No one is left behind

May 13, 2019 | 27 comments

A woman was expressing deep sorrow to me one day because a close relative of hers was suffering from some major health setbacks. She felt guilty, and even in the wrong, because her life was going fine, and the others’ experience was not.

After listening a while, I said to her, “Your friend is not being left behind. God is with him. God is giving him everything he needs to triumph over that struggle and come out on top.”

There was silence on the phone. Then suddenly, she perked up and said, “You are right. I was thinking that I had an advantaged position over him. And that’s not true! God is with both of us. It was self-righteous of me to think that I was better off than he is.”

Her grief vanished, and joy returned. We agreed to pray and see this man in his true spiritual light, which would in turn bless him, but in the meantime, it was important to not see him at a disadvantage because of what the material senses were reporting about him. He was a child of God, loved by God as much as anyone. God was with him, ensuring that he had everything he needed to fulfill his spiritual purpose, live his eternal life, and healthily so. Error would not have the final say. Truth would!

With God, no one is ever left behind. Whether homeless on the street, living in a palace, or roaming in the desert, every individual has their place with God that is theirs forever. It is never lost. One individual’s place is no higher or lower than another’s. It’s all the same with God—equally good!

“Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 13.

27 thoughts on “No one is left behind”

  1. This thought is similar to one that a practitioner shared with me when I was similarly dismayed about a loved one’s situation. “Don’t get into the dream with them,” she warned. It was so helpful to understand that seeing them as desperate or ill or poor or “headed downhill” in some way was not helping them and was accepting mortality. My job was to reject that picture. See them as fully advantaged, whole, complete and blessed. That view brought peace to me and healing to them. It was a release for all.

  2. This is an important idea that we all must realize spiritually. God would not make a disadvantage human whom He would have forgotten. Whatever our challenge, we always have access to His guidance and support. No one is left purposeless without meaningful experience or compassion.

  3. Thank you, Evan!! This is such a perfect window into healing.

    When someone wanders into our ambit, it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the presence of a perfect child of God. When we glimpse their perfection, we’re overjoyed to be with them or think of them. Feelings of peace and joy show the healing has clicked into place.

    Love, peace, and joy are reality, revealed by seeing each other in true spiritual light. When the sun is shining, we don’t need to turn on a light.

  4. And couldn’t this exact same spiritual reasoning be applied when we compare our lot in life — or our country/culture — to other places in the world where the people seem not so well off? Or maybe they seem better off? We are all beloved of God,

    “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17)

    Thank you, Evan, for giving my prayer for the world a different perspective this morning.

  5. Hmm this is very thought provoking…it is so easy to be grateful that “I am not as other men” but that is not a healing reaction is it? We have to be far more on our guard to entertain helpful thoughts about others as this DOES heal! Recently after hearing that someone I know had a depression problem so severe that she found she couldn’t walk any more. JUST FOR ONCE instead of reacting sympathetically and being glad I didn’t have this problem, I refused IMMEDIATELY (not usually this on the ball I must admit though!) to accept this about her. For 2 or 3 days, I was able to continuously see her as always uplifted and supported by the consciousness of GOOD, that her joy could not be lost because it is her God-given gift. Joy and lightness, freedom and the ability to be productive are a natural part of her divine identity. She doesn’t know me well but had told me how she was feeling. …which I didn’t accept! She went into hospital but within a few days she was perfectly well and home again WITHOUT MEDICATION and told our mutual friend to let me know she knew I was praying for her because she could feel it. I was just SO HAPPY that being alert to not accept a verdict helped someone so quickly! I’ve been saying “Thank you God ..Thank you Thank you ..Thank you!” …so many times since!!!

    1. Diane, that is so beautiful and full of Love. You responded to God’s call. I love that she acknowledged your prayer. So very good and powerful! God is All, Good.

  6. Jon Benson had a very inspiring lecture a number of years ago about not getting into the dream. I tried to find it online but couldn’t. Maybe someone else can. I know it’s there.

  7. I’m so grateful to U, Evan & all. So many helpful ideas were shared, especially, “not getting in the dream.” Again, my thanks.

  8. This is something I try to remember as I pass our many homeless people who live on the streets of my city… or wherever I travel. I remember during my Class instruction week passing a man who was asking for money; our teacher had sent us away that day to start healing, so I reached out in thought to this dear man, and realized that he was, indeed, God’s beloved son. I may not always be in that elevated consciousness one has during the holy Class week, but we certainly can declare the Truth for everyone.
    As I am daily, I am so grateful to our SpiritView Sunday School.

  9. Evan thank you for sharing this powerful example. I have been thinking off and on lately about how the “Truth is simple.” And it really is, but we allow animal magnetism to plant complicated and intricate falsities about ourselves and others in our thoughts. I liked how the woman you were working with was going on and on and then you presented to her a simple truth. “Your friend is not being left behind. God is with him…” I think of how we can go down this long path in our heads about all this junk that has no reality. It’s such a dirty trick. But we can be wise as the real serpents and say no! “God is with [us.] God is giving [us] everything [we] need to triumph over that struggle and come out on top.”

    I’m so grateful for this blog and all the commenters and readers.

  10. Awesome, Trista! Show me one person who is left behind by God, and I’ll show you two people who will benefit from prayer!

  11. Thanks so much Ellen for the link to Jon Benson’s lecture. It is really very clear as well as helpful and inspiring. I have listened to it several times over the years. It has helped me stay on track with my prayers for myself and others.

  12. Thank you so very much Evan for such a helpful post, and also to Ellen for the Jon Benson link – what a wonderful talk, and brilliant delivery!

  13. Thank you so very much EVERYONE for sharing your thoughts! “Sympathy with error should disappear.” Also I’m reminded of a March, 2014 Journal article “The Christly Sympathy that Heals” by Barbara Vining.

  14. Thank You Evan and all Spirit Viewers, yes indeed don’t walk into their dream of lies of mortality mesmerised by false sense of human sympathy to error. God always gave us the right angels by our side reminds me always to pg, 566:25-567:13 and pg 518 Genesis 1:29,30 for brotherly and sisterly affections Loved by “Our Father Mother God”.

    1. I read on Genesis 2:16,17 S & H pg 527 and saw there was no temptation from God and neither did God made “my friends and loved ones” agent of mortal mind.

  15. Am blessed reading through your messages, I have recently been assisting a seemingly handicap fellow out of pity but your insights has uplifted me to see her right and as a blessing to me and my family. thank you Evans and everyone that has contributed here.

  16. I am very grateful for this blog Evan and all the Spirit View commenters.
    Someone very close to me is having huge medical issues and is in the moment.
    I had been allowing myself to feel guilty about not “picking up” on the situation
    Now I See!
    She is not left behind and neither am I.
    I loved your last post Jay, “you show me one person left behind and I’ll show you two who will benefit from prayer”

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