If you’re the only student of Christian Science around

April 19, 2021 | 26 comments

Are you the only practicing student of Christian Science in your family, or in whatever community you happen to occupy? If so, fear not. It’s a wonderful opportunity to let your light shine and bless those around you with a higher understanding of God.

The fact that you are one person, and those around you are many, is irrelevant. Jesus was one person, and there were many around him with conflicting views, opposing opinions, outlandish beliefs, and fearful outlooks. But Jesus was not afraid of them, nor did he mentally run from them. He went to them and loved them in ways that they understood and could relate to.

Your family members can benefit from your understanding of God. Understanding the truth about God builds bridges, finds common ground, brings out the good, and unites many into one.

How you impart your understanding of God may vary according to the circumstances you are in. If verbal expressions of truth are not met with receptivity, then use the silent method of sharing. Know that every family member is a child of God, reflecting the same Mind of God that you do. This Mind of God is filled with spiritual truth that resonates with everyone. Each family member has spiritual mindedness to hear truthful ideas coming from God, just like you do. As children of God, they are tuned into the one Mind and hearing God’s direction too. Trust God to give them progressive ideas in ways that make sense to them.

Have no fear of being the only practicing Christian Scientist in your neighborhood. See it as a blessing for you and others around you. You have something special that can bring them great benefit. Be sure to share it freely!

It requires humility and meekness to listen for the best way to share with others. But that’s okay. We can never have too much humility and meekness. The calm, composed, honest heart finds ways to share that work, and patience finds the right time to share when thought is open and ready to receive.

Have no fear of opposition. It’s illusion, an opportunity begging for a right understanding of God to surface and dissolve it.

Patiently and humbly listen for the voice of wisdom to lead you, and you’ll find the right kind of opportunity to voice what you know is right, and help others understand it too.

Thought united with Truth is always the dominant position.

26 thoughts on “If you’re the only student of Christian Science around”

  1. Evan, you are something else! Thank you so much for your positive, encouraging and inspirational messages.

  2. Yes Evan – you ARE something else !!
    Just what i needed as that’s just what Im experiencing right now – what a JOY
    Thanks – LOVE your site – only just found it and tweeting regularly

  3. Reflecting on Friday’s issue briefly, there has been a donation to what they call a “bridge” for homeless in Detroit. Knowledge came as an article in a newspaper. A gift of $7M. From The Julia Burk Foundation. An answered prayer.

    Today this issue finds many of us in our “yellow” light, standing out from the rest of those around us. Thank you for understanding and supporting our “Oneness as a “peculiar people”. Standing the watch mist those who are looking for the light which we represent.
    There are many “weary wanderers athirst in the desert of human hopes”.
    We are giving them what we have while still following our Shepherd.
    Thank you for your continued and applicable presentations. Lead on dear teacher!

  4. Mrs. Eddy speaks of there bring no place where God’s light is not seen (S&H 504:12). And God is not more to one than to all (Mis.150:26) and this awareness makes me feel comfortable wherever I am.

  5. Thank you Evan for your message from God. It was exactly what I needed to hear.
    Much love and gratitude to Evan and all.

  6. Evan your message truly touched my heart today. Thank you. Much to ponder, all good.

    It made me think about an earlier post in which you talked about praying to remove the fears of others, or really praying to know that since we all share the One divine Mind that we are not actually subject to fear. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Tim 1:7)

    I do at times feel “outnumbered” so to speak, and sometimes it is discouraging. It helps to remember that Truth is truth and nothing can change the facts of Being, no matter how many or how few people “seem” to know. We all do know, because we all have that Spiritual Sense from God. As you said, each of us “has spiritual mindedness to hear truthful ideas coming from God, just like you do.” Many blessings and love to all of you!

    We really can be shining lights wherever we go– because that is what we already are naturally. For me, so far it is mostly done silently, but sometimes, if I sense that someone is open, then verbally. Silent knowing is very powerful.

  7. I enjoyed the cute photo up top of one lightbulb looking “special,” but it made me realize I have to guard my thought against the belief of being special or right compared to others, or my humility seems to quickly get lost. Those (the other lightbulbs) who haven’t studied Christian Science or anything that “holds human thought in line” with truth, are not different than me. I can remember that all share and express the beautiful One Mind, whether that is materially apparent to me or not.

  8. Thank you, Evan, for this uplifting message. Lack of understanding of what Christian Science is, means I come under quite a lot of pressure and antagonism at times from the management where I live, and find it difficult to counter what is said in a way which will deflect or calm it, and not leave me feeling apprehensive and uncertain.

  9. This is especially helpful to me, as my husband and his family are not Christian Scientists. I strive to embrace this as a beautiful opportunity to express boundless love and the sense of man’s unlimited abilities in my thinking. This helps to keep my thoughts rational, calm, focused, kind, productive and creative.

  10. “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5: 14 – 16

  11. Thank you Evan for today’s “light”.

    I pray daily for my husband, children, and grandchildren, who “aren’t interested” in Christian Science. Yet if I offer the aid of prayer when something is specifically needed–be it a job, a sick child, some other inharmony–they readily accept it and expect the healing! Sometimes one daughter will ask me to “do what I do” for a problem. My husband is supportive but not CS–and has been healed of various things, as well.

    There is always hope!

    Thank you Kirsten for guiding us to the article in Miscellaneous Writings. Rose, your comment is a good reminder to be humble in our work. We’re shining our light to help illuminate another’s.

  12. I love the image of the yellow lightbulb, illuminating all in the room. Simple but very profound! Thank you and Angie, I love the article called Alone. It is a keeper.

  13. This is very helpful. We had a Christian Science Society in our little Ville for 30 + years. It closed it’s doors a few years ago after membership diminished. leaving me as the only Christian Scientist in our area that I am aware of. The closest church is an hours drive away and because I am working through the belief of “old age” at this time I choose to honor my Mother Church membership and take advantage of the wonderful church family opportunities that are available on line,; including that church and this Spirit View family. In town I have had many opportunities to share either through prayer or in person some of the Truths we are taught and Mrs. Eddy’s work with a group of Congregational Church members studying the Bible and other inspired writers, to support a food kitchen and another interfaith prayer group while being reluctant to share with some fearful family members. This blog shows me a way to not feel reluctant to do so. I also feel more open to include the homeless in my prayers realizing, that I somewhere along the line was convinced, long ago. to ignore them as fakes or to be feared. I now recognize the need to look at their situation of need differently.
    David B. I am so happy for the outcome of the “Bridge people”. So much to be grateful for and Angie thank you for another wonderful article. Todays study will include the reference Kirsten shared. LOVE to Evan and to all the blessing and receiving from all commenters.

  14. Evan, Thank you! This is perfect and just what I need right now. Disbanding a branch church and selling the property has brought about, for me, an increased understanding of the “structure of Truth and Love ” , which, of course, is part of Mrs. Eddy’s definition of church. We take this “structure ” with us, wherever we go, and share it as God directs, letting our “light shine “. Thank you to everyone who shares, as well. Love and blessings to all.

    1. Yes I feel this structure as well. Truth and Love are with us whether we have a building or not.

  15. My late husband’s sister is a Deacon in the Episcopal church and very active including giving sermons. She lives on the grounds an Episcopal retreat in Tennessee. I live in California. I recycle all of my periodicals to her and she has a copy of Science and Health.
    Whenever she, or one of her grown children, have a problem, she will ask me to pray for her or them. I don’t give Christian Science treatment, but I can certainly support them in my prayers. She expresses gratitude for this prayerful support.

  16. What is the difference between knowing the truth about someone which I consider as loving them and that of giving a treatment?

  17. This message today was tremendously helpful! For the longest time I have felt handicapped by being outnumbered Christian Scientist in my family, neighborhood, social groups, etc. But now I am so encouraged to see there are many different ways to share. Thank you so much for putting a smile in my heart..

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