Helping Others is Helping You

June 26, 2014 | 13 comments

Early in my public practice of Christian Science, I had an experience that proved helping others helps you.

I was sitting at my desk but not feeling well one day. The phone rang, which was likely someone calling for prayer help with some type of physical ailment.

My inner voice argued loudly, “You can’t help this person. You are sick yourself!” But I couldn’t sit there and let the phone ring. Someone was reaching out for help, to me, and I needed to respond. It would have been selfish to not answer.

I picked up the phone and it was a person suffering, in pain, and in much worse condition than I was.

My heart went out to God in prayer for help, and I voiced the spiritual truth that I heard. I lost myself in the conversation. We talked for a couple of minutes. When I hung up the phone, I was healed. There was no more sickness, no more pain in my body. And the patient had rapid healing too.

And then I realized that helping others is helping you. The two work together. When you bless another, you bless yourself, for giving is receiving.

So, don’t ever let mortal mind beat you down with feelings of inadequacy or lack of worthiness. You are worthy! God is the healer, and all you have to do is open the windows of thought a little crack to let some light through. You can do that! And that light, even if it seems small, can be just the right amount to lighten up a dark corner of someone else’s life. And lighten yours too.

“The rich in spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood, all having the same Principle, or Father; and blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.” Science and Health, p. 518

13 thoughts on “Helping Others is Helping You”

  1. This is such a precious sharing Evan! Thank you for reminding me that what blesses one blesses all, and that we can meet our own need as we help another. I too am in the practice, and I have often found that my spiritual knowing embraces me just as it helps another. You really hit the nail on the head! Thank you!

  2. As I continue to be daily open to helping others in CS practice, this assurance we are all worthy and able to help as we turn together to God, no matter what we are facing, is a huge encouragement. Thank you.

  3. This is so true and so helpful. I have experienced that too. In one case I asked someone, who I was helping, and sensed that she lacked confidence, to pray for me about a problem. She threw herself into it and she herself was healed quickly!!! Her efforts to help me actually helped her out of the belief.

    And, the unworthy thought… thanks for that. sometimes I am tempted to think “Who am I to think I should be helping someone.” Your reminder that it is God that is coming in through the crack ion the negative thought and doing the healing helps me. Thanks Evan.

  4. I often find that when helping others, like you did, that my previous error thoughts, leave my thinking and find myself returning to God’s Kingdom, and I am well.

  5. Thanks! I’ve found, as I’m improving from a chronic condition, finding ways to help others is an integral part of recovery. When I find ways I can help others, it makes me feel better about myself, and helps me feel better physically too.

  6. I’ve been lifted up so many times when I am actively reaching out with compassion to support and help others. An important reminder! Thank you!

  7. “From sense (personal absorption) to Soul” is the way it goes! Thank you so much for this wonderful alert that has helped bring healing in my life.

  8. I agree with the idea but I haven’t experienced lately in my experience. I find that people take full advantage of those who gives their all.

  9. Thanks for sharing this, so helpful for me today – ” all you have to do is open the windows of
    thought a little crack to let some light through” sometimes we need to be reminded that even
    a tiny candle light can make a difference in a dark room.

  10. I have been trying to hold the Truth for a family member who has been in a lot of pain. I realized how confused I become in thinking spiritually. I remember reading Joel Goldsmith’s frustration when he 1st started out and a patient insisted even though he said he didn’t know how to heal the person. He just turned it over to God and said , “God you are going to have to do this. I need your help”. Not quoted verbatim. The person was healed and many more requests kept flowing in. Separating the real from the illusion of our body is required. Maintaining our spiritual consciousness is where we receive healing. I just ask God to help me too.

  11. Hello, I trust all is well with you, now my calling is to help people but I find that people take advantage of me and instead stab me in the back.

    Has anyone experienced such and how do you go about it, I really need help because I feel I can’t stop but I feel like giving up.

    I have lost a lot because of helping people and am so stressed about this.

    Thank you and God bless you.


    1. It is important that we give wisely. Jesus counseled us to not “cast our pearls before swine.” Swine is a metaphor for the selfish thought. A selfish thought does not appreciate what we give, so its better to not give in that case, at least materially, for what we give will not be appreciated and valued. Be discerning. Give where your giving is valued. Then there is benefit to the person you help, and you will feel good about it too.

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