Healing anger with love

February 22, 2023 | 17 comments

The world often appears to be a very angry place to live these days. What can we do to make a positive difference?

I share ideas in this vlog that was filmed in the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, when my wife and I visited the area in September 2022.

17 thoughts on “Healing anger with love”

    1. Thanks dear Rose, I enjoyed this song and video very much. And of course it matches totally with Evan`s today`s wonderful SpriritView Vlog.
      O I am grateful that anger which tried to bother me is meanwhile healed; and if it tries to claim to be reality I pray diligently that I may see and acknowledge only God`s very good creation, created out of His eternal LOVE! It is deeply comforting that Mrs. Eddy says in SH under the topic “What is man”, that man is the image of Love. For me that means, that man, everybody, cannot else but love, love, love!

      1. Wow I thought anger is healed. But tonight after church service I reacted to a member’s saying. Sometimes I have to treat the error again, affirming it’s nothingness. Being at home now, I wrote her a message, apologizing for my reaction to her. But I think I have also to forgive me, too.
        In this weeks lesson we read the utmost comforting Truth on page 317 in SH : Jesus said “Lo I am with you alway” – that is, not only in all time, but in a l l ways and conditions.” That helps me, that the Christ is with me in all conditions – to heal!

  1. I love that you said “I exist to express Love”. Not anger, impatience, resentment – all the negatives – but compassion, gentleness, calmness – all the positives. I felt annoyance at my new neighbour yesterday who was doing some house renovation. the constant banging was getting me down. So I drove to a local garden centre and let the beauty and peace of the surroundings wash over me. I stayed for well over an hour till I felt more calm. When I got home the banging was still going on but it didn’t affect me as much and I even got a text from his partner apologising for the noise. All is peaceful today. Yes we exist to express Love. It’s our divine nature. Thank you Evan.

  2. Thank you Evan for, as always, an inspiring vlog. I’d like to say how much I appreciate – in this and other vlogs and blogs – that you not only say “I prayed about…” but you tell us how you prayed. I find this so very helpful as I start of praying then seem to run out of ideas (I know I need to listen more attentively).
    Thank you so very much for your constant daily care for the community, and thank you to SpiritViewers for your wonderful contributions. How blessed I feel that SpiritView is available to me. Thank you all

  3. Yes, that’s such a perfect idea and topic for today! And yes, I had the exact same song come to mind as I was finishing listening to Evan’s vlog Rose! One Mind and all right?
    Haven’t even enjoyed playing your thoughtful link to the beautiful song Rose, but the word that stands out to me besides Love is the adjective sweet. Indeed, brotherly love is very sweet and should be a highly valued commodity in today’s world Aftrr all what can replace it? Gold or silver or piles of money can never compare to a few drops even of unselfish kindness and thoughtfulness expressed by a stranger, a neighbor or colleague, or by a loved one. Recently, I was the recipient of the kindness of strangers and words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude to those involved! Truly even thinking about other’s unselfish motivations in our world is a sweet healing and uplifting thought that must heal our hearts and lives and cause us to find ways to pay it forward to bless others as well!

  4. Thank you for this post. In heaven, harmony, there can be no anger. God knows nothing about it. It’s all part of the illusion. We must wrap ourselves in Love and know that all our brothers and sisters also are in the arms of Love. They are in heaven. Love is the liberator.

  5. This is such a wonderful message, Evan. Thank you so much. As you have stated, the world seems filled with anger and anger, like error of any kind, has no solution in and of itself. Once we fall for its temptation, we’re sort of like a dog that has caught its tail — immobilized. I notice when I smile at people, speak with respect over the phone with others, their response is palpably warm and friendly. Yet if I fall prey to an obstinate human situation and speak bluntly, I get no where. Being kind to others not only resonates with them, but with us, leaving us feeling warm and loving as we express the Christly spirit.

  6. Core beliefs necessary for feeling anger are beliefs we don’t have to accept for our own thinking and acting or for our world.

    “Anger is linked to a perception of damage or hurt and a belief that important rules have been violated. We become angry if we think that we have been unfairly treated, unnecessarily hurt or prevented from obtaining something we expected to achieve.”

    We can free ourselves and create a culture and relationship with others, starting with our own prayer that prevents and immediately cools these hot thoughts leading to hot tempers or simmering resentment or irritations and othering.

    “Sometimes patterns in our thinking can make us feel more angry. For example:
    – Taking things personally
    – Ignoring the positive
    – Perfectionism
    – Black and white thinking
    – Believing we can’t prevent or control and reverse anger or a problem. Or that anger is justified and rewarded. “

    The above is from Carolina Sammartino’s
    “Most common beliefs about anger.”

    “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle,—is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.”
    Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 306

    “He who can willfully injure another is an object of pity rather than of resentment, and it is a question whether there is enough of a flatterer for a whole-souled woman to be offended with.” Mary Baker Eddy miscellaneous writings, page 2 to 4.


    I find it helps to humbly courageously re-read and apply to my life. The article by Mary Baker Eddy, loving your enemy.

  7. Today’s vlog is so refreshing. I have been hearing about the ‘revival’ of God’s
    Love expressed on the campus of Kentucky for the past 13 days where folks
    from all over the world have been partaking of healing messages of peace
    and love. Those in attendance say they can Feel the Love. What wonderful
    news that in a world that needs it so much, thousands are coming together
    to express this Love! It has been reported that other campuses are also
    starting to spread these very positive expressions of healing, where young
    people, as others, are craving this Love. Truth can not be hidden. Love is

  8. LOVE
    What ever you do,
    Do it with Love,
    And love what ever you do.

    Whatever you say,
    Say it with love,
    And love will speak back to you.

    What ever you think,
    think it with love,
    And Love will do things for you.

  9. Thank you Evan. Thank you everyone. We should not join others in being angry over unwanted circumstances but we should love. We should pray. Thank you for telling us how you prayed .

  10. I love this topic and all the comments and the beautiful song “ Love Sweet Love”! I have been appointed to take on a new role at church and the previous person has been very difficult to deal with, not wanting to relinquish control and not taking direction from the board. It is rather shocking coming from a church member.! It is helping me to not take it personally but to see it as impersonal mesmerism. My job is to remain patient, loving,, and to see her as a child of God. Progress is being made as I know God is in charge and the only real Mind. Error wants to get us all riled up and to have discord in our churches and families and communities but Jesus taught us to antidote this evil with Love. God loves all and so we have to love too. The evil is not really a part of anyone’s true being. It’s a lie!

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