Conquer fear to heal disease

May 23, 2024 | 20 comments

When suffering from a disease, oftentimes a patient gets riveted on “healing a disease.”  Elimination of the disease is expected, of course, when praying for good health.  But it helps to understand that fear is behind physical suffering.  Prayerful focus on eliminating fear can speed up healing.  Once fear is gone, any disease it supports vanishes too.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, Fear, which is an element of all disease, must be cast out to readjust the balance for God” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 392).

Fear disappears as faith moves from evil to good, from matter to Spirit, from disease to health.  This happens as one recognizes the supremacy of God, that God is the creator, sustainer, maker, and upholder of all life and health.

Understanding that God is working 100% to keep you healthy as a spiritual child of God, saps fear, for in this understanding, there is nothing to fear.  There is no disease, no belief of disease, no fear of disease that can touch or affect your life and health with God in Spirit.

To learn from the old proverb that says, “Pull the carpet out from underneath his feet, and he cannot stand.”  Fear is the carpet beneath the feet of disease.  Pull out the carpet of fear, and disease cannot stand.

20 thoughts on “Conquer fear to heal disease”

  1. “Fear disappears as faith moves from evil to good, from matter to Spirit, from disease to health. ”

    I jeed faith in good. Spirit, and heslth.

  2. Thank you. Feat is confirming there is another power than. God that we are hypnotized by. It is natural to want to be healthy and feel protected. Using fear as a tool to warn us of danger is an old habit that needs to go. No duality

    1. Thank you Nadine what a great thought!. I’ve often heard people say things like. ..” it is healthy to feel fear because this is what causes us to know when to run away and be safe etc.” citing our “primitive instincts”. But Mrs E says that our primitive state is spiritual perfection .
      These people also say that “feeling fear Is a really important part of our so-called DNA and of being human”.
      But we are SPIRITUAL , of Spirit , IN Spirit so we can trust that we will always be protected in every moment BY SPIRIT and the power of Love… not needing to be afraid of any other force.

      1. Thank you very much indeed Diane for your comment. I love it and it is so inspiring and true! Yes, as we are totally Spiritual, fear has no hold in us. The Bible says: “there is no fear in Love”, so we can also say, there is no fear in Spirit.
        Such a wonder Science of Love Mr. Eddy gave us!♡

  3. Thank you Evan for the reminder to cast out fear first and claim our right as God’s child to be free.

  4. Evan I loved, “God is working 100% to keep you healthy.” There is nothing more than 100% so there is nothing else at work but God.

    Also loved the idea of pulling out the carpet of fear beneath the feet of any discord, then it (fear) crashes to the floor, utterly destroyed and proven to be powerless, nothingness, in the presence of God.

    Blessed day to all, and thank you Susie and Angel for your kind support and spiritual wisdom shared with me on yesterday’s SV.

    1. You are very welcome, dear Rose. By sharing, it helps us to think, and gain more
      spiritual wisdom, also, so it is a Win – Win….
      In helping to address issues, sometimes we are slower to understand and things
      may seem very dubious, but because when we are sitting here at the computer,
      trying to comprehend, we can still rejoice in the understanding we do have and
      reflect the One Mind that we are empowered with, and this brings us to more
      spiritual heights in thinking. This slower method of taking our time in prayer helps
      to keep the rug from being pulled from beneath us and then dis ease can not be
      seen or felt or empowered by anything other than God’s great Love for us.

  5. I like the carpet analogy and like Rose I also love the God is working 100% for us!! Thank you Evan!

  6. Thank you for this inspiration Evan. Thank you J for the link to Mark Swinney’s article. A blessed day to all.

  7. Thank you, J for the link to Mark Swinney’s article on fear. I found it
    extremely helpful and have shared it with myself to be able to read

  8. Much gratitude for these wonderful truths received through this lovely SpiritView, as
    in the past. So helpful with this guidance in knowing we are safe with God in overcoming
    any sort of fear that would be seen to disrupt our harmony.
    I thought of Hymn# 82.. “God is working His purpose out….”
    when reading Evan’s, “..God is working 100% to keep you [us] healthy as a spiritual
    child of God….”, but as I was searching for this hymn, #78 was also relevant as are
    the ones after it.
    “God is my strong salvation; What foe have I to fear? In darkness and temptation,
    My light, my help is near: Though hosts encamp around me, Firm in the fight I stand;
    What terror can confound me, With God at my right hand?
    Place on the Lord reliance; My heart, with courage wait; His truth be thine affiance,
    When faint and desolate; His might thy heart shall strengthen, His love thy joy increase;
    Thy day shall mercy lengthen; The Lord will give thee peace.”

  9. Oh, how I do love all these wonderful hymns full of comfort and healing, taking away all fear.

    Thank you very much, dear J for the helpful, comforting and healing article by Mark Swinney “banish fest and find healing. Oh these truths and what Evan’s today’s SpiritView gives us very lovingly is utmost important for our healing progress! I need IT and it does very good! I am more than deeply grateful for this SpiritView Forum of healing and comfort. Thank you dear Evan and all wonderful SV friends!

  10. “Banish fear and find healing”. The corrected title of Mark’s very good article.

    Thanks again, dear J!!!⚘

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