Honor God’s wisdom

May 22, 2024 | 19 comments

Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.  Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.  Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones.
~Proverbs 3:7,8, NLT

19 thoughts on “Honor God’s wisdom”

  1. For me, this shows how Mary Baker Eddy found the rules of Christian Science in the Bible. It says to pay no attention to what your own thought (false mortal mind) is presenting. But turn away from that suggestion of evil, and honor (respect and listen to) the divine Mind, the only Mind of God! The result will be reflected in harmony for your body! This is how to heal with Christian Science, given in the Bible! Thank you for sharing, Evan!

    1. Thank you for this reply. It is a simple and honest statement of Truth. So complimentary to Evan’s Bible citation. A good start to this day.

  2. What a beautiful and instructive proverb..
    It allows us to trust in the Lord with all our heart..
    To give all power to the Mind that created and sustains.
    And to be freed of the fear that we are not enough..do not know enough…it gives it all to God.

  3. Complete rejection of evil…(that is mortal mind attempting to make any so called credible case for a material man and universe , with all its woes ) opens the door to accepting the Christ in our lives with the wisdom of Mind, everlasting.
    John 16:33
    . “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world……….
    The Truth shall make you free… our divine right❣️

  4. This beautiful message reminds me of the tree of knowledge.. really, only One Mind,
    God’s wisdom through us. Like in walking metaphorically, through a forest, we are
    surrounded by a cathedral of trees – lovely thoughts sheltering us with divine Love.
    Two thoughts I came across and do not know the authors, but thought were pertinent
    to honoring God’s wisdom… [ ] added to emphasize the spiritual viewpoint :
    “Be like a tree [of Good]
    Stay grounded [in Truth]
    Connect with your roots [God’s creation, Perfect in every way]
    Turn over a new leaf [have an open mind, letting in only God-like thoughts]
    Bend before you break [resist evil and do not give in to it]
    Enjoy your unique natural beauty [we are all God’s perfect reflection]
    Keep growing” [our wisdom is from God]
    “A tree has roots in the soil, yet reaches to the sky. It tells us that in order to
    aspire we need to be grounded [in Truth] and that no matter how high we go,
    [heavenly aspirations] it is from our roots [God/One Mind] that we draw sustenance”.

  5. The above expands on the two prior verses which I love and turn to often. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” (Prov 3:5-6)

  6. Wonderful ideas to utilize this morning. Thanks to all the dear ones giving support and inspiration. So appreciated.

  7. PURE MIND by Peter J. Henniker-Heaton:

    God is pure Mind; He does not work through matter.
    Mind needs no outside medium to express
    its nature. All that Mind creates is wholly
    of mental and spiritual substance, nothing less.

    Man is pure Mind’s idea. Not made from matter,
    man needs no physical basis to sustain
    his individual life. Mind’s man and woman
    pure thought in Mind eternally remain.

    The pure ideas of Mind are not polluted,
    infected, poisoned, pressured, fractured, strained
    by matter. Their only atmosphere is boundless
    intelligence, self-renewed and self-contained.

    Pure Mind, controlling all in ordered action,
    governs alike the atom and the star.
    Wherever thought consents and hearts are willing,
    its instant healings and adjustings are.

    Mind has no place for matter in its eternal
    purpose. But wholly spiritual, wholly good,
    pure Mind’s ideas, coperfect with their Maker,
    unfold within pure Mind’s infinitude.

    1. Very helpful J…thank you for sharing this. I’ve put it in my notes for more attention later. B.x

  8. I want to thank Linda, Maggie, Martine, Carolyne, Uta and Kay (sorry if I missed anyone) for your encouragement yesterday when I talked mentioned the challenges of my current Grand Jury service. Everything you shared was very kind and helpful and I will reread and apply it all.

    I have to keep my Christian Scientist hat on at all times while listening to the details of the multiple cases of crime in my community. I avoid watching the news, but for these next couple weeks it is being fed to me and my fellow jurors in court and I can’t run from it. So I must guard against taking on any fear and to continue trying to view it all through my spiritual sense, through eyes of God. God must have put me on that panel to bless and be blessed so I will humbly rely on that.

    1. Hello Rose, from NY. I can understand your position and yet serving on the Grand Jury is a civic duty and nothing can interfere with your ability to make the right decision although you may feel overwhelmed with the challenge. God will guide you to the right and appropriate responses if needed or the correct way to view each case you are required to listen to. I served on a civil case many years ago; it was an experience and the outcome seemed reasonable so I was not uncomfortable as a jury member. You don’t need to run from anything. Christ Jesus had the answer for everything and you will too. Just trust yourself to listen to what divine Love is telling you about each case you are hearing. Mind will tell you the best way to respond to these cases in thought since God is a just God, Mind has all the answers and you will be able to hear them. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and He will direct your ways.”
      Blessings to you for your service to humanity.
      Suzie H

    2. I think, dear Rose, in keeping with today’s theme – “don’t be impressed with your
      own wisdom” – can be applied to the challenges you are forced to watch as part of
      the “duty”. Suzie H. commented so beautifully – there is little to add that she hasn’t
      so adeptly written, but I think trying to see everyone in their innate goodness may
      be key, to letting in only what you have to, in order to be informed enough to help
      to make the right decisions on things. It is a bit like a dear friend of mine, who was
      trained in a very materially-based profession all her career and when retired, she
      felt it more difficult to “unlearn” a lot of the matter-stuff she had taken into thought.
      She is in “heavenly” places now, but had tried to see things the way they are shared
      here, but kept telling me how difficult it was to un-learn years of seeing things the
      way she was instructed, because she had taken it all in to thought.
      Of course you already have this understanding, but I think the least you can reiterate
      mortally, the better. A lot of charges in some situations are not true, as we know and
      sometimes it is just another form of human will trying to be in control. It is often said
      of a court of it being a “jury of your peers”…Well, as you have so many times shared,
      here, so correctly who your peers Really are… All in Truth – children of God. We are
      all united in this one representation as reflections of honesty, fairness, sincerity,
      genuineness and morality for others and ourselves and justice will be shown to you
      and others on the jury, to do the right thing, when needed…As Evan says above,
      “Honor God’s wisdom”. All the best to you.

      1. Dear Suzie and Angel, thank you so much for your support, kindness and spiritual wisdom shared. It is a bit late in the day so I hope you both see this and know how much I appreciate you.

  9. Help me understand why I should “fear” the Lord. Everything said about fearing God and “God’s wrath” baffles me. Doesn’t it contradict everything MBE has to say? How could we ever fear something that is pure love and understanding?

    1. Hi Lawrence,

      It’s a translation issue. The word “fear” in those instances, means more of the sense of honor and respect. “Honor God,” is a closer translation.

      You are correct. God is Love. There is nothing to fear in Love. However there is grand good to respect and honor and appreciate!

    2. Hi Lawrence, I used to wonder the same thing. Then I came across explanations, as Evan states, that the word fear used biblically in relation to God is not acually the kind of fear we would normally think of. It is more of an awe and reverence of God and a humbling of ourselves before Him.

  10. Hi Lawrence, I think It isn’t meant to fear God but rather to be in awe before God.
    God says in this week’s lesson, marker 13 in the Bible “fear not for I am with you, …

    Thank you Evan, for this Proverb Verse.
    God’s Wisdom is higher than we could imagine! However God’s Wisdom is expressed in us, God’s image and likeness!

  11. Mrs. Eddy’s trial in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Could someone provide the page numbers?
    Thanks for everyone’s loving ideas.

  12. I found it: Page 430, line13 to page 442: line 15. Written as an allegory- great prep for any interactions with legal system.

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