Have no fear of another’s experience

August 10, 2023 | 33 comments


I’ve heard many people worry about taking on other people’s experiences.

For instance, if one has a neighbor who talks on and on about their latest illness and efforts to control it, the listener may soak in what they hear and start to fear a similar condition popping up in their experience.

If we’re ever tempted to fear what is happening to another, we do not need to take their experience on as our own.

We have God-given dominion to live our healthy spiritual Life that God has given us to live. What we hear from other people does not affect our spiritual reality. It does not change who we are spiritually.

If we stay clear that we are spiritual beings reflecting the health and wellness of God in all circumstances, what we hear from other people will go in one ear and out the other with no effect in between. We will retain our good health and stay in a positive place to bless our neighbor with words that help and heal.

We do not need to fear another person’s experience. We are not them, and they are not us. We have our own wonderful experience with God to live out that is uniquely ours.

We are not sponges soaking in whatever mortal mind sends our way. We are rays of light radiating God’s power and presence.

Have no fear of other people’s experiences. Remember who you are spiritually, and that will help them do the same.

33 thoughts on “Have no fear of another’s experience”

  1. This is amazing timing, as I have had anxiety over this very situation in the past 2 weeks! I was raised in Christian Science but have never practiced it very well or very frequently, and only subscribed to your daily messages with a “Well, it might help but it can’t hurt” attitude. However, so far I’ve been HELPED even without thinking I was really committed to getting anything out of your messages. Hmmmm, so thank you!!

  2. This is just perfect for me. From time to time I have felt fears creeping in about human heredity and that things that seemed to affect my parents could possibly affect me. How silly – I know that in Science we are all God’s children and are the reflection of perfection. Our “birthright is dominion not subjection” (as Mrs Eddy tells us on p.518). Nothing ever touched any of God’s children but Love. As Evan has told us in previous blogs, we are 100% spiritual and have 100% immunity from all claims of discords of every kind. Am so so grateful to you Evan for keeping our thoughts on the right track. It is a daily treatment. X

  3. Thank you Evan, it is very comforting to know that there is no separateness in Mind, and the suggestion that there could be minds many is not possible in Spirit, divine Love our Principle. I love Mrs Eddy words in her Message to The Mother Church for 1901 (p. 20) where she says, “The Christian Scientist is alone with his own being and with the reality of things.”

  4. Thank you very much for these thoughts. I have neighbors who freely share their health issues in conversations. So appreciate the reminder to not take their experiences as my own, but also to love them and see them as God sees them. Understand my unchanged spirituality and not fear what I hear. Just the reminder I needed.

  5. Someone shared with me when I was struggling with a returning illness, “I wonder if she will believe this erroring suggestion one more time.”

    This really got me thinking about how subtle erroneous suggestions come to us as explained by Evan.

    It is so important then to immediately deny the false suggestion presenting itself, and immediately affirm the Truth about God and Immortal Man.

    Thank you Evan.

  6. This applies to what we hear or see in the media as well, which seems to
    bombard us with false beliefs of this ailment or that all of the time. With
    either one temptation or four or four hundred attempts for us to believe
    in what is not true, 0 = 0, no matter how many times ~ 0 x a million is
    Still 0. And no matter how many people Claim that something is true ….
    if it isn’t, it Isn’t.
    Thank you Evan and all spiritual seekers of Truth, for this gentle reminder.
    We have to guard our thought constantly not to take in any false suggestions.

  7. This got me thinking about my experiences of late and came to realize it’s a much more common, every day occurrence than one would envisage. Thanks so much Evan for this important heads-up reminder.

  8. Thank you Evan. Thank you all. I have this experience that when we do not fear other people’s experiences by seeing man right, in whatever challenge he finds himself, always brings healing to us, as fear disappears. Evan, you are making us see more clearly that the nothingness of nothing.is nothing.

  9. “The history of error is a dream-narrative. The dream has no reality, no intelligence, no mind; therefore the dreamer and dream are one, for neither is true nor real.” SH 530:26-29.
    Thanks, Carol. I almost accepted the cunning suggestion of (another) headache upon awakening this morning. I just read this entry in SH as I have been re-reading the text again over the past few weeks. My history of error is currently trying to take center stage and the entire cast of characters is elbowing for lead. I must stand porter at the door of thought. I sense malicious animal magnetism, but see that I have been given the opportunity to graciously know and practice courage and Truth about it as well. PROGRESS is the LAW and there is no need to fear regression. All, all IS well.

  10. Well said, everyone, bombardment has ramped up with every TV ad, on every cable channel is selling medical/medicine/treatment of disease as if we’re under attack. We aren’t under attack, but they want to sell us on their remedy. I”M NOT BUYING FALSE LIES nor FAKE REMEDIES! Thank God for the healing Truth given to us in Christian Science..

  11. As a caregiver to folks who are not Christian Scientists, who often describe their sufferings and symptoms of illness, it can be a constant challenge to mentally stay clear of taking in the false claims, while feeling empathy and compassion for these dear ones. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health, “Sickness is neither imaginary nor unreal,– that is, to the frightened, false sense of the patient. Sickness is more than fancy; it is solid conviction.” After spending time with one who seems to be suffering, I frequently feel the need to give myself a metaphysical treatment to deny the errors that have deceptively paraded before my thought, and to specifically reverse their false claim to law.
    Evan, your words are a boost of confidence to this prayerful stance….”We are not sponges soaking up whatever mortal mind sends our way. We are rays of light radiating God’s power and presence.” As always, my heartfelt gratitude to you, and to this inspired group of truth seekers.

  12. Thanks, Evan, for this wonderful reminder! Recently a well-meaning (non-CS) friend suggested that I get one of those (medical) bracelets in case I fall when out walking! I didn’t replay yea or nay to her but knew immediately that I needed to protect my thought more assiduously on a daily basis and know consistently that I “walk with Love along the way”–no “bracelet” needed since God is my ever-constant support. (This small incident was also a good reminder to pray daily about so-called “aging” beliefs.)

    1. This is a great article J. You always find really appropriate ones which I often keep. Many thanks.

  13. As an aside, sometimes I like to see what else an author of an article has written. I love interviews with practioners/teachers that Jeffrey Hildner did in the early 2000’s, as they can give insight into healing. Here’s an interview with David Degler, if you’re interested. Fyi – it’s a *longer* article.
    “Spiritual healing: a conversation” with David Degler:

    1. I love and read everything you post every day. I so appreciate all you contribute.. I also share them with a close friend. Since I never respond I just felt today I would. Just know that I’m daily thanking you and Evan too!

      1. BarbaraUK & Patty, I’m so glad you find the article(s) helpful. Patty, what a loving friend you are to share. 🙂

  14. Thank you dear Evan, for the wonderfully clear explanations that we have not to fear other people’s experiences as we are spiritually living, moving and breathing in the kingdom of God! I find the following passage from this week’s lesson sermon helpful and suitable for today’s topic: “keep distinctly in thought that man is the offspring of God, not of man…” and that ” man is the expression of Soul.” This excludes everything and thought not coming from God, the everpresent Good!

    Dear “J” thank you very much for the 2 articles. Am looking forward reading it later as here is midnight presently.

    Evan, I am very very thankful and happy to receive every Morning your healing and comforting and mostly very needed SpiritView! Also today’s is very needed and helpful!♡

  15. Dear Evan. Perfect timing as usual. This blog is a good wake up call for me. I appreciate this daily SpiritView and everyone’s comments. Thank you

  16. So very grateful for these daily conversations, and most especially today’s.
    Thank you for always listening Evan, and to all the wonderful thinkers for your helpful comments and articles. Love from Alaska

  17. Wow, this came at a good time for me. I recently had an adventuresome experience kayaking with a new friend. She was talking to me as we went along and her kayak came into a fallen tree. There was a hornet’s nest that was disturbed and began to attack and sting her. She screamed, yelled, waved her arms and lost her paddle. I retrieved her paddle and suggested she jump in the water as I was also praying slightly and felt panic myself. We eventually made it to land and she was calmed, I offered to take her to the hospital, and she declined. She took a pill for allergic reaction and drove home. I spoke with her the next day and she was on the mend. However, I have residual negative thoughts of guilt as i did not warn her about paddling into tree.

    1. Dear Noble Muse, Thank you for sharing your experience. It was good to hear
      that your friend was okay the next day, but how could she be otherwise?, being
      an expression of God’s natural image of perfection.
      I can understand how the situation could seem very challenging at the time, as I once
      ran over an in-the-ground yellow jacket nest at work without knowing it, with a
      push mower and they were not at all pleased and swarmed after me. Coincidently…
      (there are really no coincidences), the vehicle “just happened” to be parked very nearby,
      so I was able to escape and avoid most of the grumpy swarm. I’ve always treated the
      bees as friends, so right away, knew that they could not be harmful and they weren’t.
      Please do not feel guilty for not telling your friend about the tree. It wasn’t deliberate
      so there is no reason for you to have angst about it. The important thing is she is
      well after the experience and it was proof that we are all in God’s care, no matter
      where we are.

      1. Thanks Carol. Yes, I am/was very grateful that she stood up to the situation with courage and perseverance and knowing that God was present and cared for all involved. I have let go of the burden of undue responsibility. Thanks again for you reply.

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