that keeps you close to God and living the Good Life God has to offer.

May 2024 be a blessed unfoldment of God’s love and care for you.

Have a Happy New Year!

39 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. And dear Evan may you too be blessed for all the wonderful helpful healing messages you take the time to provide for us throughout the year, which also bless our lovely SV family throughout the world. Happy New Year to all. Linda X

  2. Awakening to the new year has been filled with the wonder of God – Reading Evan message and the inspiring article sent by Ken. Thank you for sharing and all the SV family – a blessed New year

  3. Thank you dear Evan for your message of blessings for us – and Amen to all the above for everyone.
    I look forward to reading the Bicknell Young article – they are always wonderfully inspiring
    and spiritually strong.

  4. Am so grateful for your blessings Ito our family. My wife sends me your Spirit Views as they arrive. This year I want to be closer to God and His blessings as one of His perfect ideas.
    Please keep ‘em coming and again, thank you so very much
    P.S. am also changing my email address.

  5. Thank you dearest Evan for your continued outpouring of Love and ideas . Wishing you , your family and the whole Spirit View family a truly inspirational 2024❣️

    1. HERE US HYMN 473
      Father-Mother God, All-in-all, / Reassuring me every day, / You encourage me on my way. / Father-Mother God, All-in-all.

      REFRAIN / Father-Mother God, All-in-all, / You protect me each step of the way. / I am safe in Love every day, / Father-Mother God, All-in-all.

      You will guide me by day and night. / I go forth with no doubt or fear, / For I feel Your love with me here, / Father-Mother God, All-in-all. / / REFRAIN / Now I find, as never before, / I’m devoted to serving You, / Your pure goodness fills me anew, / Father-Mother God, All-in-all. / / REFRAIN
      (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 473:1–4)

  6. Happy new year to all God’s children.
    Thank you Evan, and all the is good for the beginng of the month, and continuing through the months that follows:
    ,My prayer is. Father-Mother help to understand you more and feel your omnipresence,Love and be more patient in all i say and do.

  7. Lorna’s prayer reminds me of what I pray each morning before I get out of bed…

    Father-Mother God, I pray all that I think and say and do be to the honor and glory of you – Almighty and loving God. Amen.

    Wishing everyone a splendid 2024!

    1. Thanks Susan. Your prayer is similar to something I pray often, especially on my way to work or before gathering with others…

      It’s something like this, “Dear God, thank you for guiding my thoughts, words and actions this day, and also for guiding my perceptions, understandings and awarenesses. Help me express whatever qualities of Yours are needed at any given moment. I humble myself before You completely. Thank you God.”

      Evan I thank you for your lovely New Year’s blessing to our dear SV community, we send the same back to you and your family. Onward as we continue learning and growing together and Love to all.

  8. Thanks a lot Evan for such beautiful healing ideas. Happy new year to you & all members of Spirit View.

  9. What a wonderful way to start each day.! Thank you all. I also like to pray -from hymn 253-My prayer, some daily good to do to Thine, for Thee; an offering pure of Love, where to God leaders me.

    1. Happy New Year SpiritView family! Thank you Evan and all! Noticing comments about wanting to feel closer to God. Christie Hanzlik’s talk (link is in Section 2 of the Cedars Camp Met below) talks about transformative gratitude and feeling the opportunity to witness Love’s (God’s) presence. She gives us an example of how to pray. The whole talk is wonderful and enlightening, but this point starts at around 15:00.

  10. A very blessed and Happy New Day, New Year, New Eternity! to All! Thank You, dear
    Evan, as always, for bringing us together in this wonderful family of divine Love.
    I had shared a poem on yesterday’s page at the very end that I had come across and ..
    just like a new flower spreads it’s fragrance and beauty, may the New Year also fill you
    with happiness… a New Year of Renewed Hope, New Opportunities, New Adventures,
    New Ways to Give and Love.
    And (adapted from Brad Paisley) …
    Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book on into Eternity. Write a Good One!!!
    Lots of Love to Everyone!

  11. May all of you blessed people who, like me, look forward daily to Even’s wonderful words and then contribute likewise to my solitary life–and without even being a member of this church! Thank you and God bless us all!

  12. I always begin each new year by studying the definition of Time (pg 595) and Year ( pg 598) in the Glossary of Science and Health. The definition of year includes “a space for repentance”. This is an opportunity (which we actually have EVERY day) to repent of human reasoning and false opinions about life, and as Evan says, “to leave old material thinking behind and embrace new spiritual thinking that keeps you close to God”. Just because we have turned a page on the calendar of time, the new year won’t be much different from the old, unless we progress out of the “mortal model” of life in mortality and realize more of the Kingdom of Heaven, see Glossary pg 590, which always has been and ever will be “at hand”! I also study the article titled “The New Birth” in Miscellaneous Writings pg.15. Each one of us can make the new year truly a happier one! Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love.” Science and Health pg.66.
    Love to all.

    1. Thanks Desert Girl. The readings and thoughts you shared are a nice recipe to help bring in a New Year with our thoughts going in the right direction — Spiritward.

  13. Eternity is not a form of time, nor is it outside of time or a refinement of time. It is INSTEAD of time. (Read somewhere??)

    Life is a moment—only seen in the GOOD we do.

    All that matters is what you have coming from God this instant.

    MBE: Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, holiness . . . Life and goodness are immortal . . . Let us then shape our views of existence into loveliness, freshness, and continuity.

  14. Thank you, thank you a l l so very much for your so beautiful and helpful and healing comments! There is so much love and wonderful metaphysics in them! Love you all!
    It is early in the morning of Tuesday the 2nd January at nearly 4 am, and I must go to bed hereafter. But I enjoy reading your lovely comments and Ken`s and “J’s” articles very very much! And they are very helpful as I need them presently – they are all very comforting!
    Also the SentinelWatch with Jenny Sawyer and David Brown I listened to just now, is very uplifting!

    Dear Evan, thank you so very very much for your wonderfully spiritual New Years wishes; and these very loving wishes I want to give to you and all SpiritView friends likewise with much Love!
    And these wishes by Evan are also my deep wishes for this year and eternity – thank you dearly, Evan! Am joyfully looking forward to your SpiritView in 2024 and to all comments! 🙂

  15. These are lovely thoughts, dear Uta… said in such a sweet way that comforts.
    I had heard the Sentinel Watch too, and found it uplifting also. I was just reading
    the (paper copy) of the CS Sentinel and found the poem, Dance with Soul very
    timely and supportive in its Truthful message…, by Kit Cornell Kurtz:

    “The march of numbers
    flipping on the calendar,
    is not some sort of opening act
    for eternity’s main event.

    The mesmeric dance of
    earthly days
    has no stage prepared
    to give mortality reality
    in infinity.

    Love lights our view;
    Illusions flee;
    and we are free
    to dance with Soul

    The spiritual sense of Being is so powerful right now. Love leads the way…

    1. Dear Carol, thank you very much indeed for this very nice and helpful comment.
      I just answered to your last comment of yesterday in yesterday’s SV. ♡

  16. Evan and SV collaborators, may you too be blessed for all the wonderful helpful healing messages you take the time to provide for us throughout the year!

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