Let spiritual sense guide you

May 24, 2024 | 18 comments

Spiritual sense is our ability to hear what God has to say, to hear wise ideas coming our way that leads to healing.  But to hear what spiritual sense has to say, it helps to listen.

This video was filmed at Lake Pleasant, AZ, when my wife and I visited the area in March 2024.

18 thoughts on “Let spiritual sense guide you”

  1. Thank you, Evan, for such an important and highly inspired message. I can say without doubt that, when I’m listening to God, I never make a mistake. Never. Whether I’m driving in the country and need direction or I’m conversing with someone. That’s the beautiful thing about God. God is always right!

  2. Thank you so much dear Evan, for that delightful vlog shared with us in such a
    lovely setting.. Lake Pleasant, a very pleasant view, as is Spiritual view/sense. It
    is amazing…God’s Beautiful world, where even what would appear to be an arid,
    barren mortal surrounding – beauty still exists magnificently and thrives
    like spiritual sense – the “still, small voice” rising above the din and clatter of mortal
    sense, which sometimes tries to scream at us to get our attention.
    When growing up, a friend used to subscribe to Arizona Highways magazine and
    gave them to me to enjoy when finished with them. I used to love the photos of
    some of the most highly unlikely, but awesome flowers and scenes. Your travel log
    in including us in this spectacular setting and message is so much appreciated. The
    spiritual sense of God’s dear purpose shines through and is so inspiring.

  3. Such a simple clear message to clean out the cobwebs that mortal mind would like to construct in our consciousness. By turning 180 degrees we only see the spiritual sense viewpoint. This has helped me when doubt or uncertainty clouds my thinking. In this week’s Bible Lesson I do like this passage:
    SH 249:1
    Let us accept Science, relinquish all theories based on sense-testimony, give up imperfect models and illusive ideals; and so let us have one God, one Mind, and that one perfect, producing His own models of excellence.

  4. “……for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert”….. “And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water:”,,,,,,”And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness;”…….” And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.” Isaiah 35, 6, 7 & 10

    According to christianity.com, Zion in the Bible is a symbol of God’s presence,- the dwelling place of God,- a spiritual state of consciousness, where high, holy thoughts and ideals abide.

    This consciousness is spiritual sense. Thank you dear Evan for your clarity and conviction that each one of us has a direct line to the realm of our divine Source, -our spiritual sense, -and that it is innate and natural for us to hear the direction and guidance of divine Love in our daily affairs.

  5. Thank you dear Evan for this important thought. Spiritual Sense is most important!
    However, nearly always when I watched a nice film, yes also a criminal film which was good, too, I feel guilty not having used spiritual sense. May be it is not quite so bad, because the good films contain good qualities in their plays. And I love watching a good film.
    But first of all I study the weekly lesson sermon and pray for me and the world. It is a bit like this week’s lesson says in the Bible “… seek first the things of God…”

    Am thankful for all your inspirations here on SpiritView!

    1. dear Evan, it is so very right what you say, Spiritual Sense is to listen to God, it enables us to hear and be aware of God`s guidance, that is my real aim! 🙂

  6. Evan thanks for the reminder that we don’t have to attend to or believe every voice in our head that claims to be our thoughts. If they are not good and harmonious, they are not from God, they are not our spiritual sense. Get that remote control and change the channel to the God channel, all truth, all good all the time.

  7. Thank you, Evan! What a lovely background to your Vlog today. And gratitude for the reminder that we truly must listen to spiritual sense only.

    1. Dear J, I am very grateful for this very needed and helpful article “Listen to the secret Place”. It`s really wonderful. Yes, to let go everything materially and listen still and humbly to the devine Mind!

  8. Beautiful place and beautiful inspiration , Evan ….thank you so much!
    Thank you also J for the article link. This quote stood out to me..
    ‘All of us can be working to be more consciously involved in spiritual peace, in the secret place. Such involvement does not take time so much as it takes humility. When we are humble, all the time we need appears. No effort is required to be conscious of our secret place; that consciousness just is. But sometimes it does take a lot of effort to give up the personal egotism that would hide our natural awareness of spiritual things.’
    I hope you enjoy the following poem;
    The Guest Chamber
    By Marion Susan Cambell…CS Journal Aug 1923

    My ‘upper room ‘ is furnished
    Lord, fails there yet one thing
    Or, has ought been forgotten
    That Thou will not come in?

    I’ve washed my dusty floorings
    All white with purity
    And swept out many a falsehood
    To make more room for Thee.

    At morn ,and eve and noontime
    Close by the door I wait
    For sign of Thy approaching
    Thy hand upon the gate.

    I’ve swept and cleaned and garnished
    Yet, listening I can hear
    No sound of Thou dear coming
    Nor footstep on the stair.

    I turned , from all my pleading
    To lift a brothers gloom
    And in that moments gladness
    My Lord was in the room!

    Happy weekend all❣️

    1. Oh, that is lovely, dear Barbara and the link shared by J , as well.
      Thank you both and Evan and all. Beautiful inspiration. Spiritual sense is with us
      all of the time, brightening our days and nights with loveliness.

      Blessings and Happy weekend to you, too, Barbara and Everyone

  9. I was just rereading Mrs. Eddy’s definition of Spiritual Sense that appeared at the end of Evan’s message above: “The conscious, constant capacity to understand God.”

    The word ‘constant’ got my attention. So good to be reminded that our built-in capacity to understand what God is saying does not come and go, but is always there, a permanent part of us. Error sure tries to make me feel otherwise at times, that I can be too exhausted or confused to hear a clear message from God about what is going on. But that is a big lie about the child of God. That word ‘constant’ is very comforting (I and my Father are One).

  10. Thank you Rose! I am back from my sunday church service and just read your above comment.
    I am glad that you drew our attention specially to this important word ” constant” in Mrs. Eddy’s important sentens. That really means “steadily and forever”. And I also find it very very comforting, and yes it points to the oneness of God and his wonderful expression Man! Again, dear Rose, thank you very much indeed.” Have you a very lovely Sunday 🙂

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