Have no fear of foreboding prophecies

August 9, 2019 | 36 comments

“Mortal mind is not a prophet!” These words have stuck with me for nearly 30 years since hearing them from a testifier at a Christian Science church service back in the early 1990s.

The testifier was telling about a time when she feared for her future. A “prophecy” had been made that she would suffer great loss because of actions by someone else close to her. She was panicked, afraid, even terrified about what was to come as a result and didn’t know how to prevent the foreboding harm.

As she prayed for release from the fear, it occurred to her that mortal mind is not a prophet. As Christian Science teaches, there is only one Mind overall, the divine Mind of Love. And divine Mind brings only good our way, all the time. She saw that there is no room for evil to occur in Mind’s plan for her life. She began to see clearly that the so-called mortal mind, which is the belief of a mind other than God, could not form a plan, formulate a strategy to carry it out, and then wreak havoc in her life; that mortal mind is not a mind at all; that it cannot think, plan, strategize or do anything, she accepted.

Her fear of the predicted danger vanished, she felt complete relief, and as events proved, the prophesied evil never happened.

Mortal mind is not a prophet in your life either! Accept only what God plans for you and have no fear of anything less.

36 thoughts on “Have no fear of foreboding prophecies”

  1. I usually like this blog very much but that image is concerning. The photo shows a respectably dressed woman. Although her clothes are not extremely modest she is wearing office-type garments generally acceptable on public transport in western countries. However, the point of the picture seems to be the “shadow”, which suggests no clothes that reduce the impression of her exact body shape, just a cape flying high like a flag. Her skirt isn’t there in the shadow. Also look at the body proportions in the shadow. Is that supposed to be inspiring – an impossibly thin waist? If so it is setting a unrealistic expectation for most people. It is the sort of thing that influences some girls to develop eating disorders by implying that success, strength, power or similar desirable qualities or attributes are expressed by a thin physical body. I am very sorry to begin today’s comments with a less than positive remark this is striking. Images can be impactful. Please reconsider.

    1. Oh my, we all have our own perceptions! I was delighted by the image— as I am with Evan’s Blogs & accompanying visuals (such as the pink flamingos yesterday !)
      Wonder Woman is fearless! We can step into our “Wonder Woman” persona to combat lies of any description. Mary Baker Eddy was certainly the greatest Wonder Woman of The modern age.
      I like Evan’s clever use of visuals to accentuate the deeper message he conveys!
      I truly appreciate our SpiritViewers’ stories, testimonies and additional messages.
      Love to you

    2. I think you bring out a good point although I don’t think Evan meant it that way. I also wanted to note that I think you are correct about the negative impact it can have on women but I also believe it has a negative impact on men. I believe it conveys to men that women should be unnaturally thin as well and that men, who are insecure, should control what their wives or girlfriends eat, encourage exercise, etc. It also can cause eating disorders in men by making them feel less than whole because they are overweight or not muscular “enough”. :(. A whole other topic of mortal mind that needs to be overcome. And, could be tied in nicely by not allowing mortal mind to dictate or predict to us that we are not the “right” shape now or when we get “older” or because of genetics – but instead are like the lillies of the field. 🙂
      I really appreciate all the honest comments so we can bring to light the issues and address world thought.

    3. Yes, metaphors only work when one can see beyond the material to the idea striving to be expressed. Matter always has its limits, as you point out. It’s like Bible stories in the Old Testament. If translated literally, many can seem inhumane and contradictory. But when translated for the message, they offer powerful spiritual lessons that inspire and heal. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    4. I get your concern, but I think it’s simply meant as a “there’s a superwoman/man inside all of us” kind of image. The cultural shorthand we have for superheroes include some pretty unrealistic proportions, but it’s obviously just shorthand and not a comment on how we really should be. Yes, there are some images we use and some sayings we say as a culture and a material society that aren’t perfect, but material language isn’t perfect. Maybe look beyond the details and see the bigger picture here – it’s obviously not about “you should be skinny”, but more about “you have a superpower – the love that comes from God!”

  2. Oh my. It’s so interesting how differently we see things humanly. I didn’t even notice the picture until I read this comment about it. My reaction: I see the shadow more as a “Wonder Woman”, a powerful , unlimited being. I see her as wearing shorts , with cape flying. Not at all offensive to me. Somehow, I felt the need to add my comment.

    1. I agree with your comment. I saw Wonderwoman in all her glory, a powerful image and I got it immediately. Interesting how different people see things in a different light.

  3. Ha ha … yes, indeed! The mortal shadow of “seeming” is just as phantasmagoric as the image in your post Evan. Need we be concerned by it? No, just as we need not be mesmerized by what it’s image projects. All illusion when we “know” the Truth, and are not triggered by the “bald imposition[s]” that the mortal way of interpreting would try to project onto us. When we thoroughly “see” for this for ourselves, we help lift mankind from this mirage of “belief” too. Thank you dear Evan for your “stirring” of the muddy river and the resulting quest for Truth.

  4. According to Christ and the teachings of Christian Science, we are not what the material eye sees – we don’t have a material body. We consist of God’s pure, loving thoughts for us, made manifest as a spiritual embodiment in the light that glorifies the spiritual facts of our being. I see the person in the picture as looking forward towards the light, to view the spiritual facts that she needs, and the shadow of material false concept or prophesy she has put behind her. A shadow cannot enter into the light – God is infinite light where there are no shadows, and that’s where we find the true prophesies that are contained in the Bible. And they are all wonderful, and they apply to each and every one of us.

  5. I got the metaphor presented in the photo. The woman is looking – possibly toward an unknown future – the shadow conveys how like the character superman (who was a mild reporter by day – but empowered in his true identity) this woman is empowered and doesn’t need to fear the future. I thought the photo had a great message; we, in our true identity, are empowered as children of God. Even more, I loved Evan’s message, it reminded me of something a practitioner told me 30 years ago that I have cherished ever since. She told me “A.M, (animal magnetism) can not act through prophecy to bring itself about!” ! That truth has helped me innumerable time when faced with suggestions of something bad being inevitable. Thanks dear Evan for another thought provoking, inspiring post!

  6. To me it looks like a wing, not a cape, under the wing of the most high. Shadow, meaning inseparable companionship.

  7. I got the metaphor too. I sometimes see myself as less than humanly “perfectIy shaped” and then I remember that that shape is not me at all – it’s some other false prophecy.

    I think the shadow on the wall is a very clever way to portray our victorious. beautiful, ageless, fearless being. Thank you Evan.

  8. I love this picture. My grandson is having “Super Hero” week. I immediately depicted the shadow as the girl’s super strength to see through mortal mind and “fly over” any error thoughts leaving them in the wake as nothing. This is a great time to talk to my grandson about his “super” strength against all evil which is coming constantly from God. Thanks for all the ideas.

  9. I don’t usually read all the comments, but found the conversation very interesting today. It’s interesting how mortal mind tries to trick us into believing anything that would disturb or cause fear or foreboding, whatever its form. Thank you, Evan, for your great story here. And for all the good we can find when we get fear out of the way. All there is, is God, infinite good, right here, right now, so there is nothing to fear!

  10. Thank you Evan for the important message of your words. Our world is daily facing mortal mind “prophesies” that would keep us in constant fear if we don’t recognize there is ONE Mind only. We must pray the way Jesus did as Mrs. Eddy noted in Science and Health: “whose humble prayers were deep and conscientious protests of Truth”. And aren’t we so grateful that “Truth is revealed”.

  11. What if we considered prophesy as a description of the universal law of Cause and Effect, order being Heaven’s first law? There does appear to be evidence in most of our experience of the Bible teaching that thought, being the great power of the universe, what you believe and expect will come upon you, be if for good or not-so-good. Healing is simply (maybe not easily) changing thought. Stay rooted and aligned in right thought of our Source and the rest will take care of itself, for by law it must manifest.

  12. Very interesting comments. Totally fascinating. I have also noticed that if anyone says anything less than being in support of what is posted people will immediately start defending Evan or commenting how grateful they are for Evan and what a fantastic help he is. I always smile. As host of this blog I don’t think he has a sensitive ego.
    Someone once taught me that mortal minds game always starts with “Whose good, whose bad, whose innocent and who is guilty. ” To make anyone wrong or to take sides is to play its game. We all play this game dozens of times a day. Me too! This fine teacher also taught me to be cautious of flattery as it is also a very useful tool for mortal mind to use. We allow it to manipulate how we feel about ourselves. Now I too am way off the intent of today’s message.

  13. I’d like to go back to the power of Evan’s point. Mortal mind is not a prophet. Just yesterday, while reading through Science and Health, I came to the definition of ‘Mortal Mind’: NOTHING CLAIMING TO BE SOMETHING.

    I mean, really. Nothingness cannot prophesy, see, hear, feel, resent, fear or, as Evan brings out, have impact of any kind. Nothingness cannot mesmerize any child of God into believing they or anyone else has physical attributes attractive or un. Attractive to who? Nothingness? God beheld all GOOD. We are 100% spiritual. Always. Christian Science practice has one starting point and one alone, perfect God, perfect man. No one else is there, dear friends.

  14. It never helps to give in to mortal mind which depends upon the physical universe and which can only be temporal by its nature. We all know that for each of us the physical universe has its demise already set. But relying on spiritual understanding our future is full of good possibilities with wholeness at its outcome and where we are truly free from the predictions inherent to mortal perspectives. Who could love the negative prediction for themselves or others, but who cannot love an honest understanding of our true nature as a fully productive life force.

  15. I agree that the picture is irrelevant. False prophesy is the subject and THAT is what needs to be dealt with. Many religions teach that we are in the “end times”, that Bible prophecy says that only those who believe and practice what they teach will be “saved.” Bicknell Young has a wonderful article on “Prophecy” in the June, 1919 Journal that tells exactly how to correctly see prophecy. I find it very helpful to rely on ONE MIND, AND ONE GOD, Don’t be impressed or depressed by outward circumstances.

  16. The image/metaphor issue escaped me as I raced to read the blog. Last night over 900 emotional citizens of my sleepy little town met to listen and comment to members of our local 1st Nation Tribe, who have purchased property near our little downtown to place a MAT opiod treatment facility. Our county has the highest opiod addiction in the state, so the need for compassionate assistance clearly exists. But fear is rampant, and I confess, living alone blocks from downtown, my initial concern was that I might no longer feel safe walking my dog at night, or peacefully reading in our one small local park. While as in gardening, I feel it is the “right plant in the wrong place”, it may happen in spite of huge community resistance. The ideas that mortal mind is not a prophet (for coming disaster) and of the one Mind, guiding, protecting, cherishing each of us, both those struggling with addiction and those fearful of their presence, are most helpful to me. Certainly Mrs. Eddy’s assertion that Christian Scientists will hold crime in check must be my framework-flight plan for prayer!

  17. What an inspiring 30 year memory! It is as relevant now as it was years ago. Thank you, Evan, for remembering it and sharing it with us Spiritview readers. I am printing, cutting out the article so it can be given to many who need this thought. Fear of the future needs to be swept out by knowing of God’s 24/7 continual Love and care.
    Various understandings of the picture are just different mortal interpretations of what an individual
    sees, thinks. To me, there can be several interpretations of the picture as written above. But, what counts the most is the powerful message –that’s the biggie and I shall cherish this wonderful phrase shared with us always.

  18. That is funny and nice, Annie, we can step into our Wonder Woman persona, which is fearless and lighthearted. So we could translate this foto up here suitable to Evan’s wonderfully uplifting and healing today’s SpiritView. For me the truth which is uttered in this SpiritView, that morteĺ mind is not a Prophet in my life and cannot prognose that in future i can get old, weak or ill, is so helpful for me. And I am very thankful and glad for it. Only God’s thoughts and qualities can form our life, as God is our life. Am grateful we can talk and discuss here on Evan’s blessing blog!ä

  19. This is so wonderful, Evan! I love the “Wonder Woman” persona, which Madelon Maupin included in her Bible presentation on “Revelation” some time ago. Truly we are spiritual ideas, not humans with “imperfect” mortal bodies. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration of many years ago!

  20. Hi All, I found the message itself very helpful indeed, and applied the concept of mortal mind to DNA or any belief an agency that claims authority to predict and justify disease or limitation. This post immediately translated into a quick treatment. On the photos, I generally figure, Evan, that you make the best selection you can from the images available to you from whatever image service you use. Some fit the bill better than others. As Mrs. Eddy learned when she published Christ and Christmas, folks may take metaphorical images too seriously.

  21. I see a woman looking into the future, fearless, she looks sure of herself, ready for whatever life throws at her. Her shadow is how she feels, she knows she is a superwoman, not afraid of anything. God is holding her. This is how she feels, nothing to do with a skinny-undernourished lady, she knows she is perfect, she doesn’t dwell in her figure but is certain that God’s child can overcome anything…

      1. Thank you very much, Elena, perfectly illustated.
        Evan’s Illustrations are always ment something good and only Good or humorous, which is also from God!

  22. To Evan & All,
    Thank you for the illustration & message.
    I enjoy all the comments as well as the original message that Evan shared. A sincere discussion and uncensored contributions, always are food for thought. Gratitude to All…

  23. I never expect the photos to be spot on. I saw woman looking to the future unafraid. I wanted to read the blog. thank you. I will remember Mortal mind is not a prophet. very good.

  24. Envision yourself as super woman! Because you of course are.
    Nothing negative here, Evan. The child in us envisions a flying ability and power over obstacles. Standing firm on our ability to offset and conquer the negativity of material or matter based subjection to error. Superwoman indeed. Reading Mary Baker Eddy and Her Books By William Dana Orcutt. Hours pass in this study without any loss of interest. Mrs. Eddy instituted a whole new industry in book printing. Established the manufacture of “bible paper” Which originated in China 600 years ago. Just another way she blessed humanity in her super woman ability to see perfection and love in all her ways. Very grateful to receive Spirit View… Thank you very much.

  25. Amen Evan, I was reminded this day, wherever I go, God is Omnipotent, Supreme (Love) is with me in such a clear message to me with a young man wearing a cap with the word “Supreme” facing backwards at my face. Oh yes, I had such a wonderful day with the natural actuality of good and harmony unfolding easily on every count expressing it’s dominion and not subjection to mortal dream of distruptive elements of my daily activities. (S & H pg 518:1-4).

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