If facing negativity, recognize a positive Mind

July 30, 2018 | 9 comments


It’s a question many people struggle with, “How do I work with a person who has a negative attitude?”

The answer in Christian Science is, “See beyond the negative attitude to the positive Mind of God that governs all of God’s children!”

A negative attitude does not come from God, and thus has no power behind it to remain in place. It can be dissolved with the reality that God is the only Mind governing man, and that God always has a positive outlook.

God sees the good in everyone. God does not behold evil. God sees reasons to be joyful. God knows that everything is working together for a favorable outcome. And God causes that favorable outcome to occur. God never has a reason to be mopey, dark, complaining, grumpy, unsatisfied, unhappy or negative. God is a positive Mind. And all of God’s children reflect the positive outlook of divine Mind.

When faced with negativity, it’s our opportunity to demonstrate the truth about divine Mind.

Divine Mind is our Mind, and we remain our best when we reflect the divine Mind’s inspired outlook and attitude.

A step to success when faced with negativity, is to never let another person’s negativity become our negativity. We must deny the negativity any reality and see the reality of the one positive Mind of God in its place. As we hold to the reality of the one positive Mind, the positivity of divine Mind keeps our thinking in a lofty place. Our spiritual perspective keeps our thinking from being pulled down and has a good effect on others around us.

As Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Spirit is positive” (Science and Health, p. 173). Mind is Spirit. You are spiritual. God created you, and your neighbor, with a positive spiritual Mind to express. Keep on expressing it, no matter what the material senses report around you, and your experience will stay in a positive place.

9 thoughts on “If facing negativity, recognize a positive Mind”

  1. Thank you very, very much Evan.
    I have often struggled with a negative attitude.when confronted by a person who seems so stuck in this mind-set.
    I have tended to become critical when my desire is to love as Jesus loved.
    These ideas expressed in this blog will help me very much from now on.

  2. Eactley what I seemingly face within my space. Ty for reminding me what is true about myself and others. Your blog is so helpful. Much gratitude

  3. Hugely important to have this right attitude!
    Thank you, once again, Evan, for reminding us.

    As Mrs. Eddy quotes Plato (in her book, Christian Healing): “What thou seest, that thou beest.”

    I find this statement quite clear that we see through our thinking and with what we are, deep down,
    so we must strive for the highest, spiritual thoughts and ideas to see the same!

    We can do this because divine Mind is inspiring us constantly, accordingly. He/She is—as we are learning—All!


  4. Right on the mark. I was struggling on Sunday to keep from drowning in the endless sea of mental garbage. it is never the other person.I realized I either live and have my being with God or drink the mental Kool-aid. Only God’s thoughts are my thoughts

  5. Thank you so much, dear Evan for your so wise and loving and so needed inspiring words to look to God and only to God as the sole source of all healing thoughts. I am working on it to listen more to God`s good thoughts about everything, it seems sometime not so easy – but in all cases: Love is the liberater!

    I love the hymn 178: 2nd verse

    “Love, the Golden Rule of living,
    Showeth forth the perfect Mind;
    Love, our debt to God who gives it,
    All compassion is, and kind;
    Charity the law fulfilleth,
    Mid the nations rancor stilleth;
    Loving hearts in friendship blend,
    One in Him, our heavenly Friend.”

    Here no negativity has room or is possible

    Thank you a l l for your inspiring thoughts! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. Came at the right time to uplift thought and not to get caught up in it.

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