Help people get along

November 9, 2016 | 10 comments


“You’re blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight. That’s when you discover who you really are, and your place in God’s family.”

~ Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:9, The Message

10 thoughts on “Help people get along”

  1. I had to remind myself who is really in charge. I hope this election will lead to something better than we can imagine.

  2. How lucky am I, having learned to see everything from a SpiritView in Christian Science.
    Thank you dear Evan for all your help before the election, that we must not be afraid for what is coming, as God the allmighty is governing and in charge of every instance.

  3. Thank you Evan for the wonderful article in December’s Journal, “Love that dissolves dividing lines”. I felt so peaceful all day having also read the
    Articles in the Oct. Sentinel Your Prayers and the National Elections..I was searching for Truth as I felt very strongly that Truth was going to be the victor.. An article,” Receive”on page 7 God’s all power and presence uphold this receptivity today, tomorrow and forever, The reality is this:Truth, God is the source of our receptivity , of our uplifted spiritual understanding. It’s only natural that we all have the ability to receive God’s direction because it’s the very nature of God, good to communicate His Love and care to His children, The Christ Truth,always in consciousness exposes what is unlike Truth, destroys it and reveals to seeking hearts the perfection of God and man as His reflection in it stead.” I found this among many statements by Ms. Eddy in regards to Truth so helpful. For weeks I have been claiming Truth’ 100% presence and power. That Truth set me free! I was content to sit it out and know that God had this all under control!

  4. Yes, good always shines through. Yesterday, when my wife and I were walking around a local park discussing events in our lives, she said to me that she realized the other day that her life could be summed up as a friend to those who found it difficult to make friends. I realized instantly that experience was what it is all about. How beautiful if we are able to accomplish that experience. But there is one more step that would take us higher in that spiritual progression and it is this topic, helping those who find it difficult to make friends to help their acquaintances to make friends and get along together, one friend at a time. Thank you Evan, beautiful idea.

  5. Thanks, Evan! What’s helping me today is remembering the spiritual interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer (found p. 15-16, Science & Health). Just so Grateful we’re enabled to know that “God is omnipotent, supreme.” And also that, “God is infinite, all-power…..” And finally, from a loved C.S. Hymn: “….Fear no ill, since God is good and loss is gain.” !!!! Let’s look for all the gains today!!!

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