How God meets financial needs

October 5, 2022 | 16 comments

Do you ever worry about paying the bills?

In this video, I tell how God took my fears away about meeting financial needs, and in the most unexpected of ways.

This vlog was filmed at Sunset Beach State Park, near Monterey, California, when my wife and I visited the area in May of 2022.

16 thoughts on “How God meets financial needs”

  1. One way of thinking of income is to see income as what happens when I open the doors of gratitude..
    Nothing can prevent me from being grateful.. I can be locked in prison ( like Nelson Mandela) , or marooned on an isolated island, and still Love will find me and bring to me what I need (my daily supply).

    1. Such helpful thoughts of abundance and supply being met. As
      I read your comment, John, I saw the word income in a whole
      new light. Like you mention with the doors of gratitude opening,
      I saw the word income as …. in come. Thank you, John, for
      sharing and for the wonderful inspiration and venue you give us
      in sharing with these beautiful vlogs/blogs, Evan.

  2. Thank you Evan for this faith-lighted insight, getting the false sense of self out of the way.
    And thank you John for your simple and profound statement of unconditional gratitude and trust.

  3. So true, being grateful and trusting only divine GOOD with all of us is what will certainly meet every need in every way. I have proved this golden rule in my life to witness God’s provision and it works.
    Thank you Evan

    1. A wise friend and teacher shared with me- my (our) income is directly related to the in coming of ideas that God provides for me. My (our) employment is the qualities and gifts from God I (we) express. If I (we) continue to use my gifts- I will always have abundance. These ideas have been so helpful over the years.

      Thank you Evan for following the path that God has unfolded for you will faithfulness and diligence. Your spiritual courage is inspiring. We are all blessed by it. I’m grateful for the healing you explained in the video. I think I would have cried out of gratitude and out of proof of God’s care.

  4. Thank you for this reminder that when we go forward and do the right work that God takes care of the rest… He has everything covered. This thought brought such a sense of relief and peace to me. It made me so grateful.

  5. Thank you Evan so very grateful for these Spirit View gifts.
    Yesterday, I signed up for a Bible Study Class with Madelon Maupin. I wanted the study guide so I ordered that this morning, which was extra. Well, fear crept into my thought, but right away came, NO! I had felt divinely led to do this to help in my spiritual journey through the Bible, and that I didn’t need to fear something that was a right idea. A right idea can’t be held back!
    Just after that I opened the Spirit View and there were the healing messages that I needed.
    Thank you all!

  6. I have always trusted in Gods’s provision and this week on Sunday I was given a box of strawberries, Monday my son in law showed up with a load of much needed wood for this winter, Tuesday I was volunteering at a gallery and two boys came in selling tickets for a load of wood for their elementary school fund raiser and my wallet was empty, I apologized, then they handed me a ticket to fill out and said a man just gave them $5.00 and said to give someone else the ticket. I filled it out knowing that I don’t depend on chance and don’t expect to win that way, but they were so sincere about following the man’s directions. I thanked them. This made me remember a time when my husband was in college, and we had three children. We had a week to go before payday from his part time job. There was a knock on the door and this precious little girl was selling chances for her church. My husband took a dollar out of his wallet and bought one. He said after she left that it was his last dollar. She was so cute. We forgot about it and a few days later we got a call saying we won $50.00. That money bought groceries for the rest of the week and more. I have had many proofs of God’s financial care and never doubt that I will be cared I know where my Spiritual and daily needs come from.
    “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” Mary Baker Eddy. Thanks Evan, for this reminder.

    1. Thank you jane b from CA for writing of the experiences you’ve had, Good is like peanut butter, it spreads, and yours is yum and extra THICK.

  7. Thank you, dear Evan! Thank you!

    The simplicity and ease of the Christ!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful demonstration!

  8. My take away from your video log is that God does not operate in vain. That which we are supposed to do is follow the principles truth, life and love; be compassionate, meek, humble, joining on the side of mercy, expressing all the harmonious joys of true spirit. That is our purpose.

  9. Thank you Evan and all. Such helpful comments. Fear (“False Evidence Appearing Real”) tries to take hold, but we can lift thought instead with a childlike view. I love this poem by Randal Craft “Childlike trusting”:
    Come, walk with Love along the way,
    Let childlike trust be yours today.
    —Minny M. H. Ayers, Christian Science Hymnal,
    No. 139, adapt. © CSBD

    The scene spoke volumes—
    little children holding their parents’ hands,
    following along joyously in the park,
    as though they would go anywhere
    their loving parents guided,
    with a trust that knows no bounds.

    We all can be like little children—
    not a care in the world,
    nothing to worry about,
    having everything we need,
    with a trust that knows no bounds.

    We all can have childlike trust
    in Father-Mother God, divine Love,
    our true Parent—
    boundless trust,
    no doubts or concerns—
    assured, joyous, peaceful, steadfast.

    We all can be like little children—
    trusting we are in God’s good hands,
    following God’s will and guidance,
    with every need met by divine Love,
    now, and every day.

  10. Dear Evan, thank you very much for your wonderful testimony in today’s SpiritView!
    Mrs. Eddy says at least 2 truths in Science and Health.
    1. “Divine Love has always met every human need
    and will always meet them”
    2. That miracles are natural with God
    – so in that sense –

    I love our Pastor and CS.

  11. Two years ago our business and our personal finances were in dire straits we owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in backpay to our employees our 401(k) credit card debt. We feared complete financial ruin it was a terrible stressful time in our lives we had lost several big accounts that we were very important to our company and there were some regretful business decisions that were being made however as a Christian scientist I have finally learned to trust God and not try and figure it out for myself but that He was governing and in control Money came in from the most unexpected sources and all our debts were taken care of and we were put on a sound financial basis. We also found it wise to hire a controller for the business that would make financial business decisions for us I am so grateful for God and Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy as the Discover and revelator

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