Health you can count on

August 26, 2021 | 17 comments

If you ever worry about keeping your health intact, it’s an opportunity to understand health from a spiritual point of view.

True health is spiritual. It goes with you wherever you go.

I explain how to find health you can count on!

This vlog was filmed in the Petrified Forest National Park, in Arizona, May 2021.

“Health you can count on”

17 thoughts on “Health you can count on”

    1. Thanks one again, Evan & Angie for initiating the defense we all need for health & immunity in the face of popular human beliefs.
      Immunization is having the correct state of consciousness fending off the suggestions of

    2. Thank you Evan, for your helpful message. And thanks to Angie for the link to Mr. Barratt’s inspiring, powerful article – published in 1998! This “urge to immunize” has been going on for a long time, but Truth is always the victor!

  1. Hi everyone. You may have noticed, that this video was posted a couple of weeks ago. With today’s we posted an old link for a new vlog, so sorry about that. We will post the correct vlog for the above in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your understanding!

      1. You are right Jackie….this message bears repeating especially right now. . Thanks Angie for another great article.

        1. Totally agree with you both…and the article is so helpful too Angie…The Truth always bears repeating ….always grateful Evan❣️

    1. Hi Evan, I think it was no “mistake” that this video was posted again, there are no mistakes in divine Mind and clearly we were supposed to see this message again so thank you.

      One question. When you said an understanding of true health can neutralize germs it almost sounded like you meant that a germ is a real thing that can pose a danger, but with the right understanding we are safe from it. I understood that matter is unreal, so a germ is nothing other than a false belief in matter. Dictionary says germ is “a bit of living matter capable of growth and development; microorganism, especially one causing disease”. Maybe you were saying that we are immune from the belief of germ. Thanks for any clarification.

      1. Great constructive viewpoint as it pushes more towards seeing everything spiritual. Thanks dearRose.

  2. So timely. Thank you!
    You are amazing!
    I so appreciate your blogs recieved in the mornings. They are special and sooo inspiring!!!

  3. Evan, thanks for the clarification of the vlog. I’ve been to the Petrified Forrest and didn’t see any water there.

  4. Evan, I am very grateful for this Vlog up here today. It is ver very appreciated and needed. It’s a wonderful reminder of the Truth that Health is spiritual, and therefore a fixed and wonderful divine quality which we naturally as God’s reflection express – such a comfort!
    And thank you too, Angie for the suitable article. It is always helpful, as well. ♡

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