Heaven is within you

July 22, 2015 | 8 comments


Where is heaven?

Is it a place remote to your experience? Is it located somewhere else in the universe, a place unknown at this point? Is it a place you die into? No. Heaven is within you, Jesus Christ taught.

This is such a liberating truth to understand.

Heaven is the universe that God created. It’s all the goodness of God, a realm of harmony, health, joy, light and eternal life. Love is the reality of heaven and there is no evil there.

Old theology has taught people to believe that heaven is a place you find after death—assuming you “did all the right things” on earth. But this is not what Jesus Christ taught. He said heaven is within you.

And when he said heaven is within you, he didn’t mean inside the brain, the pleasure of the physical senses, or the house you live in. He didn’t mean within anything material, for God is Spirit. He meant within spiritual consciousness.

As children of God we all have spiritual consciousness. Every single one of us has it. And the reality of heaven is discerned through it.

So, wait no more for good to happen in your life. The blessings of heaven are not doled out over time, or located in some other place in an after-life. The realities of heaven are as close as your thoughts. They are yours to experience and enjoy today.

“Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Jesus Christ, Luke 17:21

8 thoughts on “Heaven is within you”

  1. Glossary: S.H. P.587

    Heaven: Harmony, the reign of Spirit; government by Divine Principle; bliss; the
    atmosphere of Soul.

    Thanks, Evan “Behold, the kingdom is within you” Jesus Christ, Luke 17:21
    So very True.

  2. There are 2 states of consciousness, 1 HEAVEN which is our original and 2 HELL which marks the false. #1 is much easier and more productive than #2. So stay with the original and be happy and keep away from #2 which only creates misery.

  3. The Kingdom of heaven within our spiritual consciousness! That’s truly one of the more radical and liberating concepts of Jesus’ teaching. Not a place we get to go to if we’ve been good, but our present experience if we will only accept that it is! Much to ponder here, Evan, thank you.

  4. Thank you, as always, Evan. You are an angel, for sure.

    Commenter-Grace….No “ifs” (though it s-e-e-m-s to be the requirement)… for God’s idea, man (that’s us, God’s MANifestation…who we really are, right now!) only knows heaven, harmony. This is all he/she…we!…. CAN know, feel, experience, be aware of.

    I love the Lesson on Truth, for this week. Truth says, I AM ALL. Therefore, there is no room for “errors” made or believed in by “humans.” As logical as mathematics. No room for 2+2=5 in 2+2=4 !

    Loving this Science!

    Love to you ALL,


  5. PERFECT TIMING EVAN! Had a healing of a very painful feeling, a couple of days ago by thinking of the Lords prayer..but straight after saying “Our Father which art in Heaven”…the next thought that came was ..and Jesus said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”…as I thought about how that awareness of the fact that only SPIRITUAL consciousness can be a part of me because THAT IS the kingdom of Heaven , I was completely healed in seconds, quite literally as these thoughts came to me.
    THEN I got ready for my day, checked my e mails and found this article waiting for me..all about the Kingdom of Heaven ! ONE MIND is provable all the time!

  6. Thanks again Evan
    I’ve been following a progressive theme in our weekly lessons as to “become conscious for a single moment”.
    Followed by “spiritual consciousness”and now to “spiritual understanding”.
    My sense of this is remembering from Sunday school to listen to “the still small voice”.
    A recent experience led me to stop following a certain instruction that had been given to me when the clear sense came to me that the instructions were not correct.
    This calm voice led to saving valuable equipment and from a costly mistake.
    “You rock Evan”
    Thanks as always

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