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  1. Thank you for this, Evan. This is one of my very favorite “go to” citations because it is so demonstrable and healings have resulted from holding to it steadfastly, especially in dire situations.
    (You may have already noticed the typo – should be “proportionably”. )

  2. Years ago, that citation was used each time the belief of cold tried to insist it had any power over my thinking. Each day of work it provided the armor needed. A grand & absolute statement of Truth. My gratitude, always.

  3. Just as a baby holds tightly onto your finger so too we hold on tightly to all the good our Father-Mother God is imparting to us. Through this grasp and faith in good we are provided for and blessed.

  4. Going into a big concert this weekend with much pressure. One of the cast members just had a grandfather pass away. Thanks for the reminder to know that what transpires on stages is already perfect and we are all loved.

  5. Thank you , Evan,for this helpful quote and healing reminder.
    Today’s stirring and challenging times seem to bring many distractions that would divert thought to mere human problem solving , alias dead -end material, limited thinking.

    Whenever I see or hear the frequent crude exclamation in today’s pop culture lingo, “WTF”
    (“What the f-word”) I like to immediately think instead, “Where’s the Focus?”
    And the quote from Science& Health today about holding thought to the “good, enduring, and true” is exactly where my thought needs to rest .. and return to over and over! It assures me that God, The One all loving infinite Mind, is in control and governing, communicating only Good at all times! That’s the true Spirit (mountaintop)view that reveals healing light and laser-like focus and precision that shines and blesses all.
    So grateful for all your blogs and contributors!

    1. Thank you, Evan and Claire. Just what I needed today as suggestions of being worn out and worried about some future steps that need to be taken for our 18 yr old son to move to a new city. All is well.

  6. Holding to the good and the true follows perfectly for me yesterday’s message that no one is left behind or better or worse than any other. The truth that we each are presently, purely and equally blessed is what I needed this morning to rethink the thoughts I had and the comment I made to my husband about the conversation we were having last evening. I think I hold steadfastly to God’s likeness and then criticism creeps into my conversations with my husband. Even though he very practically demonstrates God’s intelligence, perseverance, kindness, gentleness, and generosity, I magnified some stupid suggestion that he is unimaginative and slow to get my point. It’s clear that hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true I must be God-centered and not self-centered.

  7. “Hold thought”, to me, means recognize that the enduring, good, etc., are already here, the only thing going on, not that we are hauling it in from some future or other place. “NOW are we the sons of God…” Yes, a change focus to what’s spiritually true always. ….

  8. Thank you Penelope, I love your reasoning, because that is true. The enduring, the good and the true is God’s everpresence. And we as God’s Image and likeness are actually living and moving and have our entire being in Him who is all Good. But yes, I must sometimes awake to this absolute truth and hold to it steadfastly, exactly what MBE admoniteous us.

    For instance, this afternoon I seemed to be very tired, and I was sad about it. Then I thought about the wonderful passage in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, that says in this sense: let us feel the energy of Spirit, which leads us into the newness of Life. It is one of my favorite passages by MBE. Then I went out to get my car in order to drive it to a parkinglot nearer my home. While I went there I met a neighbor with his brother and 3 dogs. We greated each other friendly and I love to talk to the dogs and to pet them if they leave me. That was so nice and I wasn’t sad and so tired anymore. Am very grateful for our textbook and the Holy Bible and for God’s loving guidance. And thank you dear Evan for your SpiritView letting us ponder the healing Truth!

    Thank you all for your interesting and helpful ideas, dear commenters! ☺

  9. I have just recently been reading all of the readers comments and I absolutely love them . I just wanted to say thank you ……

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