How are you seeing others?

April 17, 2019 | 34 comments

Here’s a short video with a clear moral that builds healthy relationships.

“Do not judge people too quickly”

Are you judging others with a clear spiritual view?

As Jesus Christ taught, “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment” (John 7:24, RSV).

See what God sees, and the right view will appear.

34 thoughts on “How are you seeing others?”

  1. Wow! Powerful in the simplicity of getting this lesson across. Thank you!
    There is such a freedom when one lets go of judging others.

      1. Excellent question, Ken. As a person who sometimes feels “not worthy”, it is good to be reminded to look at myself through a clean window also. Thanks.

  2. Love it!! Thank, you, Evan!

    An acquaintance of mine is warm and friendly in our workplace, but distant and unacknowledging when I see her around town. Sometimes, she looks right at me but doesn’t seem to recognize me. “She should be more attentive,” I’ve thought. “She should acknowledge her acquaintances when she sees them around town.”

    We were chatting yesterday, and she said, “Did I ever tell you I have a twin sister who lives in town?”

    1. Jay, thank you very much for bringing joy to this household, being married to half of a mirror twin, What a tale you’ve shared. In my case, my husband has tales of meeting his brother’s friends/co-workers, while traveling TDY, and having no clue that the stranger was assuming my husband was his brother. Uncovering mistakes like that can be full of humor, yet how we see one another in our daily lives matters most. As well as how we see ourselves.

  3. Beautiful! When we judge through human lens the view seems tarnished somehow.. But God does not need material or human means to manifest the truth. He does not require a clean window or a mirror to reveal His perfect divine reflection.

  4. That is a nice reason to smile and, yes laugh, yet of course there is a deeper moral behind it. Thank you, Evan for this lovely video reminding us not to judge by outward appearances, as Jesus is admonishing us. Should be still, as the husband was, and listen for God`s thoughts of truth, and this truth will give us the right solution or the correct answer!
    Thank you, Evan for today`s inspiring and helpful spiritual view on the matter – food for today!

  5. I was walking round our local park one day when I saw a man in the distance sitting on a bench. He was a big man wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt, and his arms were covered in tattoos. He was sitting hunched over and I was hesitant walking past him as there was no-one else around. The thought came that we are all God’s children and as I approached him I saw that he was tenderly cradling a tiny baby in his arms and feeding it with a bottle. He gave me a beautiful smile and we chatted for a short while. The child was his daughter. I felt so ashamed and I resolved never to prejudge people again. I learned a lesson that day I have never forgotten.

  6. Back in the “hippie era” I was a young mother of a toddler and ran out of gas one hot Texas summer.
    I picked up my child & prepared to walk to the nearest gas station A man with long hair & sandels saw my predicament & insisted on helping. I had no cash, but a credit card. He took us in his car & rented a gas can & put 2 gallons in my tank. He wouldn’t take anything , but my thanks. Labels don’t tell the real story! I’ve never forgotten that kind act

  7. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences and to Evan for this important reminder not to judge others. It brought back memories of long ago when I used to hang my laundry on a clothes line.
    How thankful I am for modern conveniences. I am also thankful to Christ Jesus who taught us not to judge by his example of loving so unconditionally.

  8. How I see others

    We are children
    Of Dominion:
    Not our own–

    We are children
    Of Love:
    Not our own–

    We are children
    Of Mind, Spirit,
    Soul, Life:
    Not our own–

  9. Thank you Evan and all commenters and readers, what a powerful but simple reminder. No matter what we are humanly seeing it is always up to us to correct our thinking regarding the person or situation. I have a fair amount of work to do in this area, correcting my thinking.

    This is pertinent to me because I am in a situation in which a person monopolizes someone’s time who I am very close to. It really is in excess and while I like the person, It really doesn’t feel appropriate for him to be around so much. I have been trying to pray a little here and there, but I have been finding myself very annoyed when I see him now and am having a hard time being friendly. There has been some progress in the situation and I am so grateful for it, but I still feel resentful and annoyed when I see him and want to eliminate that from my thought and actions for him and for myself. This blog post is a nudge to really embrace this as an opportunity to love my neighbor as myself.

  10. Good one! What a great reminder to all of us not to judge–we may not actually be seeing the complete picture. Thank you, Evan!

  11. See Mrs. Eddy’s comment on Plato’s words:
    (Christian Healing, pg. 8).

    “What thou seest, that thou beest.”

    Such an eye-opening principle, huh.

    Thank you, Evan (especially!) and all, for your
    enlightening comments on this hugely important topic.

    This thought hit me, just yesterday:
    “Hey, Sue, stop judging YOURSELF!!”

  12. I actually heard that one at one point when I was going to Unity Church. I think in a lot of ways, it’s an even better analogy than the mirror. I know that even MBE herself compared God’s reflection to when we look in the mirror and see our reflection moving exactly as we do. Though that just made me question that if we’re God’s mirror then what exactly is looking into that mirror? Again, I think the dirty vs. clean window explains it better.

  13. Thank you Evan for this simple and profound lesson, and thanks to everyone who commented and shared their stories and insights. Thanks Maximo for your lovely poem!

  14. Lacy, In Science and Health on page 515 Mrs. Eddy writes “Call the mirror divine Science, and call man the reflection. Then note how true, according to Christian Science, is the reflection to its original. As the reflection of yourself appears in the mirror, so you being spiritual, are the reflection of God.”

    I do like the dirty and clean window story Evan shared too, to illustrate the importance of keeping the window clean!

    So we are the “reflection”, God is the “Original” and “divine Science” is the mirror. I hope this helps a little. She speaks of the mirror a few other times in Science and Health and reflection about 60 times. So lots of food for thought. (=

  15. Evan daily you bring such lovely inspirations. Thanks a million times. Your spirit view reminds me of a quote “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. If your perception is perfect you see and experience the world as perfect and beautiful. Yet another quote cones to mind..”There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Everything starts with pure, good, loving thoughts. Good thoughts are like magnets and very naturally bring all good things to the fore. I have demonstrated this truth many times and am blessed.
    I had a boss who was extremely strict, very difficult to work with. Many colleagues did not take an assignment with him cause word spread that he was difficult to work with, does give you leave, etc. etc. But in Science we see everyone in God’s image and likeness. I willingly and happily took my assignment with him. Yes he was a perfectionist and strict in the sense, he expected prompt and perfect work. Well that gave me an opportunity to sharpen my skills too. He proved to be one of the best bosses I had in my career. He was so kind and noble, that he not only helped me with my problems but helped my friends too. He also gave me leave whenever I needed. When my dad passed on I had to take 10 days leave, which he willingly approved. He once mentioned to me..”Nergish prayer for me means do as much good as you can for others.” So true …that’s prayer in deed. My heart is so filled with gratitude for Evan’s blog, for God’s perfect creation and my good boss.

  16. Dear Evan: I loved this analogy about how we see others!! The examples shared are very inspirational. What a help this is to me for a person I mu st meet today. Now I know for sure how I am going to view this individual… other comment. Look how your outreach of love has increased the SV devotees! When I first began to daily read Spiritview, there would be roughly 4-8 comments. Look at today ‘s number of comments— how many you have reached out to inspire and help. The response to your gift of love and help has grown tremendously. Truly, “Love is reflected in Love.” Thank you, Evan.

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