A Higher View of Government

November 24, 2014 | 12 comments

Politicians and who’s in charge of the government has been a hot topic in the USA with the recent elections and change of power in Congress. Many people get emotionally caught up into the political scene and range from giddy, fearful, encouraged or depressed over the political direction the country is headed.

I find it helpful to go higher, to remain clear that elections come and go, politicians come and go, trends change, but there is one overriding factor that never changes, the ultimate government of the people lies not in the hands of man, but in the hands of God.

Jesus Christ had a clear sense of who was in control of his life and future. During his time, the Roman government wielded a heavy hand on human affairs, often frightening, terrifying. But Jesus didn’t mentally live under the government of Rome. His thought was always in touch with God’s higher government. And he conducted his affairs with his eye-view on where God was taking him, not on what the human mind would argue Rome was taking away from him.

Jesus knew he was spiritual, dependent upon God for all the opportunities he needed to demonstrate life with God. And he understood that spiritual man is not limited by human government, political stalemates, or poor decision-making. Spiritual man flourishes regardless of what is happening on the world political scene. And Jesus flourished. He did not let the politics of the day hold him back.

And we can do likewise. We all have spiritual individuality to enjoy, reflect and express. And so does our neighbor. Washington D.C. does not determine how successful we can reflect the wisdom, love and healing power of God for the benefit of all. There are no limits on what one can accomplish from a spiritual basis. And that’s all that matters in the long run. It’s what will stick.

So, don’t wait for affairs to change in the political government before you can flourish. Flourish anyway, with God, and live free. It’s a choice you make.

[And in the meantime, also include in your prayers that everyone in government is there to express the one Mind that makes wise decisions, cooperates with itself and acts unselfishly, in the best interests of the people.]

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” Isaiah 9:6, NLT.

12 thoughts on “A Higher View of Government”

  1. Thank you Evan. This is very timely topic for me because just last week I was having a conversation with someone about politics and the person with whom I was talking pointed out how “angry” his brother was towards the political party with whom he disagreed. A week before that in a barber shop a person waiting for a haircut expressed extreme anger at the political party with whom he disagreed…going so far as threatening physical violence if he were to meet one of the leaders of this political party in an alley. Nothing was said to provoke this extreme angry reaction other than a brief mention of current events.

    These experiences have awakened me to the need to protect my thought against this type of anger. It is my opinion that the overtly partisan news stations we have here in the U.S. (Fox News and MSNBC…some may argue other news stations are also partisan) are stirring up this type of anger. It reminds of the yellow journalism that was rampant in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that prompted Mary Baker Eddy to establish the Christian Science Monitor. I feel this type of anger taken to the extreme is what drives terrorist acts that we have seen with ISIL/ISIS, al-Qaeda, etc.

    Just thought I’d point out this “anger” perspective to alert your readers to watch for it in case they see it appear in their own thoughts. Your posting contains many good truths with which we can heal this type of anger in our own thoughts and the collective thought, so thanks again for this blog posting.

    1. You bring out the point that the anger people feel and vent can be a worse evil than the issue they are riled up about. What the world needs now is not more anger. But love and sensible, calm productive thinking and caring.

  2. Brian’s comment pointed out to me how important it is when responding in a supposedly “higher” and more “correct” view, to refrain from pointing a finger at individuals or organizations who do not agree with one’s personal point of view. I am trying to avoid placing blame on people, news organizations, businesses, etc., , and to, instead, refuse to play the blame game. I’m not nearly as far along that pathway as I would like to be.

  3. Jesus didn’t mentally live under the government of Rome. His thought was always in touch with God’s higher government.”

    Here is the correct view again and what does this view so? It heals! Inspired sharing! Thank you!!

  4. I just wrote something that was not submitted. I’m not aware of saying anything wrong.

    I listen to a lot of daily news on all of the news networks and cable. It is often a little stressful to realize that the news is not being reported or under reported because of the political bias . I can only hold to the thought that God is in complete control. I can also know that the Truth will be revealed. That Principal is on His shoulders and that is very helpful. Often I have noticed that when many stations don’t report the news because it doesn’t support their ideology eventually they are forced to report things that go against their beliefs. Often maybe 3-5 days may go by even months in some cases, but Truth must be revealed. Putting trust and faith in God is the best way to go. Truth is the most powerful vindicator!

  5. VERY timely article Evan, because just last night I realised that I have to send in my postal vote today for our state elections but feeling that none of the parties should be running anything! Reading this and the other comments I am reminded that “There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed” knowing that simply reading the promises of political parties is irrelevant as it seems as soon as they get in the promises are broken and deceit is uncovered. Reading this changes my thought to knowing that only the innate honesty and integrity of ALL of God’s ideas can be revealed. God never gave His ideas the ability to be dishonest or dictatorial…only to naturally reflect the light of truth. God has no adversary so we can rid our thoughts of political adversity too. God’s law involves co operation and principle. As you say, we all live under God’s government…and that includes politicians!

  6. Thanks for this Evan. I needed this outlook…so does Australia at the moment. This says it all…”the ultimate government of the people lies not in the hands of man, but in the hands of God”

  7. Thanks very much Evan for your timely, insightful article. The final quote from Isaiah is a thought I turn to frequently.
    Your advice to “… include in your prayers that everyone in government is there to express the one Mind that makes wise decisions, cooperates with itself and acts unselfishly in the best interests of the people”; is a thought I will consider often along with Mrs. Eddy’s Prayer for Country and Church on p.15-16 of CS versus Pantheism.

  8. I am touched by you reminding us, “the government will rest on his shoulders”. I can relax and let go of the ins and outs (no pun intended:) of our political system. Thx Evan 🙂

  9. I sincerely agree wholeheartedly with Brian, God bless him. The most dangerous thing to do is to put all good or all bad upon person instead of understanding that “EVIL IS NEITHER PERSON, PLACE OR THING.”
    That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it. GOD GOVERNS, LEADS AND PLACES ALL GOOD UPON HIS CREATION?

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