Healing pet fears

July 19, 2021 | 20 comments


I wrote an article just published in my local newspaper, that tells how prayer healed our new cat of terrifying fears.

You can read it here, “Tale about fearful cat brings lesson in God’s love.”


20 thoughts on “Healing pet fears”

  1. Good article Evan.. and yes you are right. These ideas would be practical helping a person as well!

  2. Evan I remember you sharing this dear story with us many months ago on SpiritView. Glad to know that this story is reaching a wider audience through your local paper, It’s a blessing for more people to get a taste of how Christian Science prayer works, and for them to hear how the Truth of God’s allness can heal any lie about any part of His creation.

    Love when you said you, “patiently waited for divine love to work its reformative wonders on his personality.” You were so certain and expectant of God’s good, knowing that nothing could separate Snickers, or any of us, from the Love of God. Many thanks, and love to all!

  3. It’s always worth revisiting healing outcomes as ‘honest seekers of Truth ‘. But how wonderful that your local paper encourages regular spiritually lead articles as well as worldly news! I’m sure some of the readers will connect with your demonstration of Gods care for all creatures. ❣️

  4. Yes yes yes. My Molly was adopted from 7 years in a puppy mill. Catatonic when I adopted her 6 years ago Love transformed her to the loving 6 lbs dog she is my family is amazed.

    1. Wonderful to hear the transformation through LOVE’s action in reversing your Molly’s time spent in a puppy mill. The skies part, and the angels sing when Love leads the way, for you and your Molly. Experiences like this give us a lot more grace for the day when Love leads us all to the God who made us.

  5. Evan, I am so grateful you shared this inspiring experience through the newspaper! I’m sure many people will be blessed!

  6. Thank you Evan for this powerful article about your kitty Snickers. I have a kitty who has been with me since he was two months old, who was feral. He is now eight and still terrified of any knock on the door and runs and hides.
    I am going to apply the ideas that you shared about his spiritual identity more consistently yes I know this fear can be removed as it is no part of his true sweet selfhood as an idea of God. Your article has helped me realize that I have become complacent and excepting of these false traits, and they are no part of him and no part of my thinking – so out they go!!!

    1. Lynne what you say is so true, we all need to watch out for that complacency and acceptance of false appearances that may seem so real — in ourselves, other people, animals, circumstances, situations. I know that I have been accepting too many things that have no basis in spiritual reality (the only true reality). Like you said, the false traits are no part of anything in God’s creation and no part of our thinking. So……out they go with yesterday’s trash, yes, yes, yes!

  7. This might have been meant especially for us today! A month ago, we brought home Gabe, a 7-year-old pedigree Sheltie dog who had been totally neglected, and kept all his life in a 4′ by 6′ kennel. He was terrified of everything and everyone. Gabe still backs away when approached – but on the whole, becoming just a little less fearful. The day may come when he’ll allow me to pet him! This wonderful story about your cat, Evan, will help us to pray to know that Love surrounds everyone, and will surely reach his heart.

  8. My husband and I have a beloved pet,- an adorable, sweet natured Cavachon dog who is a precious member of our family. Every day I thank God for his affection and responsiveness, for the joy and vitality he expresses, and for his unfailing loyalty to us. Only once a year do we have a challenge with him- during the July 4th holiday . The fireworks and loud pops are sounds that seem to terrify him. In our city and our neighborhood these explosions can go on well into the night for days. Every year we have pretty much just put up with it, trying to comfort him as best we can. As Lynne described in her post, this year I also realized I have gotten complacent and expectant of this unreal scenario. So I insisted vehemently against it. I decided that this distress was not a part of my God consciousness or his, and I spoke to him of his fearlessness as a beautiful creation of God, and prayed to see only the harmony of his true being. I must say that, although the sounds were much worse this year, his reactions have been far better and he has been much calmer. So grateful that Christian Science reveals that all error is in mortal mind, that divine Mind is the only reality, and that we can prove this in our experience. Thank you Evan for another perfect example.

    Angie, the article “Learn to Talk Back” is amazing. Thank you for all the love you give to this forum. Blessings to all.

  9. Thank you Linda for sharing your experience this past July 4th. I know of others who have the same problem with their beloved pets.
    Thanks, Angie, your article is superb and I have copied the link into an email to myself for further study. I greatly appreciate all of the articles which you share with us.

  10. Thank you Evan for sharing the story (testimony and healing ) of Snickers! It caught my attention as I have a precious Dog (Glee) who seems to be terrified of thunder storms. Her entire body vibrates with fear and she tries to hide under the nearest bed. She is also afraid of fireworks and other loud noises. I have tried to comfort her and talk to her of her divine and fearless nature but we are still dealing with this challenge. Your article was so helpful especially this statement: The Bible states, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (II Timothy 1:7, NKJV). I find that this rule applies to pets as well as people. I am going to know this to be true for her as well and certainly appreciate all the inspiration you share through your blog. THANK YOU!

  11. Whenever I arrived for a visit at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s home, their cat used to run in terror and hide under a bed for a couple of hours before coming out and warmly, naturally interacting with
    me. One time, I was petting the cat as it sat on its kitty perch purring. Sitting on a chair beside her, I
    gently whispered in her ear that she didn’t need to be afraid of me, I felt nothing but love for her and
    would never hurt her. I also gently whispered some spiritual Biblical and Christian Science truths into
    her ear as I continued petting her. Some months later, on my next visit when I arrived, she immediately made a be~line…..being~line…..towards me, welcoming my visit and letting me pet her. From then on, their cat naturally & calmly greeted me whenever I arrived, often rolling over and wanting her tummy rubbed. Very grateful for the healing, uplifting experience for the much loved kitty cat and myself. Thank you, Evan for so eloquently and clearly explaining for your local newspaper, the healing of your family pet, Snickers. Love the name Snickers! Evan ~~~ Very much appreciate SPIRIT VIEW…….”Spiritual ideas that inspire healing” and ALL the wonderful sharing via comments, article links (Thanks Angie!) and some delightful poetry.

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